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ACCL | (Automatic source change over with current limiter |


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ACCL | (Automatic source change over with current limiter |

  1. 1. Automatic source change over with current limiter- ACCLProk devices an ISO 9001-2000 Company introduces most reliable dedicatedMicrocontroller based Automatic source change over with current limiter (ACCL)ACCL is fully automatic high accurate electronic unit to efficiently monitor theindividually rationed power from generator in an electrical system , specifically,high rise building(apartments),multistoried complex, town ship and commercialestablishments etc.Features: • While monitoring the Mains supply, which is sensed through opto coupler for reliable and guaranteed performance, It allows full load current while main supply is ON • While monitoring the Generator supply, current is sensed through interposing CT, allows only essential load and functions as load limiter as per desired wattage and current. • Current sealing, while monitoring the Generator, will be preset at factory. • Whenever the load current exceeds the preset limit ,power is automatically switched off instantaneously and reset automatically after 9 seconds and trip again if the over load still exists, this cycle is repeated every 9 seconds ( 9,18,27 ,36 and 45 seconds) it will go into sleep mode if the over load still exists. The unit can be reset by switching off the DG – supply to the unit. However tailor made units can be made as per customer requirements as this is a micro controller based unit. • On resumption of the mains supply it automatically changes over, and full load can be drawn. Benefits: • Microprocessor based, hence precise unit. • It calculates the power at which cut off should take place by computing voltage and current. • On resumption of supply mains, the ACCL will normally change over automatically back to the main source, immediately (3cycles or provide delay to care of initial spikes and switching surges). • LED indication of all operational status • Simplifies electrical complexity • Significant saving on wall space & wiring. • Product guaranteed for 24months • In the event of change over from EB to DG the neutral is first Isolated, then phase is disconnected. • Tropicalized and rugged design.Specifications: EB input: 220V AC 50Hz DG input: 220V AC 50Hz Red LED: Indicates load on EB Green LED: Indicates load on DG.
  2. 2. When Green LED blinks: it indicates DG still available when load is transferred to EB. Dimensions: LX W X H: 105 X 70X60 mm. (for single phase) Three phase units will be housed in powder coated metal enclosures. Contacts: 30 A breaking capacity. Power consumption :< 1Watt.Models: Model EB_ supply DG_ supply ACCL 30_1Phase / μP 30A 300-3000Watts ACCL 10_3Phase/ μP 10A 300-3000Watts ACCL30 _ 3Phase /μP 30A 300-3000Watts ACCL40 _ 3Phase /μP 40A 300-3000Watts LED Status: EB_ Red LED, DG- Green LED / Red LED. 1. If Red LED is ON_ it indicates presence of EB 2. If Green LED is ON_ it indicates presence of DG 3. If Red LED is ON & Green blinks it indicates both EB & DG presence (Unit will be automatically switched to EB Mode.) 4. If Red LED is ON & Green LED Turns to RED and blinks it indicates that ACCL- is in Lock Out mode; To RESET the ACCL -switch OFF & Switch ON the incoming Supply Once. Note: ON delay 3.0sec, for change over from EB to DG. PROK DEVICES PVT LTD NO.2930, SIMHADRI BSK 2ND STAGE, 14TH CROSS BANGALORE-560 070 INDIA Tel: 080-26760718, 26761719 Fax: 080-26761720 Website: