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: to make your garden grow evergreen


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: to make your garden grow evergreen

  1. 1. BC 52 Home:BC Wine Picks 7/6/10 11:01 PM Page 56 How Green Does Your Garden Grow? T ransform your home’s landscape from lackluster to lush! Our landscaping tips tell you how to keep your garden and lawn areas thriving throughout the year. Make the Most Out of Mulching. Mulching is essential for several reasons. The first reason why plants benefit from mulch is because it protects the plants from damage during the different seasons. During the summer months mulch keeps the roots of the plants cool and in the winter mulch protects them from freezing. Secondly, mulch maintains mois- concept ture levels during the growing season and finally mulch acts as a barrier against weeds from invading the planting areas. Tips: For best results, mulch your property during the spring. And don’t over mulch; too much mulch will suffocate the plant. Keep mulch away from the “necks” of the plant. Plan on Pruning. Pruning is essential for the overall health of the plants in your garden. Pruning also encourages the overall growth of each plant. There are several different types of pruning that you can do to help your plants grow. First, you can sheer them to shape them. Second, thinning allows air and light to pass through. Third, tipping will help maintain the fullness of a plant. Finally, deadwooding is the removal of dead wood and damaged foliage. This will improve the plant’s appearance. Tips: A good set of pruners is essential for every gardening before enthusiast. Keep pruner blades sharp as dull blades can damage plants. Primer on Planting. There are several things to consider before planting a plant in your garden. First, be sure to select the right plant for the location. Each plant requires either shade, sun or part shade and part sun. Second, consider soil condition. You don’t want to plant vegetation that needs a lot of moisture in a dry area or vice versa. Third, take into consideration the size of the plant at maturity. It’s not a great idea to plant a plant that grows too tall in the foreground and ends up covering everything behind it. This will show everyone that the garden was designed improperly. Tips: Remember to space the plant appropriately when plant- ing. Too much space in between plants will leave voids while after continued on page 58 56 BC Magazine July/August 2010 THE
  2. 2. BC 52 Home:BC Wine Picks 7/6/10 11:02 PM Page 58 continued from page 56 As far as watering, the best rule of thumb is to water for a longer period of time and less frequently rather than watering more frequently with less water. planting plants too close will eventu- ally damage the plant. Follow your local landscape professional’s guide- lines for planting. TLC of Lawn Care. Proper turf management is essential for a healthy- looking lawn. When mowing your lawn, avoid cutting it too short or else the lawn will burn and you will end up with burn marks throughout. For a proper looking lawn, keep your blades of grass an average of 2 ½ inches A Great Backyard Starts high. Also, mower blades should be with Mitchell Simon kept sharp so the grass is actually cut— not torn— by the blade. Tip: Change the direction of your cut to prevent matting and creation of ruts in the lawn. Water Work. As far as watering, the best rule of thumb is to water for a longer period of time and less fre- quently rather than watering more fre- quently with less water. Watering deeply will enable stronger root growth. The deeper the root grows, the stronger and healthier the lawn will look. Tip: For best results, contact a profes- sional lawn care company, whose staff will be familiar with how to properly treat each individual lawn. Landscaping tips provided by Adam Swierkowski of Scenic Landscaping LLC 15 South Dean Street • Englewood • 201-568-2108 (www.sceniclandscaping.com). Mon.-Sat. 9am-6pm • Sun. 10am-3pm • Lic#13VH04633400 • www.mitchellsimon.com 58 BC Magazine July/August 2010 THE