Scenic landscaping has gone solar


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Scenic Landscaping in Haskell, New Jersey is now fully running on solar power. The trend of major companies now looking to turn green is becoming widely popular throughout North Jersey.

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Scenic landscaping has gone solar

  1. 1. Scenic Landscaping has Gone SolarScenic Landscaping based in Northern New Jersey has officially gone solar. Scenic Landscaping workedwith Amberjack Solar Energy, also based in Northern New Jersey, to turn themselves into a solarpowered, green-conscious company.The choice to go solar makes sense for all companies, regardless of whether or not they are in the greenindustry. Within the past few years, many widely respected companies have opted to go solar. Theability to generate your own electricity is beneficial to both the environment and to the company. It is along term investment that will allow company owners to put the funds back into their pockets byeliminating the major expense of monthly electric bills. Scenic Landscaping owner, Mitchell Knapp, explains why it was important for him to go green. “Thedecision was easy. We are in the business of working closely with everything that nature has to offer.The sun is our resource where we should be absorbing power. This decision will not only make usmoney, but it will also hopefully encourage other companies to follow in our footsteps and do thesame.”Scenic Landscaping opted to build a free standing canopy structure. Due to the shade that covered theirbuilding’s roof, placing panels on the top of their office would not have been the most efficient methodto use. This type of structure also doubled as a unit for Scenic Landscaping to store all of theirequipment underneath the canopy of panels.With the installation of their new solar panel system, Scenic Landscaping has eliminated all of theirelectric bills, which is a huge expense for a company of their size. Through the installation of solarpanels, Scenic not only increased their savings and earnings, but were able to show their strongcommitment to the environment. Being able to produce electricity from a free, clean, and naturalresource is such an important way to give back to current state of our atmosphere.While there are a few other options of ways to generate electricity, solar energy is proving to be themost effective and environmentally friendly. Solar energy not only offers tax incentives, but it is acompletely renewable resource, while other methods such as oil are not. Installing solar panels createsabsolutely no pollution. This is perhaps the most important advantage that makes solar energy so muchmore practical than oil. Oil burning releases harmful greenhouses gases, carcinogens and carbon dioxideinto our atmosphere.Scenic Landscaping for over 36 years has been providing award-winning service with an unparalleledteam of over 100 landscape architects, designers, project managers, masons, and horticulturists. ScenicLandscaping is a full design and build firm that specialize in everything from maintenance toarchitecture. For more information please visit .