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Redesign your outdoor space with Scenic Landscaping


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Scenic Landscaping Architecture NJ redesigned your outdoor backyard with seasons. We help to modify your outdoor spaces with quartz- enhanced Diamond-polished interior finish, color-change lighting, heating, and automatic cleaning systems, Patios of French limestone and swimming pool

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Redesign your outdoor space with Scenic Landscaping

  1. 1. outdoor spaces showcase summer migration BY LISA RACKLEY AND REN MILLER WARMING TEMPERATURES are already promising a spring and sum- mer filled with outdoor activities. As you start to think about getting the best use from your backyard, we’ve gathered projects from around the state that might inspire you. We begin with projects in three different towns and cap our coverage with a review of the outdoor spaces at the 2009 Stately Homes By-the-Sea Designer Show House in Rumson. BY ERIC AUERBACHBY CHRIS NELSON BY CHRIS NELSON BY CHRIS NELSON BY ERIC AUERBACH Naturally Entertaining The owners had some clear ideas for the outdoor spaces at their new home in Alpine. The landscaping had to complement the s u rrounding hills with seasonal color and lots of usable spaces for entertaining, says Mitch Knapp, owner of Scenic Landscaping and co-owner with Richard Zimmer of Ta p e s t ry Landscape Arc h i t e c t u re. They also wanted a swimming pool suitable for friends and family, particularly their grandchildren, who live nearby, says Craig Bagin, construction manager for B&B Pool and Spa Center. To meet the homeowners’ landscaping goals, Knapp says, walls of hand-tooled Karney bluestone with limestone caps were built to tame the slope of the front yard and create spaces for gardening. In the backyard, which also slopes, specimen plants and S O U R C E S: landscaping and hardscaping, Scenic t rees were added for color and privacy, including Japanese maples and weeping cedars, Knapp says. The owners chose a Landscaping LLC and rectilinear pool to complement their formal home, Bagin says, and B&B dressed it up with curved Grecian corners. With the Ta p e s t ry Landscape grandchildren in mind, B&B designed a pool ranging from three to five feet in depth. An elevated spa features a stacked A rc h i t e c t u re in Haskell; pool and spa, B&B Pool bluestone veneer exterior. Underwater benches follow the curve of the spa at the one end and provide two additional resting spots and Spa in Chestnut at the deeper end, says Bagin, a member of the Association of Pool & Spa Professionals. Features include a quartz-enhanced Ridge, New York; a rc h i t e c t u reof house, diamond-polished interior finish, color-change lighting, heating, and automatic cleaning systems. Patios of French limestone — Roland Scharfspitz chosen because it remains cool on bare feet in the summer sun‚ include wro u g h t - i ron tables, a kitchen, bar, and grilling are a — A rchitect in Leonia. all with a formal design that complements the house designed by architect Roland Scharfspitz. The grilling area features hand- tooled stone veneer sides and a granite countertop. The landscape, though lush in nature, was designed to maintain a balance through massing, repetition, and continuous flow, adds Adam Swierkowski of Scenic Landscaping. BY ERIC AUERBACH 104 April/May 2010 designn e w j e r s e 105