Outdoor lighting and irrigation design and installation by scenic landscaping nj


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Outdoor lighting and irrigation design and installation by scenic landscaping nj

  1. 1. OUTDOOR LIGHTING AND IRRIGATION DESIGN AND INSTALLATION BY SCENIC LANDSCAPING NJImagine yourself on a cool evening, sitting in a chair in your garden, relaxed and at peace, with a warm,mystic glow all around you. The glow from the distinctive landscape lighting which was installed in yourScenic landscape. New forms and shapes become visible in your garden which you never noticed duringthe day. Rocks take on a new face; you see your plants and flowers from a bewitching new perspective.Your home takes on a romance and charm that youve only seen in magazines. Even the lighting fixturesthemselves elevate your garden to a new level of class and perfection. In landscape design today, little else has garnered as much popularity as outdoor lighting. Aside from itsobvious role to provide nighttime accessibility, lighting in your garden enhances the security of yourhome while it also sets the mood. Outdoor lighting NJ can be as creative, versatile, and functional as it isindoors. Whether it be ambient lighting (where the light fixtures are never seen), fiber optic lighting (forunderwater use in a pond or pool), ornamental lighting (where the fixture or light pattern itself is anelement in the design), or whatever. Your imagination is the limit, and Scenic Landscaping is here to helpdesign and install it. Scenic can professionally install any type of lighting. From the new low-voltage systems to direct-linesetups, with timers, sensors, and remote controls. Lighting can be installed at any time, but to ensureminimum disruption to your gardens, we suggest you consider it when planning your job. Whatever yourchoice, were sure that youll be quite impressed when the sun goes down.Our specialists at Scenic Landscaping can also assist you in designing an irrigation system that will helpyour garden and lawn thrive with the appropriate amounts of water. We are highly qualified to help youwith the planning process and will match you with professionals in the industry to get the job done right.As you may or may not know, too much water can actually hinder the plants growth and too little waterwill eventually let the plant die. Your lawn area should also only be watered at a certain time of day,especially during the hot, summer months. We will help design a sprinkler system that best suits thewatering needs of your property and relieve you of the headaches of having to remember when andhow much to water.Contact Scenic Landscaping Company NJ:Phone: 973.616.9600Fax: 973.616.5288Email: staff@sceniclandscaping.comAddress: Scenic Landscaping, LLC
  2. 2. 7 Argyle StreetHaskell, NJ 07420Website: http://www.sceniclandscaping.com/