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Different types of indian bridal sarees

Now-a-days, young women are choosing contemporary sarees as their wedding saree. When there are many traditional and elegant Indian sarees to choose from, why do you want something else? As said, every state has its own bridal saree in India, like Neriyathum from Kerala, Kanjeevaram from Tamil Nadu, Banarasi saree from the city of Banaras, which is well-known for Bihari and Bengali brides. The Indian Bridal Sarees are mostly made up of silk, and a few are made of net or fancy materials. Those sarees are classified according to the work/design on them, such as Zardosi design can be done on both silk as well as on net/fancy sarees. Likewise, Gota Lace can be attached to any type of saree to give a bridal look. So let’s take a look on few net and silk indian bridal sarees in detail.

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Different types of indian bridal sarees

  1. 1. Kanjeevaram Owning a Kanjeevaram saree for south Indian women is a pride, though this saree is a native of, Tamil Nadu, almost every South Indian bride wears Kanjeevaram. They are known for their beautiful temple borders.
  2. 2. Net Sarees As silk sarees as popular in the south, net sarees are popular in north. Many brides in northern areas, choose net with various kinds of embroidery on it. The unique feature of these kind of sarees are, transparency.
  3. 3. Banarasi saree is from the holy city, Kashi. While the silk material comes from Banaras, the golden print/work on saree, is done in Bengal. The glow of a Banarasi saree can never be compared to another material. Banarasi
  4. 4. Sambalpuri Saree of Odisha Orissa has beautiful sarees, like Bomkai and Katki in its pot. However, if a Oriyya bride has to choose a saree, then she would only choose a Sambalpuri silk saree. The work on the Anchal is what makes the saree to stand out.
  5. 5. Assam Silk Known as India’s finest and most beautiful silk, Assam silk definitely makes the best choice for any Indian bride. The original Assamese traditional saree comes with white saree and red borders. The beautiful and traditional saree is mostly covered either with red flowers or the borders are red. The contrast makes it even more beautiful.
  6. 6. Gota Saree Gota saree is a kind of a lace that is generally fixed to the pallu and the hem of any saree. The special feature of this saree is that the bride can get the saree border attached anywhere according to her wish.
  7. 7. Resham Saree South Indian’s favorite kind is the Resham silk saree. There are a thousands of designs and patterns in this kind of saree. Resham saree is mostly preferred for the elaborative functions of the marriage.
  8. 8. Zardosi Sarees Zardosi sarees are the ‘it’ thing now in the bridal arena. Everyone is wearing these kinds of sarees. The specialty of the saree is the amazing embroidery and the designs that are wide spread these days. The work is intricate and makes a very beautiful bridal saree.
  9. 9. Pathani Saree Originally from the land of Aurangabad, this silk is the most costliest among the other ones. This silk is majorly preferred by the North Indian brides. The specialty of the saree is that the gold is weaved into the saree making it look beautifully woven and authentic. The Maharashtrians are the proud owners of the Paithani saree.
  10. 10. Bandhani Saree Designed with polka dots and studded with a special kind of stone makes the trademark look of these tie and dye sarees. Owned by the Rajasthanis and the Gujaratis, these women wear this kind of saree for their wedding. Though this saree may not make the best bridal outfit, it serves the purpose of being worn in other functions of the wedding.
  11. 11. Neriyathum Saree Neriyathum saree , is also one of the most beautiful kinds of sarees among others. The plain white and gold saree is widely seen in most of the Kerala weddings. Even Christian brides prefer this kind of saree for their wedding with a veil on their head.
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