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The New Era of Expressive Research


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A presentation I am giving at the Market Research in the Mobile World conference in Atlanta on July 20th, 2011

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The New Era of Expressive Research

  1. the new era of expressive research Tim Stock twitter: @timstock Market Research in the Mobile World 2011IMAGE: All rights reserved by lennyjpg | connecting brands to culture 1
  2. where can mobile research take us? “vision is the art of seeing things invisible to others.” - JONATHAN SWIFTIMAGE: All Rights Reserved Dan van Moll | connecting brands to culture 2
  3. mobile has begun to evolve beyond the device. the importance of any one type of device is already declining as personal information, contacts, photos and files move to the cloud.IMAGE: All rights reserved by jkenning (via flickr) | connecting brands to culture 3
  4. SOURCE: CISCO world mobile data traffic expected to explode by factor of 26 by 2015. 6.3 exabytes per month, predicted. there will be 788 million mobile-only Internet users by 2015.IMAGE: All rights reserved byexxonvaldez | connecting brands to culture 4
  5. SOURCE: IDCcloud services (expected to grow27% annually) will empowermobile capabilities.that’s a lot of data in motion... | connecting brands to culture 5
  6. within that data...we want to find the human...but the human becomes harder to find.our research seeks to find perspective in growing noise.IMAGE: Some Rights Reserved Rabblefish | connecting brands to culture 6
  7. we have an intimate device in our hands it exhibits all characteristics necessary for fluid and authentic expression.IMAGE: All rights reserved Sean Sun | connecting brands to culture 7
  8. problem is: we’re half in... half outwe continue to see mobile as more tactic than strategy. All rights reserved photo by Megan Caros | connecting brands to culture 8
  9. same interrogation... new channelthis stifles our ability to hear the unexpected...and see the big picture. | connecting brands to culture 9
  10. we need to kill the echo chamberswe inadvertently involve only consumers willing to comply with our rules. | connecting brands to culture 10
  11. researcher & subject networks reflexive expressive research research circular relationship of cause revealing the structure and and effect confirmation mechanics of meaning. shift from reflexive to expressive modelsSome rights reserved by Janesdead | connecting brands to culture 11
  12. our research must reflect this shift... CULTURE CONSUMER DRIVEN SAVVINESS UNSYNCHED PRIVACY ANONYMOUS SYNCHED reflexive research CLUSTERS expressive research CONCERNS A FLOOD OF PATTERNED DATA DATA AS NARRATIVE research models must get in sync and transform the structure of engagement.IMAGE: All rights reserved by ms holmes (busy) | connecting brands to culture 12
  13. research must feed innovation ...requires sustained and incremental interactions to yield real get us to new territory.| connecting brands to culture 13
  14. SIGNALSinnovation is a mating game...understanding signals embedded into the rituals we want to engage. | connecting brands to culture 14
  15. sustainable TRAITS unsustainableour interaction builds in behavioral traitsreflexive modalities can reinforce behaviors that dilute and distort the data. | connecting brands to culture 15
  16. LANGUAGE BEHAVIORexpressive research is social mechanicsit’s about understanding the networks that drive language and behavior. IMAGE: All rights reserved by lomokev | connecting brands to culture 16
  17. networks thrive as community“you cannot simply transform an audience into a community withtechnology, because they assume very different relationshipsbetween the sender and receiver of messages.” - CLAY SHIRKEY audience community one-way relationship, two-way relationship, one-to-many pattern many-to-many pattern IMAGE: All rights reserved by dodsworld | connecting brands to culture 17
  18. right brain left brain discovery proof DATA data consumer GAP insights a disconnect on definitions of data... analytics shut off from the meaningless unless bigger story connected to a narrative frameworkwe need whole brain data thinkinginternal camps can entrench and stifle innovation. | connecting brands to culture 18
  19. trajectory story where most research focuses what we miss motive existing hidden symbolic productionwe seek to reveal the consumer journey...but our methods focus on only part of this journey. 19
  20. CULTURE NETWORK her motives are shaped by the network that feeds meaning and motivationwe must sync with the networks driving motivesher choices are shaped by an existing culture network of language and meaning. | connecting brands to culture 20
  21. low cultural relevancewhat is the cultural heat map for your brands? high cultural relevanceexpressive research reveals the structurewhat networks are driving meaning around specific attributes of a brand? | connecting brands to culture 21
  22. expressive research swims with the consumer reveals and builds on the mechanics of consumer networks.IMAGE: All Rights Reserved by Nimeariel | connecting brands to culture 22
  23. expressive research is real time research the role of the expressive researcher will be in revealing these structures in the constant flow of data flowing to and from consumers.IMAGE: All Rights Reserved by Lil [Kristen Elsby | connecting brands to culture 23
  24. quit trying to land...first understand the mission. mobile thinking is bigger than any one tactic. We must strive to get in sync with the data that is already there for sustained and incremental insights.IMAGE: NASA | connecting brands to culture 24
  25. "The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge." - STEPHEN HAWKINGIMAGE: Some rights reserved by gnackgnackgnack | connecting brands to culture 25
  26. Thank you. @timstock| connecting brands to culture 26