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The Hunger Games (CultureIntelligence Brief)


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Looking at perception, migration, dimensions
and signals of The Hunger Games. Based on CultureIntelligence tracking through February and March 2012.

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The Hunger Games (CultureIntelligence Brief)

  1. CULTUREINTELLIGENCE BRIEF looking at perception, migration, dimensions and signals from social media tracking through February and March 2012 let the games begin...scenarioDNA | connecting brands to culture
  2. empathy @liesinthebooks: the hunger games is so depressing why do so many fabulous people have to die mY LOVE FOR THESE FICTIONAL CHARACTERS IS UNBEARABLE @wowmygosh: I wish the cast of Twilight had to fight in the Hunger Games #twilight #wowmygosh aggression @starzsaid: #Josh Hutcherson #Hunger Games fans r die hard so we stayed tru 2 the books I put on 15lbs of muscle & had heavy training 8 lots of protein transformation size of word reflectsPERCEPTION impact of sentiment.1. intrigue, love, danger, adventure, politics, narrative rebellion. which narrative thread is playing out via impact social media? one of overwhelming empathy.scenarioDNA | connecting brands to culture 2
  3. collective Claudius Templesmith Caesar Flickerman traditionalist maverick group owns 6% group owns of social media 12% of social chatter media chatter Seneca Crane quest for acceptance all-consuming passion for and status individuality, instant gratification “Since theres going to be a movie, I attempted to put faces to the characters before they analytic start casting and my perceptions expressive become contaminated.” --elontirien, deviantart, illustrator of Hunger Games Cast, pictured. Mrs. Everdeen intelligentsia renegade group owns group owns 17% Beetee 65% of social of social media Foxface media chatter chatterdeconstruct, mobilize and bleeding-edge thrill forincite revolution notoriety and adrenaline rush counter source: scenarioDNA’s Culture Mapping matrixMIGRATION2. character book characters spread across our matrix. absence of characters in film (thin gray lined, alignment above) becomes a pertinent negative.scenarioDNA | connecting brands to culture 3
  4. collective @SomeCallMeGoose: Theres more people thatll #occupy the Hunger @melenar: North end of Union Sq: dozens in 24-hour line to see stars of Games tomorrow than still believe in that #occupy Wall Street fad. #HungerGames. South end of UnSq: #OWS encampment. #sgp #TCOT #teaparty analytic expressive #occupy #p2 #OWS #TLOT @noveldoctor: College kids made Quidditch a real thing. Pray they @Scott_at_Home: We are District 12! #hungergames #OWS dont read The Hunger Games. counter size of hashtag reflects number of mentions.MIGRATION3. shared political correlations are made as diverse groups deconstruct book narratives to align with their threads cause and move people through the matrix.scenarioDNA | connecting brands to culture 4
  5. #10thingsishouldhavesaid love #sinceimbeinghonest wish Neighboring words based on 5786 occurrences of the word REAL. skills recession @ShoutTheSecrets: So after, when he whispers, "You love me, real or not real?" I tell him, "Real." #HungerGames #Peeta and #Katniss size of word reflects number of mentions.DIMENSIONS4. linguistic meaning evolves when looking at the context of critical words through a cultural lens. here, real is context an aspired concept grounding love, honesty.scenarioDNA | connecting brands to culture 5
  6. collectivezeitgeist identity analytic expressivesymbolic action counterSIGNALS5. expressed the signals of HG begin with books as readers try to hold onto their own preconceived character sketches. signals DIY plays a big role in maintaining authenticity.scenarioDNA | connecting brands to culture 6
  7. What we already know: 1. this is a property with a well-rooted, opinionated following. 2. the barometer is raised high for the movie. 3. theres an undercurrent of honest romance that differs from the hyper-sexual or doe-eyed crushes we’ve become accustomed to. 4. here, Katniss has two real male friends who are evolving to something more meaningful as shes maturing. shes trying to make sense of that and the world she lives in. How it will evolve: 1. the books will remain a badge, a foundation, a guide. 2. absent and underdog characters are being closely watched and will continue a narrative. 3. we predict interesting role play to evolve in the audience. 4. character cosplay will cover everything from elements, like bread, to avoxes. 5. the japanese pulp fiction, battle royale, discussion will evolve. 6. politics will align more closely.images appearing in Signals matrix: @vandorwolf blue dress, @uncannyphantom label, @thisismynightmare shoe, @elisavandergriff eye, @pagecommakevin ringtone, @bohobear necklace,@bulletforyourdreams tickets, @beliebingomez15 school paper, @mishland ebooks, @katielated mockingly, @soradaexplorer cast, @deepetrov tattoo, @alexrussogomez mirror image, @maggiesandykeep calm, @socialitespeakingpoints b&w, @trucnnyc taxi, @jazyelise open book, @pizster arrow, @spinachtiger salad, @cutepolish nails, @nica_u t-shirt, @backinthemidnightgarden cookies,@dropdead-beauty nailpolishscenarioDNA | connecting brands to culture 7
  8. CultureIntelligence a semiotic insight tool from scenarioDNA, powered by Texifter & AVS thank you! Marie Lena Tupot marielena@scenariodna.comscenarioDNA | connecting brands to culture