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Titanic slideshare


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Titanic slideshare

  1. 1. The ship was doomed and it was slowly sliding into its watery grave. But why did the largest, most advanced ship of the century sink? This was Captain E.J. Smiths retirement trip. All he had to do was get to New York in record time. Captain E.J. Smith said years before the Titanics voyage, "I cannot imagine any condition which would cause a ship to founder. Modern shipbuilding has gone beyond that.” When the ship hit the iceberg, the force ofCaptain Smith ignored seven iceberg the impact caused the heads of the rivetswarnings from his crew and other ships. If to break and the sections of the Titanic tohe had called for the ship to slow down then come apart. If good quality iron rivets hadmaybe the Titanic disaster would not have been used the sections may have stayedhappened. together and the ship may not have sunk.To meet this schedule the Titanic could notafford to slow down. It is believed that Ismayput pressure on Captain Smith to maintain thespeed of the ship.America and Britain held inquiries into the disaster. Both reached the almost identical conclusions.The American inquiry concluded that Captain Smith should have slowed the speed of the boat giventhe icy weather conditions.The British inquiry, on the other hand, concluded that maintaining speed in icy weather conditionswas common practice.Both inquiries agreed on who was most at fault - Captain Stanley Lord of the Californian. Theinquiries stated that if Lord had gone to Titanics assistance when the first rocket was seen theneveryone would have been saved. Both inquiries made recommendations:
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  3. 3. The Southampton Gazette A TRAGEDY DIFFICULT TO FORGET.