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Destination serbia 1


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Destination Serbia

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Destination serbia 1

  2. 2. Info New Serbia Known Europe. Young Destination! Being a fresh, emerging and reachable destina- tion, Serbia represents the exciting new meeting and incentive destination in Europe. Extraordinary range of unique travel options for fun and adventure makes Serbia as one of the mostexhilarating spots, offering out of the ordinary ex-periences, trilling historical and cultural attractionsand hospitable people.Being the hub of all activities in the region of SouthEast Europe, Serbia is putting significant effort in up-grading necessary infrastructure with 1 billion eurosalready invested. The past two years 40 new hotels with significant conference facilities have been built to serve international clients needs. In addition, more will come shortly including Crown Plaza, Kempinski, Radisson and Intercontinental.
  3. 3. Info Serbia AccessibleStrategic position. Easy access!Located at the crossroads of theEast and the West, Serbia has been ameeting point for centuries.Today, with direct flights from morethan 50 capitals and ports in Europeand Middle East, provided by morethan 30 international air carriers(including 7 low cost carriers), Serbiais easily accessible, with airport just15 minutes from Belgrade (capital ofSerbia) and 45 minutes from Novi Sad(second largest city in Serbia).Open sky agreement and passport/ID liberalization are also to bementioned.
  4. 4. Cool Info Captivating. Has the edge! Serbia Buzzing nightlife. Rich culture. Extraordinary attractions. Delectable cuisine. Sunday Times “Europe’s New Capital of Cool“. Lonely Planet Guide” Belgrade one of the ten “hotspots” of Europe” Le Monde – “Les folles nuits de Belgrade.” “City of Future”, Financial TimesCNN Traveler – “For the real beguiling Balkan spirit, it has to be Belgrade. It is a city wherehospitality crackles in the air and where looking good is a birthright. Simply irresistible”.“Serbia… a natural combination of Oriental passion and European finesse”, Time Out Spaces Magazine – “The real Belgrade is in the people – they are generous, warm and extraordinarily friendly- they will go to any lengths to help and make you welcome.” “After taking my traditional Sunday stroll down Knez Mihajlova, I feel enlivened”, Herald Tribune “No 1 to Party the Night Away” – Times Magazine “Belgrade Ada - The Top 10 City Island” Virtual Tourist
  5. 5. Info Serbia Value for money Great value for money! Costs in Belgrade and Serbia are very competitive providing excellent value for meeting and incentive planners based on researches of world’s renowned media and Economic Intelligence Unit’s costCost of Living Index of living index.Ranking – EconomistIntelligence Unit1. Oslo, Norway3. Reykjavik, Iceland5. Paris, France6. Copenhagen, Denmark7. London, UK8. Zurich, Switzerland10. Helsinki, Finland48. Istanbul, Turkey58. Prague, Czech Republic63. Warsaw, Poland82. Kiev, Ukraine107. Belgrade, Serbia
  6. 6. Expertise Info Serbia Quality. Eminence!- University Olympic Games, July 2009 – (10.000pax)- International Meeting of the European Society of Gynecological Oncology 2009 – (1.900 pax)- First Aid Convention in Europe 2010 – (1.200 pax)- European AIDS Conference 2011 – (3.500 pax)- Annual Session of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly 2011 – (1.300 pax)- Heart Failure Congress of the European Society of Cardiology 2012 – (3.500 pax)
  7. 7. Belgrade Info Serbia
  8. 8. InfoBelgradeCosmopolitan. Unforgettable. SerbiaBelgrade, the two million citizens’ capital that lies at the confluenceof two European represents the major centre for business, economicand scientific activities in the region of South East Europe.With compact and convenient conference package located just minutesfrom the international airport, Belgrade is a logical choice. Primaryconvention venue with a four thousands seats in plenary hall, rangeof break out rooms and significant exhibition space, is in the walkingdistance from major and brand new hotels.
  9. 9. InfoBelgrade Serbia City center is anchored by Belgrade Fortress that overlooks the Danube and Sava confluence, awarding you with the “view” of unforgettable experience of the city. Various museums, atypical art galleries andtheaters, active Royal family complex will spicy every event in formof extraordinary social programs. Ada lake, located just minutes fromthe city center, is a sport enthusiast’s dream, offering just about everypossible sporting facility imaginable, represents the unpredicted venuefor team building activities.After the working day at the busy Belgrade streets, the nights willcharm you. After enjoying the fresh food and local and internationalspecialties in fancy or more traditional style restaurants, the numerousnights out options will lift you up. You will experience true night clubatmosphere and the best night life in Europe. Where ever you go you will be greeted by positive vibe. You will come back again.
  10. 10. Info Accommodation Serbia- Belgrade has 56 hotels - four 5* hotels with 411 rooms, nineteen 4* hotelswith 1581 rooms and twenty-one 3* hotels with 1514 rooms.Hotel members of SCBBusiness district - airport distance 15 minutesContinental – 5* - 415 rooms – 8 meeting rooms – 600 largest plenaryHyatt Regency – 5* – 302 rooms – 6 meeting rooms - 600 largest plenaryHoliday Inn - 4* – 140 rooms – 7 meeting rooms – 130 largest plenaryIn Hotel – 4* – 187 rooms – 5 meeting rooms – 90 largest plenaryDowntown- airport distance 20 minutesSquare Nine – 5* - 45 rooms – 1 meeting room – 50 largest plenaryBalkan Hotel – 4* – 87 rooms – 3 meeting rooms – 100 largest plenaryBeograd Art Hotel – 4* – 55 rooms – 2 meeting rooms – 100 largest plenaryLife Design Hotel – 4* – 52 rooms – 3 meeting rooms – 80 largest plenaryMajestic – 4* – 88 rooms – 3 meeting rooms – 70 largest plenaryTownHouse 27 – 4* - 21 rooms – 1 meeting room – 20 largest plenaryCity area - airport distance 25 minutesCrystal Hotel (2km from city center) – 4* - 44 rooms – 1 meeting room – 80 largest plenaryZira (3 km from city center) – 4* – 125 rooms – 3 meeting rooms – 300 largest plenaryBest Western M (5km from center) – 4* – 186 rooms – 8 meeting rooms – 600 largestplenaryBest Western Sumadija (close to Belgrade fair and Ada lake, 7km from center )– 4* – 104rooms – 5 meeting rooms – 125 largest plenaryPresident Kovilovo (sport resort on outskirts of city) – 5* - 27 rooms – 3 meeting rooms –330 largest plenary
  11. 11. Info Venues Serbia Venues members of SCB - airport distance 15 minutesSava Centar - 4,000sq.m. of exhibition space, a 3,760-seat hall and 17 meeting roomsof various sizes (100–500 seats).BelExpo Center - provides organizers with the highest levels of service and offersunlimited event possibilities. With 2,500m2 of column free, multi-functional space itis ideal for small, niche exhibitions and mid-size events.The Belgrade Arena- the 4th largest hall in Europe, has 20,000 fixed seats plus anadditional 3,000 that are retractable is a unique hall in South Eastern Europe. Thelarge hall covers the area of 48 000 m2 and has six levels.Belgrade Fair - the City’s major exhibition venue, offering 48,000 sqm of exhibitionspace in 14 halls. Excluding the space employed for two permanent exhibitions, the Fair can offer 32,000 sqm of space for temporary exhibits.
  12. 12. Info Serbia MAP OF BELGRADE 1. Hyatt Regency Belgrade 8. IN Hotel 15. Hotel Prag 22. Hotel RoyalA. Sava Convention 2. Hotel Continental 9. Hotel Majestic 16. Hotel President 23. Hotel Skala Centre 3. Holiday Inn 10.Hotel Metropol 17. Hotel Rex 24. Hotel SplendidB. Belgrade Fair 4. Admiral Club 11. Hotel Moskva 18. Hotel Srbija 25. Hotel ZlatnikC. Belgrade Arena 5. Hotel Balkan 12. Hotel Palace 19. Hotel Union 26. Hotel ZiraD. BelExpo Centre 6. Best Western Hotel M 13. Hotel Slavija Lux 20.Hotel Aleksandar Palace 27. Hotel Prestige 7. Best Western Hotel Sumadija 14. Hotel Park 21. Hotel Le Petit Piaf 28. Hotel TownHouse 27
  13. 13. Novi Sad Info Serbia
  14. 14. InfoNovi SadAppealing. Treasured. SerbiaNovi Sad, with half a million citizens represents the second largestcity in Serbia, characterized by interesting architecture and excellentservices for exhibition and conference organizing.Located 60 minutes from Belgrade, and vicinity of countries in theregion, i.e. Hungary, Romania and Croatia allow Novi Sad to doneparticularly well with regional conferences, who found brand newconference center very suitable.Novi Sad is a city with enormous character and is considered as culturalcapital of Serbia because of various galleries and museums spreadthroughout of city. In near proximity guests can enjoy very interestingatmosphere of special farm household restaurant on which besidevery tasteful local grown organic food they can experience art of old craft making and other activities typical for farm soundings.
  15. 15. InfoNovi Sad SerbiaThe banks of the Danube are famous for their characteristic smallwooden restaurants that are serving fresh river food while playingevergreens on “tamburica”. Overlooking the Danube, PetrovaradinFortress with its 16km of underground tunnels and 88 art studios isperfect place to start Novi Sad experience.National Park Fruska Gora with 17 monasteries and small baroquetown of Sremski Karlovci –open air museum, and Serbian spiritualcenter, are famous for its wines and honey, both easily reachable idealfor pre/post and social tours.
  16. 16. InfoAccommodation Serbia– Novi Sad has 25 hotels – three 5* hotels with 350 rooms, four 4* hotels with 190rooms and eight 3* hotels with 390 rooms.Hotel members of SCBPark – 5* - 245 rooms – 9 meeting rooms – 550 largest plenaryLeopold I – 5* - 58 rooms – 3 meeting rooms – 50 largest plenaryBest Western Prezident – 5* - 46 rooms – 2 meeting rooms – 100 largest plenaryCentar – 4* - 51 rooms – 1 meeting room – 100 largest plenaryMaster – 4* - 54 rooms – connected to Master Congress Centre
  17. 17. Info SerbiaVenues membersof SCBMaster Congress Center - offers 1,300 seat plenaryspace, which is divisible in two separate spaces of 800and 400 seats respectively, along with 6 meeting rooms.It is adjacent with 6,000sqm of space that can be used forexhibits or banqueting. It is also connected to The Novi SadFair which offers some 50,000sqm of indoor exhibit space.While the new adjacent hotel Master offers 54 rooms, theHotel Park (245 rooms), BW Prezident (46 rooms) and hotelSajam (71 rooms) are within walking distance.Spens - is the largest sports center in Europe and one of the3 largest in the world. SPENS is host to major internationalchampionships in bowling, basketball, karate, volleyballand Davis Cup Tennis.
  18. 18. InfoIncentive Pre/PostOpportunities SerbiaBelgrade and Novi Sad are also the beginning points forSerbia’s diverse pre & post touring product, featuring beautifulmonasteries, wineries, farmhouse restaurants, ethno villages,spas, wildlife reserves, natural beauty and archeological sites.Some of examples include• Danube - The Iron Gate, the most spectacular river gorge in Europe and the 2nd largest in the world (numerous archeological sites, medieval fortresses, sailing and fishing, dining and wining).• Numerous historic sites from Roman Empire to UNESCO monasteries - Put on a roman toga, dig in the archeological field, drink roman vines, have a bite of roman cheese-bred, enjoy the authentic music and old frescoes paintings and “While in Rome, Act like a Roman”.• With unique visitor opportunities like the Sargan 8 train, ethno village “Wooden Town” developed by famous film director Emir Kusturica and beautiful natural attractions, Zlatibor represents one of the Serbia’s best touring opportunities.
  19. 19. Incentive IdeasInfo SerbiaGreat Jeep City SurvivalAdventure Luxurious Tito’s Blue Train Ride Monster Race Medieval knights Take your pole nights position Rafting Baloon flights
  20. 20. Info SerbiaMajor Festivalsand EventsGuca: This unique annual trumpet festival in Dragacevo a hosts over500,000 visitors from all over the world. (August)EXIT: This international music festival in Novi Sad is one of the mostpopular in Europe. In 2007 and 2008 the UK Festival Awards andYourope named EXIT the Best European Festival. (July)Belgrade Beer Fest: Taking place in Belgrade, this festival event attractsover 500,000 participants annually. (August)Nisvil Jazz: Most visited jazz festival in the region, features around 20bands with 300 performers, names like Solomon Burke, Benny Golson,Inkognito, The Brand New Heavies, De Phazz, Roy Hargrove... One ofthe most beautiful, spacious and acoustic amphitheatres in Europe -The Summer Stage of the Nis City Fortress!
  21. 21. InfoAND MANY MORE... Serbia
  22. 22. QUICK FACTS InfoPOPULATION – 10 millTIME ZONE – CET, GMT + 1 SerbiaTAXES – An 18% Value Added Tax (VAT) is incorpo- TIPPING – It is customary in restaurants and cafes to round up the gratuity fees to the nearest 10% -15% of the bill, depending onrated service.CURRENCY – “Dinar” (RSD), The current exchange BANKS & POSTAL OFFICES – Most banks andrate: post offices are open from 08.30 to 17.00 onEUR 1.00 = RSD 105 weekdays and from 09.00 to 15.00 on Satur-USD 1.00 = RSD 75 days. On Sundays there is usually a designat-CREDIT CARDS – ATMs accept major credit cards ed bank or post office that maintains neededand are located throughout the country. Major cards are accepted at almost all restaurants SHOPS – Food shops are typically open fromand stores. 07.00 until 22.00. Everywhere, there areCLIMATE – Serbia’s climate is moderate continen- stores open 24 hours a day.tal, with four seasons. Summer is from June to ENTRY REQUIREMENTS/ VISAS - Citizens ofSeptember and the daily temperature varies from the following countries do not need to obtain29oC to 36oC. The average temperature in Sep- visas:tember (night and day) is 22oC Beginning from June 2010 citizens of Europe-TELEPHONE CALLS – The code for Serbia is +381. an Union countries, the Swiss Confederation,To make international calls dial the International Kingdom of Norway and Republic of IcelandAccess Code 00. may enter the Republic of Serbia using theirMOBILE PHONES – Serbia has full area coverage identity cards and stay up to 90 3 mobile operators: - Nationals provided they hold a valid pass-- MTS port:- Telenor Europe:- Vip Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia,ELETRICAL APPLIANCES – Voltage in Serbia is 220 Israel, Macedonia, Montenegro, Russian Fed-volts and the frequency is 50 Hz. The plugs have eration, Turkey.two round prongs like those used in Western Rest of world:Europe. For 110 volt appliances you will need con- Argentina, Australia, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada,verter and adapter plugs. Chile, Costa Rica, Cuba, Japan, Mexico, NewFOOD & DRINK – The tap water is safe to drink. Zealand, Republic of Korea, Seychelles,Bottled water is popular and easily available. Most Singapore, Tunisia, United States of and restaurants offer Serbian national cui- – For more Information please visit –sine. Also, Continental European restaurants and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Serbiaseafood restaurants are readily available. or email at restaurants have special dishes for vegetarians.