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Company Overview

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L2 P Company Overview V4.10.09

  1. 1. Company Overview Strength Through Knowledge © 2009 Learn2Perform, Inc. All rights reserved.
  2. 2. Introduction Learn2Perform is a Learning and Performance consulting company widely recognized for its industry expertise with technology, business focus and independent, client biased solution delivery. Our mission is to help our clients design, implement, and manage Learning and Performance solutions to address complex business problems and improve business performance. 2 ©2009 Learn2Perform, Inc. All rights reserved.
  3. 3. Our Services We are a Full-Service Learning and Performance (L&P) Consulting Firm • L&P Strategy Development • Business Case and L&P Requirements Development • L&P Technology Evaluation and Selection • L&P Technology Implementation (LMS/LCMS, VC, EPSS, PM, etc.), including custom modifications and application integration • Learning Business Process and Data Standards Design • Enterprise Training Strategy Development • Learning Analytics and Measurements Strategy, including custom report development • Competency Management Model Design, Development and Implementation • Content Integration and Management Strategy • L&P-related HR Development Strategy 3 ©2009 Learn2Perform, Inc. All rights reserved.
  4. 4. Consultant Roles We support our customers with a broad range of L&P resources. • Learning and Performance Strategists • Implementation Project Managers • Functional Consultants/Config. Specialists (LMS/LCMS, EPSS, etc.) • Technical Specialists (Web Interface Designers, Application Engineers, Programmers, etc.) • Change Management/Communication Leads • System Education Leads • Instructional Designers • Content Developers • Content Integration Specialists 4 ©2009 Learn2Perform, Inc. All rights reserved.
  5. 5. Business Product Partners SAP Learning Solution 5 ©2009 Learn2Perform, Inc. All rights reserved.
  6. 6. Sample of Clients 6 ©2009 Learn2Perform, Inc. All rights reserved.
  7. 7. Customer Testimonials Siemens Building Technologies – Evaluation of Learning Technologies “The SystemLink team performed in an exemplary fashion. They brought years of personal industry experience, a solid methodology for project execution, and a ‘Let’s Rock!’ work ethic. I am absolutely convinced that the combination of selecting SystemLink to assist us with the execution of this project and the solid performance demonstrated by the SystemLink team ensured the success we’ve enjoyed with this project.” Manager, Learning Technologies Knowledge & e-Business Programs Research in Motion (Maker of Blackberry PDA) – Evaluation, Selection and Implementation of LMS quot;Learning Management is a strategic component of our plan for continued leadership in the mobile Communications market. To achieve success, we needed to partner with someone who could guide us through the process of defining a Learning Management strategy, designing a solution and selecting the proper tools for effective system implementation and change adherence. SystemLink has proven time and time again to be the hands-down leader in this space for our business.quot; Former Learning Systems PM, Sr. Manager, Education Services, Research In Motion 7 ©2009 Learn2Perform, Inc. All rights reserved.
  8. 8. Customer Testimonials Adobe Software – Latest Global Implementation of the SAP Learning Solution “I am so proud of the team that made this a success. This was the largest HR Systems initiative since the implementation of SAP HCM 7 years ago. This system provides a globally scalable foundation for employee learning and development, a key area of focus for the business directly related to HR's 3 year strategic imperatives. This cross-functional project took 2 years of planning and 8 months to implement. The project came in on time and on budget -- no small feat. I would like to thank Learn2Perform for providing us the expertise and guidance we needed.” Senior Manager, Global Workforce Solutions and Project Director Pep Boys – Implementation of Performance Management System quot;Two weeks before go-live our project lost a critical team member that could have resulted in disaster. With the project on the line, Learn2Perform stepped up and were able to provide an incredibly skilled consultant whose work ethic was exceeded only by his experience. In the next 2 weeks we pulled-off a near miracle and went live on our originally planned date. The result was one of the biggest success stories ever for Pep Boys. Without the help and the support of Learn2Perform, we would not have made it. In our time of need, Learn2Perform re-invented the meaning of Customer Service.” Director, Organizational Development and Training, Pep Boys 8 ©2009 Learn2Perform, Inc. All rights reserved.
  9. 9. Contact Information Breakthrough Performance Steve Bradley President Baltimore, Maryland steve.bradley@learn2perform.com Main 866-832-5669 x101 Mobile 443-858-6652 www.Learn2Perform.com © 2009 Learn2Perform, Inc. All rights reserved.