Cody Barrus - Slide Resume | SEO, Marketer & Writer


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Cody Barrus - Slide Resume | SEO, Marketer & Writer

Resumes and Portfolios, Writer, SEO, Marketing

Cody Barrus is a SEO, Internet Marketer, and Writer looking for work in the beautiful Pacific Northwest (Seattle, Bellevue, Kirkland areas). If you are looking for someone who is creative, self motivated, resourceful & efficient, then look at his slide resume now.

Does he look like the perfect hire for you? Then call or email him today and set up an interview.

Contact -
Phone: 425.208.5910

If you need somebody who can look at the tools at hand and utilize them in unexpected & valuable ways, you might need Cody Barrus.

If you are need someone with a unique link building strategy to funnel quality juice to your website, you might need Cody Barrus.

If you need a proficient writer who also has experience with Photoshop and HTML, you might need Cody Barrus.

Does all this sound appealing to you? Well, what are you waiting for. Give Cody a call today at 425-208-5910.

Still need convincing. With quality references available, you can be sure that Cody isn't pulling a Houdini. Call them today, and ask about his SEO skills, his professional writing abilities, or his overall marketing knowledge.

John Hughes -, Lead Marketing Technician (current) - (425) 281 - 6611
Jeff Hanson -, Lead Marketing Technician (former) - (425) 250 - 0951
James Schergen -, Webmaster (206) 331 - 7839
Denny Chapin -, Director of Communications (206) 769-6978

Need more references? I'm sure I can scrounge more up if you ask!

But what about his hobbies? How can we trust a guy who does nothing but sit in front of computer screen muttering about keywords and the penguin update? Cody a jack of all trades who loves hiking, rock climbing and the outdoors just as much as he love Muay Thai (thai kickboxing), action movies, and video games. That is, when he's not writing the next great steampunk adventure novel ("The Island and the Sea"), publishing short stories, or working on my blog ( ).

He doesn't smoke, which means he takes fewer breaks, he stands when he works, even when working on a computer, he's super outgoing (but not in a weird way), and can get very motivated.

Enough about Cody, what about you?

Cody Barrus is looking for a place with a positive work environment, a place with good office culture, and a place with a boss who tells him what he wants and allows him to do it without micro managing. He's looking for a place which encourages both independent work and collaboration. He loves to see the fruits of his labors and likes to know that the work he is doing is making a difference.

So take a look at Cody's slide resume. We hope he's the SEO, Marketing Specialist, Social Media Specialist, Writer, Copy writer or Technical Writer for you.

But don't wait, make the call today!

Cody Barrus
(425) 208 - 5910

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Cody Barrus - Slide Resume | SEO, Marketer & Writer

  1. 1. Cody Barrus Resume  Internet Marketing  Search Engine Optimization  On & Off Site Optimization  Link Building  Copywriting  Technical Writing3849 Klahanie Dr SE 12-102  Creative WritingIssaquah WA, 98029425.208.5910  Client
  2. 2. Hello My name is Cody Barrus If you are looking for anenergetic new hire interested inmarketing, writing, or Search EngineOptimization, then it looks like youfound the right slide show. What follows is the shortversion of my professional career. Ilook forward to talking with you inperson and working with you in thefuture.
  3. 3. IIwent to school at the UW, went to school at the UW, graduating in 2011 when graduating in 2011 when IIreceived my BFA in received my BFA in writing writing
  4. 4. While attending School at the UW I took two 3 month internships at http://www.AllTreatment.comWith these guys... James Denny Schergen Chapin Webmaster Director of Communications Phone: (206) 331-7839 Phone: (206) 769-6978 Where I was extensively trained in SEO
  5. 5. During this time I was also hard at workwriting fiction, essays and articles. I was published in... ...and more.
  6. 6. Months before graduation I co-foundedA website which functions like a yellow pages of CSAs(Community Supported Agriculture), where farmers canupdate their own profile pages, and consumers cansearch for a local farm near them for weekly producesubscriptions.
  7. 7. was the mostfun Ive ever had working, and wasa huge learning experience. Myinternet marketing skills grew, andI was able to work with passionatepeople on a day to day basis. The free chickens, eggs andproduce was a big plus too!
  8. 8. Near the end of 2012, weput the CSAFarms project onindefinite hold. I looked for a new joband was hired as a marketingspecialist at
  9. 9. At my responsibilities I began as aMarketing Specialist where my work primarily consisted ofwriting SEO copy for clients. After two month, I was promoted to the head of theSocial Marketing department where I coach clients on socialmarketing and blogging, though I still wrote copy. During this time I:  Wrote optimized copy for clients (SEO)  Wrote technical training materials  Created Market and Keyword Reports  Wrote monthly newsletters to clients  Consulted with clients for on site and off site optimization  Ran Social Marketing Department  Analyzed client analytics  Created a forthcoming advanced marketing program
  10. 10. References: Jeff Hanson John Hughes Lead Lead Marketing Marketing Technician Technician (Former) (Current) Phone: Phone: (425) 250-0951 (425) 281-6611
  11. 11. Here are some examples of my work...
  12. 12. I have writing samples available upon request, HTMLand Photoshop experience. Im also a: Hard Working Inventive Creative Quick Learner Responsible Great Teacher Resourceful Tech Savvy Excellent Communicator
  13. 13. Call for an Interview Today Cody Barrus (425) 208 – 5910