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Slide resume (doc)

  1. 1. Cody Barrus Resume  Internet Marketing  Search Engine Optimization  On & Off Site Optimization  Link Building  Copywriting  Technical Writing3849 Klahanie Dr SE 12-102  Creative WritingIssaquah WA, 98029425.208.5910  Client
  2. 2. Hello My name is Cody Barrus If you are looking for anenergetic new hire interestedin marketing, writing, orSearch Engine Optimization,then it looks like you foundthe right slide show. What follows is the shortversion of my professionalcareer. I look forward totalking with you in personand working with you in thefuture.
  3. 3. IIwent to school at the went to school at the UW, UW, graduating in 2011 graduating in 2011 when when IIreceived my BFA in received my BFA in writing writing
  4. 4. While attending School at the UW I took two 3 month internships at http://www.AllTreatment.comWith these guys... James Denny Schergen Chapin Webmaster Director of Communicatio ns Phone: (206) 331-7839 Phone: (206) 769-6978 Where I was extensively trained in S
  5. 5. During this time I was also hard atwork writing fiction, essays andarticles. I was published in... ...and more.
  6. 6. Months before graduation I co-foundedA website which functions like a yellow pagesof CSAs (Community Supported Agriculture),where farmers can update their own profilepages, and consumers can search for a localfarm near them for weekly producesubscriptions.
  7. 7. was themost fun Ive ever hadworking, and was a hugelearning experience. Myinternet marketing skillsgrew, and I was able to workwith passionate people on aday to day basis. The free chickens, eggsand produce was a big plustoo!
  8. 8. Near the end of2012, we put theCSAFarms project onindefinite hold. I looked for a newjob and was hired as amarketing specialist
  9. 9. At my responsibilities I beganas a Marketing Specialist where my workprimarily consisted of writing SEO copy forclients. After two month, I was promoted to the headof the Social Marketing department where Icoach clients on social marketing and blogging,though I still wrote copy for clients (SEO)  Wrote optimized copy. Duringtechnical training materials Wrote this time I:   Created Market and Keyword Reports  Wrote monthly newsletters to clients  Consulted with clients for on site and off site optimization  Ran Social Marketing Department  Analyzed client analytics
  10. 10. References: Jeff John Hanson Hughes Lead Lead Marketing Marketing Technician Technician (Former) (Current) Phone: Phone: (425) 250-0951 (425) 281-6611
  11. 11. Here are some examples of my work...
  12. 12. I have writing samples available uponrequest, HTML and Photoshop experience. Im also a: Hard Working Inventive Creative Quick Learner Responsible Great Teacher Resourceful Tech Savvy Excellent Communicator
  13. 13. Call for an InterviewToday Cody Barrus (425) 208 –