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Building Your Personal Brand through Social Media


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It is said that in this day and age a companies brand is majorly important to the success of that co...

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Building Your Personal Brand through Social Media

  1. 1. Building Your Personal Brand through Social Media It is said that in this day and age a companies brand is majorly important to the success of that company. One of my six figure mentors told me about a year ago to concentrate on Building a Brand focused on you personally and not your company. "People do business with people not companies". My mentors were right and listening to them is one of the smartest moves I ever decided to make in my business. Especially in this ever changing industry. You must find a signature image a voice that your followers will recognize and relate to. Online, internet and network marketers will go through many many changes in the lifetime of their businesses. Different things can happen all the time when working online....things like the company may shut down, you might decide that you are ready to change companies or even start a company of your own. You may decide to create your own product or write an eBook or teach through training people in your niche. In doing this you should focus on building a brand around you and not the company you happen to be apart of right now. If you do this, whatever changes that you go through in your business, you still have your personal brand. The Brand of YOU! Building Your Personal Brand When you are building your Personal Brand you should be asking yourself a few different questions. Questions like, What is you niche? How do you want people to associate you with the brand that you are working on creating? How do you want you followers to relate to you? Remember to keep in mind that personal Branding takes time, effort and patients. It is not something that will happen to you overnight. You have to consistently post to your social media platforms daily as well as offering value based information out onto the internet and to your followers regularly. When I say offering value based information, I mean information that you can share through a blog, an eBook, a video, an article or on social media. A blog is a website containing a writer's own experiences, observations, or opinions. A blog will often having fun pictures and links to other websites. The blog should be informative but a lot less formal than an article. Many business owners have websites to promote their businesses and some people have personal blogs or even journal blogs. Articles are nonfictional compositions that form as a part of a publication, like a newspaper or magazine. Videos, eBooks and Social media are all excellent ways for you to share information to build your personal brand. If done correctly, your personal brands can be built using social media platforms such as, Facebook, You Tube, Twitter and Google+. Allowing your fan base and your followers to take a look into how you live your life on a daily basis through social media lets them get to know you and trust you. Let them get to know you on a personal level and see how you are creating your own freedom lifestyle. The more you share, the more your following will continue to grow.
  2. 2. Sharing Your Lifestyle To get a fantastic example of a good branding practice, check out Michael Cavalieri and see how it's set up and get a better idea. Branding yourself is essential. Your followers will want to learn more about you and what you are doing to make this lifestyle a reality and not just a dream. Your loyal followers will wait for you to publish your next valuable piece of content. Post regularly, Keep them interested in what you have to offer and they will follow you always. It is alright to re post some of your older content for new followers. Let yourself be known just by being you. Be known as an expert in your niche. Make sure that you are engaging with other marketers in your field as well as new people interested in what you do. Meet and communicate with those new people. Finally, make sure whatever you are sharing has a purpose. Don't just go out there randomly posting non related information. Make sure that whatever you are posting is relevant to your personal brand. Again, the best way to do this is by sharing your personal story. Hot Tip: Never Stop Learning Never Stop Growing Never Stop Sharing Learn, Do Teach! Here's to building a solid Brand featuring YOU!