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Stanford Multidisciplinary Multimedia Meeting of Arts, Science and Humanities... SMMMASH!

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  1. 1. CAST Panel: • Antara Bhardwaj • Sarah Cahill • Ken Goldberg • Oussama Khatib Art show: • Robert Edgar • Shelly Xie • Ben Burke • Tamara Albaitis • Cory Clinton • Casey Cripe • Ingrid WellsWhat we understand is not enough to understand why we understand it
  2. 2. Tonight’s panel on BodyANTARA OUSSAMA SARAH KEN PIEROBHARDWAJ KHATIB CAHILL GOLDBERG SCARUFFIDancer Robot scientist Pianist Artist and Cultural(Chitresh Das (Stanford Univ) inventor historiancompany) (UC Berkeley) Audio interviews & reading material: Feedback:
  3. 3. Robert Edgars interactive installation "Eye Mask: Mergeemerge" ART IN THE LOBBY
  4. 4. Shelly Xie s sand-animatedvideo "The Moving Hands" ART IN THE LOBBY
  5. 5. Ben Burke s kinetic sculpture"Every Body Needs Some Body" ART IN THE LOBBY
  6. 6. Tamara Albaitis s sculptural sound costume "Armor" ART IN THE LOBBY
  7. 7. Cory Clinton s installation"Fantasy Factory: Art On theBody, and the Body in Art" ART IN THE LOBBY
  8. 8. Casey Cripe s mixed media "HumanProportions (v.1.1)" ART IN THE LOBBY
  9. 9. Ingrid Wells s oil onpanel "Bodily Modes of Self-Healing" ART IN THE LOBBY
  10. 10. Next Quarter… SMMMASH!(Stanford Multidisciplinary Multidimensional Meeting of Arts Science & Humanities… or something like that) “Language” on April 18 2013 with psycholinguist Lera Boroditsky, visual artist Shan Shan Sheng, musician Amy X Neuburg…