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Katharine Hawthorne on "Choreography as Research"


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Katharine Hawthorne's presentation "Choreography as Research" at Stanford Univ 2013

Published in: Technology, Education
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Katharine Hawthorne on "Choreography as Research"

  1. 1. Choreography as Research Katharine Hawthorne Dancer & Choreographer
  2. 2. techné “Because the essence of technology is nothing technological, essential reflection upon technology and decisive confrontation with it must happen in a realm that is, on the one hand, akin to the essence of technology and, on the other, fundamentally different from it. Such a realm is art.” Heidegger
  3. 3. Form + Content • Content inspired by structure of physical world – Analog: mechanics of human motion – Lumen / Lux: light as a movement element • Exploration of physical states • Studio as a laboratory, rehearsal as research through the medium of the body in motion and human experience
  4. 4. Excerpt from Lumen / Lux
  5. 5. “Three Person Machine” from Analog
  6. 6. Experiments in Thought & Motion • “Ambiguity is an essential part of art.” – Alan Lightman • Kuhn’s insight: Science is about answering questions within a paradigm • Improvisation = stochastic process • Process & Performance contain elements of indeterminacy
  7. 7. “Rattling” Duet from Analog
  8. 8. “Electricity/Toaster” Duet from Analog
  9. 9. Structure • Performance as a complex system • Real-time decision making • Movement phrase work as container
  10. 10. “Phrase 1” from Analog
  11. 11. Thank you! Katharine Hawthorne © Katharine Hawthorne 2013 Photos by Ben Hersh & Hollis Nolan Sculpture by Dan Grayber Video by Loren Robertson & Sean Smuda