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Derek Sears (NASA) on Meteorites


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Derek Sears (NASA) at a LASER

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Derek Sears (NASA) on Meteorites

  1. 1. Sometimes Space Comes to us: The Science of Meteorites. Derek Sears Research Scientist NASA Ames Research Center LASER - 14th November 2012
  2. 2. Peekskill meteorite October 9, 1992
  3. 3. Basalt Meteorites from Vesta
  4. 4. Meteorites from Mars and the Moon
  5. 5. Meteorites from Primitive Asteroids Ida Gaspra Mathilde Steins Eros
  6. 6. Asteroids Close Up
  7. 7. The 200-year Pathway to Meteorite Classification
  8. 8. “Sunstuff” 4.6 Billion Years Old Strange mixture
  9. 9. Formation of the Solar System
  10. 10. Meteorite Origins – So Many Problems Formed in the Nebula Formed by Impact• Too much Na etc. • Energetic melts lost• Too much oxygen • Impact velocities not high• Compound chondrules enough• No evidence for existence in • Textures unlike crater rocks space (cosmic ray • Where are the young ages? tracks, solar wind products) • Oxygen isotope data• Cooled slowly suggests highly diverse reservoirs for components
  11. 11. Trying to SimulateAsteroid ConditionsDifficult
  12. 12. Missions to Land, Collect, and Return Samples are now Technically Feasible NEAR on Eros on 2001 Hyabusa on Itokawa in 2005 OSIRIS Rex on 1999 RQ36 in 2018
  13. 13. To Read More About It ……$38.00 (paperback)$164.00 (hard cover)