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Visendo Software Virtualization with Microsoft Hyper-V


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Visendo Software Virtualization with Microsoft Hyper-V

  1. 1. Energy reduction Virtualization: Server Consolidation and Security with Microsoft Hyper-V™ and Visendo®Case Study Achieve more with less  What is Microsoft Hyper-V and how it works  Visendo Virtual Fax Server with Hyper - V  Visendo Virtual Email Security with Hyper-V ppedv AG - HQ – Burghausen, Germany Tel: +49-8677-9889-110 Fax: +49-8677-9889-44 Info: sales:
  2. 2. Computing Technology TodayThe demand for deploying and maintaining the increasing number of applications triggers itgrowth in number of added server to IT organizations. Purchasing more and more servers,organizations face growing server sprawl that comes with challenges and disadvantages:  Rising direct and indirect costs. In addition to the expense of adding new hardware, organizations pay more for power, cooling, network infrastructure, storage infrastructure, server administration, data center upgrades or new data centers.  Poor Return on Invested Capital. The common practice of dedicating a single server to each x86 application and sizing it for peak loads has led to severe underutilization of server assets in most data centers.  Decreasing Flexibility. Managing servers becomes increasingly difficult as the number of servers grows and the number of applications continues to multiply.  Reduced Efficiency. As server sprawl increases, IT organizations are forced to spend more time on reactive tasks such as server provisioning,Microsoft Hyper-V: Consolidating and Containing ServersMicrosoft Hyper-V Server 2008 is a stand-alone hypervisor-based server virtualizationproduct that allows customers to virtualize workloads onto a single physical server.Microsoft Hyper-V meets the challenges of server sprawl and underutilization by reducinghardware and operating costs by as much as 50%. A virtual infrastructure also simplifiesserver deployment and automates resource management to optimize capacity andinfrastructure management. Microsoft virtualization technology makes it possible to packagea complete x86 server into a portable virtual machine package.Multiple virtual machines can then run simultaneously and independently on a single x86server with consolidation ratios often exceeding five virtual machines per host processor.Hyper-V provides a dynamic, reliable, and scalable virtualization platform combined with asingle set of integrated management tools to manage both physical and virtual resources,enabling you to create an agile and dynamic data center. Hyper-V enables: ppedv AG - HQ – Burghausen, Germany Tel: +49-8677-9889-110 Fax: +49-8677-9889-44 Info: sales:
  3. 3. Server ConsolidationBusinesses are under pressure to ease management and reduce costs while retaining andenhancing competitive advantages, such as flexibility, reliability, scalability, and security. Thefundamental use of virtualization to help consolidate many servers on a single system whilemaintaining isolation helps address these demands. One of the main benefits of serverconsolidation is a lower total cost of ownership (TCO), not just from lowering hardwarerequirements but also from lower power, cooling, and management costs.Business Continuity and Disaster RecoveryBusiness continuity is the ability to minimize both scheduled and unscheduled downtime.That includes time lost to routine functions, such as maintenance and backup, as well asunanticipated outages. Hyper-V includes powerful business continuity features, such as livebackup and quick migration, enabling businesses to meet stringent uptime and responsemetrics.Disaster recovery is a key component of business continuity. Natural disasters, maliciousattacks, and even simple configuration problems like software conflicts can cripple servicesand applications until administrators resolve the problems and restore any backed up data.Leveraging the clustering capabilities of Windows Server 2008, Hyper-V now providessupport for disaster recovery (DR) within IT environments and across data centers, usinggeographically dispersed clustering capabilities. Rapid and reliable disaster and businessrecovery helps ensure minimal data loss and powerful remote management capabilities.Testing and DevelopmentTesting and development are frequently the first business functions to take advantage ofvirtualization technology. Using virtual machines, development staffs can create and test awide variety of scenarios in a safe, self-contained environment that accurately approximatesthe operation of physical servers and clients. Hyper-V maximizes utilization of test hardwarewhich can help reduce costs, improve life cycle management, and improve test coverage.With extensive guest OS support and checkpoint features, Hyper-V provides a great platformfor your test and development environments.Dynamic Data CentersHyper-V, together with your existing system management solutions, such as MicrosoftSystem Center, can help you realize the dynamic data center vision of providing self-managing dynamic systems and operational agility. With features like automated virtualmachine reconfiguration, flexible resource control, and quick migration, you can create a ppedv AG - HQ – Burghausen, Germany Tel: +49-8677-9889-110 Fax: +49-8677-9889-44 Info: sales:
  4. 4. dynamic IT environment that uses virtualization to not only respond to problems, but also toanticipate increased demands.Benefits of Server Consolidation and Containment• Dramatically lower costs. IT organizations can reduce hardware and operating costs by asmuch as 50% from implementing a Hyper-V server consolidation solution. Fewer servers alsomean lower costs for administration, power, cooling and data center infrastructure.• Boosted utilization and availability. If a physical server goes down, all the virtual machineson that hardware will migrate automatically and restart upon another physical server withinthe resource pool.• Improved manageability and reliability. Hyper-V reduces data center complexity byreducing the number of servers that IT organizations need to manage. Meanwhile, theHyper-V hypervisor sets the standard for reliability..• Simplified server provisioning. IT departments can reduce the time it takes to provisionnew servers by 50-70%.• Improved ability to handle future growth. Because the Hyper-V solution eliminates theneed to dedicate a physical server to each workload (or server application), organizationscan more effectively monitor growth in relation to utilized capacity..Fax Server Virtualization with Microsoft Hyper-V andVisendo Fax ServerVirtualized fax server solutions are quickly becoming the standard platform of choice.Corporations are making the paradigm shift from physical servers to adopting suchvirtualization technologies as Microsoft Hyper-V. By leveraging virtualization technologies,Visendo Faxing Solutions enables customers to lower capital and operational costs whileproviding an efficient and flexible faxing solution.Visendo Fax Server can be installed in a virtual server farm in order to provide highavailability and redundancy for your fax server solution. Visendo Fax Server can be rapidlydeployed by using a virtual server. Virtualization software can be configured automaticallyto relocate the FAXCOM server from one host to another.Fax server virtualization means, aside from using a virtual server application – like Hyper-V,enabling a FoIP environment by using a T.38 protocol. ppedv AG - HQ – Burghausen, Germany Tel: +49-8677-9889-110 Fax: +49-8677-9889-44 Info: sales:
  5. 5. Implementation of T.38 FoIP requires a VoIP implementation with routers and gatewaysconfigured for T.38 support. It is generally necessary for customers to configure their VoIPnetwork to support T.38 FoIP – it is not a default feature of the VoIP implementation.Customers will need access to technical resources able to configure their VoIP routers andgateways to assist Visendo with the implementation.Connecting Visendo Fax Server within a T.38 protocol, can easily be done with mediagateways from worldwide renowned telecom hardware providers (click on the links to readthe case studies) like Lancom (with Lancapi media gateway), Dialogic( various VoIPgateways), XCapi media gateway, Funkwerk (RemoteCapi media gateway). Read more aboutVisendo FoIP applications here.Furthermore, Visendo Fax Solutions (both Visendo Fax Server and Visendo Fax@Mail) makeit possible to have a virtual Modem (com port).Benefits of Fax Server Virtualization  Eliminate hardware dependency through software virtualization  Take advantage of existing IP infrastructure  Remove inter-company PSTN charges  Simplify disaster recovery by leveraging virtualization  Lower total equipment, maintenance and operating costs due to network consolidation  Reduce long distance costs and eliminate the need to maintain fax ports on your PBX system  Have a migration path from traditional fax to IP fax in the move to VoIP networks  Business continuity – always-on-faxing with Microsoft Hyper-V  Increased server utilization – with multiple servers running on one box, companies can maximize their hardware and personnel resources  Reduced software and hardware costs by up to 50%.  A smaller data center footprint with no reduction in scalability  Time saving – customers no longer have to build physical servers ppedv AG - HQ – Burghausen, Germany Tel: +49-8677-9889-110 Fax: +49-8677-9889-44 Info: sales:
  6. 6. Email Security Virtualization with Microsoft Hyper-V andVisendoIn a tight economy it makes more sense than ever to deploy virtualized solutions for emailgateway security. Visendo Mail Checker Server makes it fast and easy to gain award-winningprotection and take advantage of the high-availability, scalability, business continuity, andcost-saving benefits inherent in any virtualized environment.Benefits of going virtual with your company’s email protection solution1. High accuracy: unprecedented email protection with over 99 percent spam catch rate andnear zero false positives—providing the highest level of accuracy available.2. Virtual appliance advantage: The Virtual Email Protection Gateway is ideal for businessesthat have adopted or are moving to a virtual environment. Gain the added benefit ofvirtualization through rapid deployment and provisioning, while maximizing your existinghardware investment. Increase your flexibility with the option to run multiple Hyper-V-basedvirtual appliances on a single enterprise class server.3. Near zero system administration time: High accuracy rates are achieved with little to nosystem administration. No training and ramp up period is required before the system iseffective. The Virtual Email Protection Gateway also includes automatic monitoring andalerts for ease of system management.4. Maximized productivity per user: advanced reporting interface significantly reduces thetime users spend to manage their email. Quarantine messages are sorted by the likelihood ofbeing legitimate, reducing the review time. Potential fraudulent messages ("phish") arecategorized and accurately identified to safeguard the user.5. Mail Checker Server Virtual Email Protection Gateway is based on a hardened and secureOS. The Web-based administration console and user quarantine are accessible throughHTTPS.6. Works with all email systems and SMTP servers: the Virtual Email Protection Gatewayappliance works with all email systems and supports multiple Internet domains.7. Optimal for small to medium businesses (SMB) and organizations due to virtualization,unified communications characteristics, spam protection and low pricing.Why Virtualization for Email Gateway Security Applications?Email security is especially well suited for the cost savings and increased efficiency of avirtual appliance deployment. Email is critical to conducting daily business, which is why ppedv AG - HQ – Burghausen, Germany Tel: +49-8677-9889-110 Fax: +49-8677-9889-44 Info: sales:
  7. 7. even in tough economic times, nearly 60 percent of enterprises plan to increase spending onemail security, according to IDC. Spam continues to proliferate and grow, which quicklyburdens physical servers and taxes management resources, and with extreme fluctuations inspam volumes, server capacity needs are unpredictable. Organizations must face difficultchoices between unplanned spending on additional capacity to minimize the impact of highspam volumes on the business, or putting up with decreased performance and userdissatisfaction. Many organizations plan to use virtual appliances to achieve their emailgateway security goals.Advanced Virtual Email Gateway SecurityMULTI-TIERED SPAM, PHISHING DEFENSE, AND OPTIONAL ENCRYPTIONVisendo Mail Checker Server uses a combination of in-the-cloud reputation services to blocka large portion of malicious email before it can hit the premises-based gateway. Defensesbuilt into the virtual appliance provide in-depth email analysis using a variety of leading-edgetechniques, such as patent-pending image spam detection, identifying malicious embeddedURLs and other up-to-the-minute defenses to counter new spamming techniques.Organizations can apply automatic profiling and reputation services to stop spam andviruses, creating a firewall against DHA and bounced mail attacks. Visendo Mail CheckerServer also uses signatures, heuristics, and reputation services to stop phishing—includingcorporate spear-phishing attacks.FLEXIBLE CONTENT FILTERINGInbound and outbound emails and attachments are scanned for inappropriate content andloss of sensitive data, based on attachment characteristics, lexicons, identifiers, andcustomized data rules.Visendo Mail Checker Server based in virtual environments provides flexible remediationoptions, including company-specific legal disclaimers, quarantine emails and issue alerts; itenables policies to target senders or recipients by company, group or individual; and itsupports data loss prevention, regulatory compliance and corporate governance initiatives. ppedv AG - HQ – Burghausen, Germany Tel: +49-8677-9889-110 Fax: +49-8677-9889-44 Info: sales:
  8. 8. Visendo Email Protection Key FeaturesEnterprise Class Reliability Simplified Management Scales to meet the needs of virtually  Simplifies IT environment by minimizing any enterprise the need to deploy, configure, monitor, SLA-supported uptime and and update in-house e-mail security performance servers and applications Tried and tested backup e-mail  Helps free network and server resources system for rapid disaster recovery  Eliminates up-front capital investment Secure, strategically located, as  Offers a predictable, subscription-based OutOfBox Solution paymentActive Protection  Lower total cost of ownership when Layered real-time anti-spam and compared with on-premises solutions anti-malware defenses  Allows you to respond quickly to e- Eliminate threads before they reach Discovery requests the corporate firewall  Helps free up administrator time to focus Assists with policy enforcement on other projects The table below shows a a list of other virtualization solutions that can be used in correlation with Visendo Fax and Email Solutions. To be mentioned that both Fax and Email Solutions can be used on Linux and Windows operating Systems. We have chosen Microsoft Hyper-V as the optimal Virtualization Solution for Visendo Fax/Email Suites in terms of pricing, speed and easiness to deploy and install Read more about Visendo Email Protection applications here. Find out more about Microsoft Hyper-V on Microsoft’s dedicated website ppedv AG - HQ – Burghausen, Germany Tel: +49-8677-9889-110 Fax: +49-8677-9889-44 Info: sales:
  9. 9. Windows Linux Oracle VMWare Hyper-V Citrix Solution VirtualBox Visendo Fax/Email Solutions       Host Machine High Normal High Normal Speed 64 Bit and Very Normal Very Normalvirtualization support good Good Additional Very Very good Very Very good Features by installing good good toolsSpeed in VoIP Very fast Fast Fast Very Fastenvironments USB support and transfer mode     ppedv AG - HQ – Burghausen, Germany Tel: +49-8677-9889-110 Fax: +49-8677-9889-44 Info: sales:
  10. 10. Visendo Green Communications SuiteVisendo Fax Server suite - Server suite provides support to Modern Fax Technology Featuresand automates sending, receiving, and managing your network faxes from your desktop,while integrating full faxing functionality with your existing email system — all whileproviding unlimited fax sends and receives without monthly fees or per-transmissioncharges.popConnect 10 - is a POP3/IMAP-Connector for your mail server when sending and receivingyour e-mail. It retrieves incoming e-mails from your POP3/IMAP-Accounts on the Internetand transmits them to the correct recipient, and vice versa.Fax@Mail 10 - by simply using an ISDN card and Visendo fax@MAIL, you can receive faxesper email with no auxiliary server needed.Visendo Mail Checker - Visendo Mailchecker is a pretty, easy to use anti-spam and anti-phishing tool that works with any email client and, thanks to Multi-layered filters, has a gooddetection rate.About Visendo We are an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) specialized in internet systems integrationand unified messaging on Microsoft technologies. A leading German provider of messagingsolutions for Microsoft Platforms with history on market and 25,000 customers, its addingFAX, MMS and VOIP capabilities to Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint, Office and OfficeCommunications Server and We continue to be one of the first three Microsoft gold partnersin e-commerce on the West European market: this is the highest level for a Microsoftpartner. Hence, you, as a potential customer, will benefit on our experience and quality ofservices that guarantees your investment. For further information, please visit us on: website:, Product downloads Blog: Linkedin, Twitter , Facebook Did you find this paper useful? Give us feedback NOW! ppedv AG - HQ – Burghausen, Germany Tel: +49-8677-9889-110 Fax: +49-8677-9889-44 Info: sales: