WS08 Action Points Review


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This is a color-coded review of the action points decided at the 2008 SCAR-MarBIN workshop

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WS08 Action Points Review

  1. 1. SCAR-MarBIN WS 08 – ACTION POINTS REVIEW GREEN = DONE ORANGE = ONGOING RED = NOT DONE WS07 leftovers (MED) Explore the opportunities to get out historic database (All) (HIGH) Data management: Barcoding linkages (Bruno, Rachel, Katrin, Vicki, Sujeevan, Huw) (HIGH) Taxonomy: finish RAMS (Claude, Dave): November 2007 (LOW) Taxonomy: MorphoBase (Huw, Bruno, Bart): TBD (HIGH) Tools: Ecosystem visualization Tools (Ben, Vicki, Huw, Claude) (HIGH) Tools: Metadata translation tools (Bruno, Sylvain, Bart): October 2007 (HIGH-HIGH) CAML ecosystem photo in SCAR-MarBIN gallery (Bruno) (MED) Microbes will always be our friends (Alison and Bruno) (HIGH) WebLink from BAS to SCAR-MarBIN (Helen) WS08 APs (MED) DATA: Microbes in RAMS (cultures), cfr (Bowman, Shivadji) (HIGH) DATA: ABBED/OLA-CAML/CEAMARC/NIPR/AADC/BAS: plenty to come (MED) DATA: Catalogue of env datasets (tag AMD), incl toggle off/on layers (Helen, Melanie, Dave) (MED) DATA: Catalogue of useful examples, codes, grey litt… (Bruno, Dave, Sylvain) (HIGH) DATA: check CCAMLR metadata in GCMD (Bruno) (MED) DATA: followup on Ecoregionalisation (Philippe, Bruno) (HIGH) DATA: gap analysis (Huw, Dave, Bruno, Vicki) (HIGH) DATA: get CAML metadata (Vicki, Bruno, Falk) (HIGH) DATA: Get data out of BAS (Helen, Huw) (HIGH) DATA: include DNA data (Rachel, Huw, Sylvain, Bruno, Vicki, Sujeevan, Alison)s (MED) DATA: Information on expedition/station (Sylvain, Bruno) (HIGH) DATA/POL: SCAR-MarBIN Built in the one we cannot name (Huw, Vicki) (MED) DATA: link with AADC Gazetteer/Map catalogue/extend gazetteer with SUBANT, undersea features + define regions (Dave, Sylvain, Bruno, Bart) (MED) DATA: Populate literature DB, interface with CoML literature DB (Chris K, Vicki, Bruno) (LOW) POL: lobby the SCAR data strategy group to embed data publication, then to SCAR secretariat. (Helen, Kim, Bruno) (HIGH-HIGH) POL: explore/contact with foundations (Claude, Bruno, Hendrik, Mike, Michael) (LOW) POL: data and metadata guidance embedded in SCAR DS (Helen, Bruno) (HIGH) POL: enhance the visibility of stats/ IPY countdown (Sylvain, Bruno) (HIGH) POL: go on with diplomatic approach (Hendrik, Claude, Mike, Michael, Bruno) (SUPER HIGH-HIGH) POL: prepare the blingbling document (Bruno, Vicki, Daniel, Huw) (LOW) POL: SCAR negociate a procedure with journals (Helen, Mike, Kim) (LOW) POL: MarBIN within SCAR static vs transversal (eg sitting on committees) (Helen, Bruno, Mike, Claude) (LOW) POL: setup an Antarctic GBIF portal (Dave, Bruno, Hendrik) (HIGH) POL/TECH: Synk with OBIS/GBIF (Bruno) (HIGH) REC: express concern about IPY legacy (how is the data kept) (ALL): nature paper (HIGH) Contact OBIS about synk routine (Bruno, Pat, ALL) (HIGH) REC: SMEBD agreement (Claude) (LOW) TECH: Various GIS layers could be added for env (Huw, Sylvain, Bruno, Dave,
  2. 2. Helen) (LOW) TECH: Area of Interest: adapt to user (Sylvain, Bruno) (HIGH) TECH: Deploy V2.0 (Sylvain) (HIGH) TECH: implement children record capacity (Sylvain) (MED) TECH: metadata translation tool OAIPMH/EML (Sylvain) (MED) TECH: Need for Tutorials to guide the new users (Sylvain, Bruno, Alison) (LOW) TECH: Possibility to query in specific boxes: sea ice zone, CCAMLR regions, drawing (Sylvain, Huw, Bruno) (LOW) TOOLS: alignement of sequences MPI (Alison) (MED) TOOLS: IIKS test drive (Claude, Katrin, Bart, Bruno, Krzysztof) (MED) TOOLS: setup Task Group on AFGs+workshop (Stefano, Russ, Bruno, Sylvain, Catherine, Marc, Claude, Andy) (HIGH) TOOLS: visualization of molecular diversity (Newick format) (Huw, Alison, Bruno, Rachel)