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Presentation given at the SCAR Crosslinkages Workshop, held in Ottawa, Canada in May 2011

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Danis xlink2011

  1. 1. Biodiversity Information NetworksFree and Open Access to Antarctic Biodiversity data SCAR-MarBIN and ANTABIF
  2. 2. SCAR-MarBIN & ANTABIF• marine biodiversity information network• biodiversity information facility• Core funding: (until June 2012)• International Polar Year 2007/08• Census of Antarctic Marine Life• Ocean Biogeographic Information System• Global Biodiversity Information Network
  3. 3. General philosophy• Build an electronic ecosystem• Offer free and open access to data and technology• Expose all the (biodiversity) data and metadata, in multiple contexts• Remain community-driven, and collaborative• Adopt strong standardization• Work for science, conservation, management
  4. 4. Who’s in?
  5. 5. Who *wants* to be in?
  6. 6. [results]: webportal (s) taxonomy, biogeography vizualisation open access 860,458 visitors 7,465,974 hits >50,000,000 dld records ANTABIF coming up
  7. 7. [results]: webportal (s) Terrestrial Marine Biodiversity Biodiversity Webrepository Field Guides Metadata catalogue Blog
  8. 8. [results]: taxonomic data • The first RAMS all taxa • Board of 60+ editors all species • Feeds WoRMS, CoL and EoLvalid species • 17,098 taxa (RAMS) • Building a dynamic RAS • 24,248 taxa (RAS) 0 3,750 7,500 11,250 15,000
  9. 9. [results]: geospatial data 1,288,441 records 196 datasets 119 geodatasets 5,235 taxa Feeds OBIS, GBIF Downloadable WebGIS Webservices
  10. 10. ANTABIF:100% Open Source ANTABIF technological ecosystems: Language: RubyNuts and bolts Design patterns: MVC-ORM Framework: Rails(ActiveRecord) and YUI Search engine: Full text (Elasticsearch-Lucene) Database: PostGresql GIS server: Geoserver Spatial database: PostGIS Mapping client: OpenLayers Web services: RESTish (all resources) Protocoles: DIF, dwcore, dwc archive, Tapir…etc GBIF tools : HIT,IPT OS: FreeBSD Hosting: BBPF (ULB/VUB joint IT Center) Metadata systems: GCMD (mirrored)
  11. 11. Antarctic Field Guides• Identification aid• Best available pictures• Descriptions• Dynamically built from various sources
  12. 12. Antarctic Field Guides
  13. 13. Projects... coming upGeoreferenced genetic data: CAML barcodingPolar Macroscope working group: BiPolar analysesSouthern Ocean Biogeography Atlas: interactive AtlasGBIF-NPT: Nodes Portal Toolkit
  14. 14. Available tools• AFG, other ID tools• Repositories• Metadata catalogues• Scratchpads• DarwinCore• GBIF informatics suite: IPT/HIT/NPT
  15. 15. DarwingCore• Body of Standards (TDWG)• Facilitate sharing of biodiversity data• Discovery, retrieval, integration• Core and extension• Participatory process
  16. 16. NPT: data on biodiversity webportalsHIT: harvest data from multiple sourcesIPT: publishing the data
  17. 17. How do we X-link?• exporting the design models: standards and protocols, tools, data flows, promotion• help SCAR programs wherever needed (and to the best extent we can do this realistically...)• dynamic antarctic2100/data atlas??