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Bruno A N T A B I F


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Bruno A N T A B I F

  1. 1. ANTABIF Antarctic Biodiversity Information Facility
  2. 2. Background • end of BELSPO funding SCARMarBIN • new project linking marine, terrestrial and limnetic biodiversity data • BELSPO funding for 2 yrs • implementation by BBPF • maintenance of MarBIN • IYB2010
  3. 3. Objectives • Build a new portal • (manage PES data) • register of Antarctic species • distributed network • ensure the long term continuation of the network(s)
  4. 4. Technology • build upon two sources: SCAR-MarBIN and SCAR EBA DBs @ AADC • gluing the best available technologies together: • SMB V2: geo DBs, indexing tools, search engines, webservices • SCAR CGA, Map DB • Scratchpads, IPT/HIT, DwC2, community tools