Tran Cam Anh - Romitvn - Reflective Report


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Tran Cam Anh - Romitvn - Reflective Report

  1. 1. Ro Mit Magazine Tran Cam Anh – s3255253Individual Reflective Report COMM2386 Interdisciplinary Communication Project Lecturer: Landon Carnie Due date: 13 September 2011
  2. 2. IntroductionFor this Interdisciplinary Communication Project (ICP), I worked with seven other members to developRo Mit Magazine ( – an online magazine created by RMIT students for RMIT students. I wasthe project leader as well as the editor for “Lecturer of the week” column, and co-administrator for RoMit’s Facebook & Twitter pages. To be honest, despite being forewarned about the intense of thiscourse, I was very excited when acknowledged that we would run an online social media campaignbecause I was intended to work in digital marketing area and also in charge of a forum before. In fact,those excitement and experience have helped me finish my work without being too overwhelmed butindeed manage to recognize my strengths, weaknesses and learn many new things from this projectthat I did not expect at all.Looking back, moving forwardWhile working on this online social media campaign, apart from reporting what I was doing in theweekly blogs, I often found myself assessing my own work and comparing it to my capability, what Ihad done before or to other members’ quality of work. Observing what my team and other projectswere doing and listening to what others commented on my work, either face-to-face during meetingsand lectures or written under the contents I created, helped me learn more about myself from thisproject. Social media is my future careerIt was 100% confirmed after I completed this course. I felt very enjoyable when discussing with myteam to conceptualize the interactive contents of Ro Mit Magazine, when reading and answeringcomments and questions from our readers on Facebook and Twitter, or simply when seeing that we
  3. 3. had a new fan on Facebook. To be specific, my future work should involve technology, onlinecommunity management and a few creative tasks. I created all the slides for our presentations as wellas the colourful poster for Mit [in] Style photo contest, and they’ve all got praises. And looking back tothe positive results of the whole campaign, I don’t think that I would change our concept since it wasso fun working on an online magazine for the first time.Regarding social media management, there were many things that I’ve learn for my future career.Firstly, the conversation is as important as the content. Even if the awareness of our audience ispositive, the engagement still decides the campaign’s success. That was the reason why the use ofTwitter failed although @romitvn had many followers. I only posted the articles’ links and did notgenerate much conversation for our followers to respond; only 3% of the website visits came fromTwitter in the end. This failure, secondly, helped push me out of my comfort zone, i.e. Twitter, andworked more on our Facebook, which I found much more practical and insightful. Finally, I also learntabout the importance of long-term thinking to build sustainability for such a big project. We did notplan a detailed recruitment for this project then struggled with the heavy workload and now there wasa huge risk that the project cannot be continued. My personal skills: the good & the badI am now confident to say that I am good at teamwork and leadership, yet since this was one of thebiggest projects I’ve done, it was not an easy experience at all, but then it was my opportunity to learnhow to solve and to grow. I found myself very interested in being the project leader, whose task is tosupervise the progress and ensure the communication between the team members to keep up theoperation. So I diligently sent emails to different departments of my team to check on everything. But I
  4. 4. have also learnt that supervising is never enough, especially when working with such a team whichconsisted of many talented students. It was difficult yet very essential to make sure that everyonecould have their chance to present their ideas and opinions. I have learnt from Ms Phoenix Ho that“the first thing to be a good leader is to be a good follower,” and this could not be more right in ourcase. In fact, when listening to their ideas, I was amused by the things I could learn or the team coulduse, like Uyen’s frequent creative ideas or Chi’s way how to get attention from others during a meetingby pausing a while before starting her speaking. Finally, being a leader is being rational and definitelynot about being serious, yet I failed it so many times. I had to repeat to myself to give compliments andthanks to my team members every time I sent an email and try my best to have humour in ourmeetings to soothed the stressful work.The next thing was confirmed after I finished this project is that interpersonal communication is agolden key in any area. As mention above, I have learned much about the importance of goodinterpersonal skills to generate a better teamwork. Also when working with our web programmer, wholooked quite tough and corky at first, I tried to chat with him and found out that he was reallyconcerned about some parts of our project thus he was not happy to follow our requirements, then hesuggested the alternatives which we could not agree more. So again, “don’t judge a book by its cover”but rather show my respect and spend time to learn more.Professionalism is another skill that I tried my best to practice and it turned out very helpful. I believethe fact that I’d got all approvals from the lecturers for interviewing them was due to the professionalemail that I sent out in which showed our gratitude to have them featured on our magazine andexplained the simple steps of the interview. When we faced the complaint of returning the whiteboard
  5. 5. to Property Services without cleaning it, I wrote an apology email to take the responsibility and keep itprofessional even when we made the mistake. However, the case was a big lesson for me that beingproactive is also as important. I should have had my team to clean it up before returning to be mostprofessional as we could be.In addition, I still have my major drawback in time management and task prioritizing. I did notcomplete my weekly reports as I was working on the assignments of the other four courses that I wastaking. I was also complained by my team that I paid too much attention in trivial details or took toomuch tasks than I should have. Thus now I need to learn to say “No” to certain things and a big “Yes, Ican” to the most important tasks. As I and my team did not give up to finish our website even at 4 inthe morning or the promotional whiteboard after 2 working weeks, it can be seen that greatdetermination is what I need to better myself.ConclusionHaving completed this project, now I can’t wait to work in digital marketing where I can play with theplatforms I’ve been familiar with yet also willing to push myself out of my comfort zone to learn more. Ialso know that to be professional and to be humble are both important when working with others,especially when I am a leader. In order to deliver my best work, I’ve got to concentrate more and trainmyself to have a bigger determination for any goals I aim for. Finally, knowledge and skills can only beimproved when I have more experience like I did in this campaign, so I should be more proactive andget involved in more projects in the future.