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2. linnaean era


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(Sara - Mikayla)
2. Linnaean era

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2. linnaean era

  1. 1. LINNAEAN ERA By: Sara Ferrer & Mikayla van den Brenk
  2. 2. STARTING POINT OF MODERN TAXONOMYFor nomenclaturalreasons two works of CarlLinnaeus (1707–1778, Fig.4) are regarded as thestarting points of modernbotanical and zoologicaltaxonomy.
  3. 3. The global flora SpeciesPlantarum, published in1753 and the tenth editionof Systema Naturae in1758 including globalfauna.
  4. 4. The reason for this is thatLinnaeus introduced inthese books a binary formof species names called"trivial names" for bothplants and animals
  5. 5. For each species hecreated an epithet thatcould be used togetherwith the genus name. Thetrivial names wereintended for fieldworkand education, and not toreplace the earlier phrasenames.
  6. 6. The phrase namesincluded a description ofthe species thatdistinguished it fromother known species inthe genus.
  7. 7. With an expandedknowledge of the globalfauna and flora through17th and 18th centuryscientific expeditions, alarge number of newspecies were found andnamed, and more termshad to be added to eachphrase name.
  8. 8. By the time of Linnaeusthe situation was reallybad. Linnaeus counted8530 species of floweringplants in 1753.