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An introduction to Facebook's new(ish) features.

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F8 presentation

  1. 1. The next generation...
  2. 2. Today• OpenGraph• Timeline• Mobile
  3. 3. Bob Eliott DudefaceThis is me on Facebook.
  4. 4. Bob Eliott Dudeface Clare ConnertonFacebook is about mapping relationships.
  5. 5. Sara KingNico Hall Bob Eliott Dudeface Clare Connerton Lucio Rufo Mapping all the relationships in our lives.
  6. 6. AuntSara King Friend WifeNico Hall Bob Eliott Dudeface Clare Connerton Colleague Lucio Rufo And explaining the relationships between people.
  7. 7. Sara King Mi GorengNico Hall Bob Eliott Dudeface Clare ConnertonStars of the Lid Lucio Rufo But what about the relationships I have with things.
  8. 8. LikeSara King Mi GorengNico Hall Bob Eliott Dudeface Clare Connerton LikeStars of the Lid Lucio Rufo Previously we could only “Like” things that weren’t people.
  9. 9. Like Mi Goreng Bob Eliott DudefaceBut that doesn’t really reflect all of my relationship with a thing.
  10. 10. Photograph Buy Like Cook Eat Mi Goreng Bob Eliott DudefaceThere are many ways I can relate to a thing.
  11. 11. Subject Action ObjectBob Eliott Dudeface Photographs Mi GorengFacebook actions were introduced to allow me to reflect the interactions I have with things in a meaningful way.
  12. 12. Subject Action Object SnapdishBob Eliott Dudeface Photographs Mi GorengActions allow developers to define peoples interactions with things (‘Objects’), and to express them on Facebook.
  13. 13. Subject Action ObjectBob Eliott Dudeface Listens to Stars of the LidThere are built in actions, but it’s also possible to create custom actions to suit your needs.
  14. 14. Subject Action ObjectBob Eliott Dudeface Listens to Stars of the Lid Songs Albums PlaylistsIt’s also possible to describe the thing in more detail, by creating attributes.
  15. 15. Subject Application Object SpotifyBob Eliott Dudeface Listens to Stars of the Lid Songs Albums Playlists
  16. 16. OpenGraphUsers Photos / AlbumsCredits StatusApps GroupsPages NotesEvents PlacesOpenGraph allows us to apply actions to, and create actions from these standard Facebook elements.
  17. 17. When using OpenGraphWhat do people do with the products?Do people have a relationship with the product?
  18. 18. Accessing OpenGraphInformation that appears on a users timeline may beaccessed programmaticallyOther information that is stored in application specificdatabases can’t be accessed, unless the applicationprovider has created an API
  19. 19. Timeline
  20. 20. TimelineA view of your life, rather than a view of your relation withthe viewer.
  21. 21. TimelineWhen considering content to put on users timeline:• Will it be something they will be proud of?• Will it be interesting to their friends?
  22. 22. Timeline postsTimeline posts can include• Actions• Aggregations
  23. 23. Mobile• 350 million users per month• Twice as many as desktop• Mobile audience is twice as engaged
  24. 24. Summary• Facebook is trying to extend is platform to represent the relationships that people have with brands and objects, not just people• Timeline presents new opportunities for promoting brands and engaging with users• Mobile is vital to any new Facebook experience
  25. 25. THANKS