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The Brand Divide: The Chasm Marketers must avoid


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Published in: Business, Technology
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The Brand Divide: The Chasm Marketers must avoid

  1. 1. The Brand Divide The Chasm Marketers must avoid
  2. 2. By “The Brand Divide” I amreferring to the separation ordisconnect a brandexperiences with customersthrough today’s myriad ofmarketing channels.
  3. 3. So how can you avoidThe Brand Divide?
  4. 4. Focus.
  5. 5. Successful brands focus on whatdifferentiates them…A focused approachallows brands tobuild equity andevoke emotional The most commonresponses from reasons for brands to lose focus arecustomers regardless ill-considered brand connections, tactics,of channel. and extensions online and offline.
  6. 6. Listen.
  7. 7. As marketers, advertisers, communicators weshould listen more…We have the ability tocapture and connectmeaningful customerinsights from thetwo-way nature ofmulti-channel The best multi- channel brandcommunication. strategies include an integrated, cross- channel approach.
  8. 8. Sync.
  9. 9. Sync the entire brand experience…The Brand Ecosystemprovides a coordinatedsurround sound effect Look forfor brands to connect opportunities to leverage innovativewith the right audience technologies such as virtual reality andmember at the augmented reality to help blur the linesright time. between the real and digital worlds creating memorable brand experiences.
  10. 10. The Brand Ecosystem
  11. 11. Let’s examine a few of themost well known brands inthe world and uncover howthey bridge the distancebetween products andcustomers to create a senseof connectedness and trustfor their brand.
  12. 12. Apple
  13. 13. Apple is an excellent example of how a brandthat traditionally relied on an online buyingprocess moved to a brick and mortar model toenhance their brand…“Every design element The computerof an Apple Store is screens at Apple Stores are at a 70°arranged to subtly angle to compelencourage visitors to people to adjust them. Touching thebecome customers” screen lets people experience Apple−John Farrier in Advertising, Business products tactility and increases their desire to purchase.
  14. 14. When brick and mortarexperiences were unpopularApple did not shy away theychanged the game.Apple focused there effortsand every detail in there storesimprinted the Apple brandexperience on potentialcustomers.
  15. 15. “Apple wants you totouch stuff, to play with it,and to make it your own.”−Carmine Gallo, who is writing a book on the inside workings of the Apple Store
  16. 16. This is why you trust the brandand are comfortable buying a computer, phone, music and apps from Apple.
  17. 17. Amazon
  18. 18. Amazon is a great example of how an onlinebrand moved into a tactile based-experiencewith the Kindle and re-invented the readingexperience…“The Kindle is brilliant.It’s the size of a book, thewidth of a pencil, lighter thana magazine and holds over1,500 books, an entire You can get a newlibrary packed into one book fromlittle thing.” anywhere, at any time at the touch of−Redd Horrocks on UX Booth a button.
  19. 19. It’s portable, it’s easy touse, it’s revolutionary.
  20. 20. In today’s evolvingmarketing environment allsuccessful brands musttranscend a single channelfocus and fully embracemulti-channel marketingstrategies to truly connectwith their customers.
  21. 21. But remember to avoidThe Brand Divide.
  22. 22. By focusing, listening and syncing marketing efforts you can avoid The Brand Divide.Focus.Listen. Sync.