Sage CRM Product Overview


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This presentation covers Sage CRM and its functional breadth

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  • Why an F1 Sponsorship is right for Sage Mid-Market EuropeSage believes in Marussia F1 Teams dedication and ambition to achieve their objectives, and progress through the ranks of F1. This partnership illustrates how Sage can support Mid-Market businesses, like Marussia F1 Team, to achieve their goals step by step.
  • Why have we chosen 'Empowering Innovation' as a theme? We are not interested in Innovation for the sake itWe are interested in how our customers can empower our innovationThrough our products (functionalities, technology, etc.), our services, our organisation (3 regions), etc.Innovation in the way we work – new Mid-Market organization – set up to serve our customer bett
  • We have a strong business. In four regions of the worldWe are market leaders in the key economies around the world.
  • Sage CRM Product Overview

    1. 1. Presentation to Julphar
    2. 2. Sage CRM AAMEA 2 Agenda About You Products and Services Sage Solution About Us Sage Company Overview Product Positioning Strategic Vision Key Modules Roadmap Mobility Sage CRM Customers Key Accounts
    3. 3. <Company Name> About You
    4. 4. Company Details and Divisions – Detail Company Details and Divisions – Detail Company Details and Divisions – Detail Products and Services <Company Name>
    5. 5. Sage CRM –Sales –Marketing –E-Marketing –Customer Service –Call Center / Contact Center (Add-Ons) Solutions from Sage
    6. 6. Enterprise Service Bus (ESBApps Mobility) –ESBApps, a solution where you can manage your complete business. You can Track, Monitor and Control –Sales/ Purchases –Inventory / Samples –Field Employees –Dashboards - Analyze and Forecast your Business based on widgets on Dashboard. Widgets can be customized to the customer’s Requirements. –Locations Intelligent, Track your Sales/ Service/ Support/ Delivery etc. Employee, Which not only increases company’s productivity, but also helps your employee planning their routes & optimizing the same. –Location based search, Assign a task on the move, Search for the people in x Km radius in x Location to attend a new Lead/ Service. Solutions from Sage Continued
    7. 7. Sage Middle East Sage Group Plc About Us
    8. 8. Sage Group Plc AAMEA Revenue £400m 26% margin 2395 employees Revenue £12m 15% margin 1300 employees Revenue £776m 28% margin 7885 employees Revenue £153m 25% margin 1920 employees
    9. 9. • Total revenue in AAMEA grew by 10% to £152.7m / R2.1bn (2011: £138.2m). • Organic revenue grew 12% (2011: 10%). • Organic subscription revenue showed strong growth of 15% (2011: 13%). • South Africa continued to deliver strong organic revenue growth of 16%. • Sage ERP X3 has made significant progress in the country during the year. • Sales into the broader African continent have continued to grow well and remain a good future opportunity. • The EBITA margin was 27% (2011: 25%*), reflecting strong revenue growth and cost discipline. Sage Group plc AAMEA
    10. 10. Upper mid-market Tier 2 Lower mid-market Tier 3 Entry-Level Tier 4 Enterprise Tier 1 Core Focus of Sage ERP X3 Standard/Premium for Core Mid Market & Sage 300 ERP Premium Core Focus of Sage 300 ERP and a fit for Sage ERP X3 Standard Edition Core Focus of Sage ERP X3 Premium for Upper Mid Market and Enterprise To What Business? AAMEA
    11. 11. Our… Formula for Success Award-wining CRM Global Partner Base Sage Group PLC Sage CRM – Direct presence in over 70 countries worldwide – Leading provider of CRM for small to medium-sized businesses – 30 years business software experience – Over 1,000 partners globally – Easy to customise to meet your business needs – Experts in rapid deployment – Recognised by over 12,000 customers as easy to use – End-to-end business management for a complete view of your business – Flexible deployment options on- premise or in the cloud
    12. 12. Did you know that on average it costs 4 times as much to gain a new customer as it does to retain a new one?
    13. 13. Sage CRM For Small & Medium Businesses Sage CRM is optimised specifically for small and medium businesses. Easy to use and quick to deploy in the cloud or on-premise, it delivers a rapid return on investment so you see a positive impact on your business straight away.
    14. 14. Sage CRM Global Strength, Local Focus
    15. 15. Cloud or On-Premise Deployment The flexibility you get with Sage CRM extends to your deployment options. Whatever route you choose, you won’t be locked in as you can migrate between cloud-based Sage CRM and on-premise Sage CRM.
    16. 16. Great Features… To Support Your Teams Award winning CRM software to manage critical sales, marketing and customer services activities every day. Marketing Generate more leads through highly targeted campaigns. Customer Service Manage every element of your customer relationships with ease. Sales The only place you’ll need to look for everything you need to know about prospects and customers in the office or on the road.
    17. 17. Sage CRM for Sales Features – Opportunity and Pipeline Management – Territory Management – Forecasting and Reporting – Sales Workflow – Lead Management – Quotes and Orders Processing – Calendar Management – Full Mobile Solution supporting the latest devices – Powerful networking through Integration – Dedicated iPhone and Windows 8 sales apps – Collaborate with your sales teams with Business Collaboration powered by Yammer Sales
    18. 18. Sage CRM for Sales Benefits – Ensures transparency in sales pipeline – Leads to better business planning from accurate forecasting – Provides visibility on sales performance – Enables cross- and up-selling of opportunities – Decreases time spent on administrative tasks – Automates proposal and quotation processes – Increases visibility on customer interactions across organisation – Supports a mobile workforce with a full suite of mobile solutions “The system has played a significant part in growing sales. To compete in the market you want to have accurate information so you can make quick decisions and that is something we have achieved with Sage CRM.” Chakri Wicharn, Information Manager, Fuji Xerox, Thailand.
    19. 19. Sage CRM for Marketing Features Marketing – Powerful e-marketing capabilities – Automatic campaign results tracking – Open, click and bounce-rate tracking – Over 90 attention-grabbing templates out-of-the-box – Integrated telesales follow-up – Campaign cloning – Integrates with key social media platforms – Document store and share – Customer profiling and analysis – Rapid lead to opportunity management
    20. 20. Sage CRM for Marketing Benefits – Produces highly targeted customer communications – Ensures customers receive the right message at the right time – Ensures accurate measurement of marketing campaign RoI – Enables users to quickly execute e-marketing campaigns using pre-designed email templates – Extend customer and prospect conversation into key social media channels – Identify how online conversations are affecting your brand – Enables marketing budget to be tracked and managed – Enables users to share best practice with colleagues and execute consistent campaigns “Sage CRM adds a new level of professionalism to our direct mail, telemarketing and email campaigns. The detailed reports we generate give us immediate results, so we can tweak a campaign for greater effectiveness. Our campaigns are at least 20 per cent more successful due to Sage CRM.” Tom Matheny, Database Marketing Manager, Buffalo Sabres
    21. 21. Sage CRM for Customer Service Features – Case Management – Escalation and notification alerts – Knowledge base – Workflow approval process – Detailed analysis on call volumes and case resolution – Traffic light monitoring – Web self-service – Staff performance monitoring – Bespoke company dashboard to provide tighter account management Customer Services
    22. 22. Sage CRM for Customer Service Benefits – Enables customer satisfaction measurement and benchmarking – Increases productivity of customer support representatives – Assists with performance management and motivates staff – Provides self-service facility to customers around common issues – Delivers a single view of relevant and comprehensive information on the interactive dashboard – Empowers the customer service team to provide a consistent and excellent service to customers “Everyone in the company can now see all the information they need about customers so that we can service them better.” John Goddard, CEO, Rockend Software
    23. 23. Sage CRM for IT & Management Features – Component Manager – Fast, flexible deployment options – on-premise or in the cloud – MS Exchange Integration – Affordable and scalable – Library Management – get a full overview of your storage limits – Reporting and analytics – Integration to Sage ERP systems – Budget control IT & Management
    24. 24. Sage CRM for IT & Management Benefits – Offers highly competitive total cost of ownership – Requires minimum configuration out-of-the-box – Easy to integrate with third-party applications – Integrates with Sage ERP for a complete view of customers across the business – Drives revenue growth – Improves productivity across the entire organisation – Delivers at-a-glance business insight via the interactive dashboard “Since Sage CRM, Boomerang Media has become more efficient than ever. All the information that we process and require for our daily operation is now more organised which has really helped improve our business efficiency.” Daniel Martinez, Product Manager, Boomerang Media
    25. 25. Sage CRM & Social Media LinkedIn & Sage CRM – Enables sales team to better target prospects and prepare for sales call Sage CRM for Twitter – Enables users to update, read and reply to Twitter directly from within Sage CRM – Provides marketing teams with the ability to extend and link marketing campaigns to Twitter Sage CRM for Facebook – Instant information about customers and prospects - associate Facebook profiles with prospect accounts for more detailed information Interactive Dashboard Gadget – Provides users with instant access to blogs and website feeds directly from within Sage CRM
    26. 26. Go Mobile Take your Sage CRM with you Sage CRM’s mobile solution delivers a rich user experience and provides sales teams with the ability to work effectively regardless of their location. Sage CRM is available on the latest mobile and tablet devices.
    27. 27. Access Sage CRM From the browser of your Choice Cross-browser compatibility with Firefox, Chrome, and Safari (on Safari OSX) in all Main Menu areas. Supported browsers include Internet Explorer 7, 8 & 9 and the latest versions of Safari, Firefox and Chrome.
    28. 28. Powerful Reporting With Sage CRM Sage CRM provides detailed business insight data as well as graphical interpretations on the state of the business at any moment in time allowing businesses to strategically plan and gain insights on future performance.
    29. 29. Sage CRM Feature Overview Mobile CRM – Sage CRM Sales Lite for the iPhone – Sage CRM Sales Tracker for Windows 8 – Full support for the iPad OS – Adds to our existing mobile features including Sage CRM for iPhone, iPad & Android devices Social CRM – Sage CRM for Facebook – Adds to our existing social CRM features including Sage CRM for Twitter and LinkedIn Smarter Business Reporting – Enhanced reporting functionality including cloning and alphabetising of reports – Improved user-based reporting security Business Wide Collaboration – Sage CRM Collaboration powered by Yammer – Business collaboration for individual users and teams of users allowing them to collaborate with Yammer Groups, across records using Yammer Topics
    30. 30. What… Does This Mean For Your Business Mobile CRM Enhance sales team productivity with two new sales apps Improved responsiveness to customer queries from sales teams Social CRM Instant information about customers and prospects using Social CRM Increased speed in accessing the right information Smarter Reporting Faster, secure, customised reports, quickly populated with the latest CRM information. At-a-glance business insight and informed decision-making Business Collaboration Drive employee collaboration and knowledge exchange Increase employee engagement through shared information
    31. 31. Sage CRM Mobile Enterprise Business Apps for Secondary Sales
    32. 32. Offline Online
    33. 33. Sage CRM Dashboards & Reporting
    34. 34. Sage CRM & ESBApps System Architecture
    35. 35. Sage CRM Business Collaboration Powered by Yammer Business collaboration across teams using Sage CRM is made possible through social- style collaboration powered by Yammer, making business conversations concerning opportunities, leads and support cases more social and transparent, providing greater visibility for all employees.
    36. 36. Sage E-Marketing For Sage CRM Sage E-marketing for Sage CRM provides easy to use functionality to enable users to execute high-quality, targeted e-marketing campaigns. Users benefit from a simple 3-step wizard to easily create new e-marketing campaigns and a choice of over 90 templates to get started immediately.
    37. 37. Info-Tech Research Group Vendor Landscape Evaluations – Info-Tech evaluated seven competitors in the small enterprise CRM market - Maximizer, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, NetSuite, OnContact, Sage CRM, and SugarCRM. – The Value Score indexes each vendor’s product offering and business strength relative to their price point. – Champions receive high scores for most evaluation criteria and offer excellent value. They have a strong market presence and are usually the trend setters for the industry
    38. 38. Info-Tech Research Group Vendor Landscape Evaluations Results – Further Praise Sage CRM was also praised by Info-Tech for exemplary marketing capabilities, ERP and social media integration, and mobile support
    39. 39. The Info-Tech CRM Vendor Landscape Champions receive high scores for most evaluation criteria and offer excellent value. They have a strong market presence and are usually the trend setters for the industry. Innovators have demonstrated innovative product strengths that act as their competitive advantage in appealing to niche segments of the market. Market Pillars are established players with very strong vendor credentials, but with more average product scores. Emerging players are newer vendors who are starting to gain a foothold in the marketplace. They balance product and vendor attributes, though score lower relative to market Champions.
    40. 40. What… The Analysts Say It’s key strengths primary strengths include a low price tag, strong usability, and quick time-to-value. The solution offers strong sales and sound marketing functionality. In addition, the product integrates well with other Sage back-office software products such as Sage ERP. Source: The Forrester Wave™: CRM Suites For Midsized Organizations, Q3 2012 , Forrester Research, Inc Strengths include: – End-user usability – Core opportunity management is an asset – Sage CRM's customisation environment is user-friendly – Vision for mobility on smartphones is an asset Source: Gartner Magic Quadrant for Sales Force Automation July 2012 “Sage CRM had the highest vendor score in the small enterprise market primarily driven by its reach and channel strength, and is exemplary for ERP and social media integration.” Source: Info-Tech Research Group Mid-Market ERP, Large Enterprise CRM and Small Enterprise CRM vendor evaluations 2012
    41. 41. What… Our Customers Say “In the sales department, Sage CRM is the tool that we use all day long. It is vital in fact, because we log all our customer contact in Sage CRM and all our opportunities are tracked in Sage CRM. We would actually lose sight of our opportunities if we didn’t have a system like Sage CRM.” Aine O’Mahony, Business Development Team Leader, CarTrawler “Sage CRM adds a new level of professionalism to our direct mail, telemarketing and email campaigns. The detailed reports we generate give us immediate results, so we can tweak a campaign for greater effectiveness. Our campaigns are at least 20 percent more successful due to Sage CRM.” Tom Matheny, Database Marketing Manager, Buffalo Sabres “The software can take some credit for an 8 per cent improvement in customer satisfaction ratings as well as revenue growth.” Chakri Wicharn, Information Manager, Fuji Xerox, Thailand “The ease of use and flexibility of the system has allowed us to rapidly implement and evolve our sales model helping to contribute to a 240% YOY revenue growth.” Toby Pannell, Managing Director, Katalina Media
    42. 42. Just Some of Our… Customers Automotive Manufacturing Distribution Services Retail/Financial
    43. 43. Sage CRM is used by… Over 12,000 Organisations in 70 countries worldwide
    44. 44. Sage CRM Global Customers Making Customer Relationships Smooth…
    45. 45. Sage CRM Middle East Customers Making Customer Relationships Smooth…
    46. 46. Sage CRM Middle East Customers Making Customer Relationships Smooth…
    47. 47. See for yourself the difference that Sage CRM could make to your business Get Social with Sage CRM & stay up to date