Scandinavian Outdoor News Magazine 2011 #2


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Magazine #2 2011 from Scandinavian Outdoor Group – the nordic top Outdoor Brands of Scandinavia.

Including exclusive stories about:
- Outdoor Friedrichshafen 2011
- Scandinavian Outdoor Summit
- Scandinavian Outdoor Award
- Scandinavian Village
- Nordic Highlights

Welcome to Scandinavia!

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Scandinavian Outdoor News Magazine 2011 #2

  1. 1. NewsMagazine #2 2011 from Scandinavian Outdoor Group – the top Nordic outdoor companies
  2. 2. Learn all about - and Grenland Wax in our booth. Hall , Booth . By applying more wax, your - garment becomes even more durable, wind proof and water resistant. Less wax increases ventilation and gives you a cooler garment. G-1000® probably the best outdoor material there is Tested throughout decades of adventures After a Swedish (G for Greenland) and the wax was adjust the amount of impregnation climbing expe- named Greenland Wax. for your - garment to suit dition to Greenland different weather conditions and in  it became obvious Durable and versatile activity levels. More wax increases that the selection of outdoor The combination of the fabric’s wind and rain resistance. Impreg-clothing on the market was se- tight weave (% polyester and nation also increases the durabilityverely limited. % cotton) and Greenland Wax of the fabric. Less wax gives you a Fjällräven’s founder, Åke Nordin, makes the - fabric incredibly cooler garment with maximummade a climbing jacket from an durable, well-ventilated and wind ventilation.unusually durable fabric which and water resistant. Read more about the advantageshe had found to be too heavy for - is also mosquito proof of - and how to use Green-lightweight tents. This was the and protects you from the sun’s land Wax on our website www.first Fjällräven Jacket. alpha and beta rays. Perfect for Once the fabric was impregnated discovering the great outdoors,with a combination of beeswax and without limitations.paraffin it proved itself to be perfectfor outdoor clothing. Adjustable The fabric was named - Greenland Wax allows you to easily
  3. 3. SOG News“delirant isti Scandinavi!”Liter ature describes the typical “Scandinavian” as a person who J O h a N B e r G e / w w w. v i S i t N O r w ay. c O mhonors equality, honesty and punctuality. Who lives by the law, always paystaxes and always wears a seat belt when driving. We are well organized, reserved, educated and never do anything impul-sive. We work hard and obey the law until Friday comes. Then we let go ofour Lutheran heritage and become a screaming mob of wild heathens. We take pride in knowing a little about everything. If we would buy a car,we would thoroughly investigate every model from Bugatti to Fiat and thenstill end up with a Volvo. Scandinavians have a very dry humor and we love British comedy. Scan-dinavian comedy, however, is unfortunately incomprehensible for anyonefrom the outside. Getting to know us is like peeling an onion with layers and layers of newrevelations and insights. Not to mention all the tears in the process. tough testing! If this guide doesn´t scare you off, you can meet us in person at OutDoor iN mid- JuNe , retailers and journalistsin Hall A5. The bar is open from 9 am to 6 pm daily. It’s a from Europe’s leading outdoor stores andgreat starting point for exploring what the Scandinavians magazines arrived in the Norwegian townhave cooked up this time. Also, this magazine will give you of Ålesund, to embark on a long hike. Theyplenty of great information, so use it as a guide and a teaser. took with them a hefty collection of cloth-Jonas Hellentin, ing, shoes and equipment. The productsExecutive Officer Marketing and Communication were then tested hard during our five day long Outdoor Academy of Scandinavia04 WHat’s up? News from the Scandinavian Outdoor Group. (OAS), this time in the region called Fjord Norway. This is how Scandinavian outdoor07 teNts up cLose Scandinavian tent manufacturers flex their muscles. companies support their retailers with genuine know-how – by letting them use10 sociaL support Bergans and Klättermusen show how to be good corporate citizens. the products in their natural environment. This is also how winners of the Scan-13 eNLigHteNed biKiNg dinavian Outdoor Award are decided. This Silva sheds new light on the MTB trail. year’s winners, as well as the nominated products, will be presented at the OutDoor13 NeXt geNeratioN Children’s apparel manufacturer Isbjörn awarded – again. fair. You can also learn more about them on our website.15 gear guide Four product highlights for a great day outdoors in Scandinavia. outdoor academy of Scandinavia is16 rescuers’ cHoice Acclaimed 66°North jacket is about to hit the market. Europe´s leading training event for the out- door industry, where media, retailers and17 cooKiNg NeWs Primus saves weight and fuel with titanium. tour operators are invited. Since its start we have trained more than 1000 partici-18 oNe Leap aHead Ecco’s latest shoe takes running back to basics. pants from 20 countries. OAS is arranged four to five times per year in the Scandina-20 iN store actioN Fjällräven kicks off its largest campaign ever. vian Wilderness. It lasts for one week and the pedagogy is simple. Learning by doing!22 a good seat The Walkstool brings comfort into the wild. OAS offers two levels of programs: Explore and Experience. Each event is24 iNNovative iNsuLatioN The heat is on with new materials from Primaloft. arranged as a cooperation between five to six SOG member companies and, on the Explore level, also with VisitSweden or Vis-Scandinavian Presenting partnerOutdoor News itNorway. Take the chance to experienceis made for the SOG by real outdoor life and real outdoor productsScandinavian NORR in one of our academies.Publishing AB. For more information:cover pHoto:roger borgeLid / Sc aN diN aviaN O ut dO O r N ew S 3
  4. 4. SOG News at the center of it all! a bar is oNLy as good as it’s barteNder. For more The “bar” has existed for over ten years and each than eight years, Caroline “Caro” Felder and her team year, something new happens. This year, two innova- has made the Scandinavian Bar one of the most popular tive Scandinavian companies are offering a unique and places at the outdoor fairs in Friedrichshafen and Munich. very “green” charging-service for all of you who hate “The Scandinavian Bar is a very special place,” says running out of batteries on your mobile phone, laptop or Caro. “It is the heart of the Scandinavian Village and even Ipad during the hectic days at the trade fair. MyFC and the entire fair, as well as a place to just relax, meet or work HiNation are offering free charging of all such electronic in a very friendly and non-prestigious atmosphere. For equipment with only the aid of water and sunlight. me, its most important to find the right level of profession- alism and service, without being “fancy” or pretentious.” come by and take a look for yourself, and don’t The founding idea of the Scandinavian Outdoor forget to try a nice wild bite of scandinavia. group is that “Together we are stronger”. This is espe- cially true with the Scandinavian Bar. All companies go in together and share the cost of the bar. They get a better and more professional catering service and they pay less for it individually. But the most important thing is to offer an atmosphere that reflects the Scandina- vian mentality. However, the bar has not always been as “professional” as it is today. Caro tells us of a fond memory from the first years: “tHe very First time , the quick and dirty idea was that all participating brands should contribute with their own part of the bar,” tells Caro. “Hestra brought wine and Silva brought hot dogs from Sweden etc. It was a great idea, but no one had decided how much each company should bring. To make a long story short, when the trade fair closed, there was a mountain of hot dogs left. There were so many that we had to bring three shopping trolleys to a homeless shelter, since we didn’t want to throw them away.” Promising newcomers iN tHe scaNdiNaviaN viLL age there are a few aLso WitHiN tHe HuNtiNg segment is brands on their way to becoming full fledge Seeland, established in Denmark in 1976. The members of SOG. One of them is the Swedish company provides clothing, footwear and ac- company Härkila who, since 1987, has become cessories, all designed for outdoor enthusiastic known for providing hunting clothing of the hunters. High functionality is at the core of highest standards. The company has its roots everything Seeland produces, and in 2009, in hunting and the breeding of hunting the company presented a range of quality dogs, as well as a passion for de- rubber boots for heavy use and the veloping highly technical garments toughest demands, with some models from the best materials available. offering a temperature comfort range In 2009, Härkila launched a down to - 80°C. GTX footwear range designed for a meet Härkila and seeland wide range of in Hall a5, booth 313. outdoor pur- suits. 4 S ca N d i N a v i a N O u t d O O r N e w S
  5. 5. Welcome to The Scandinavian Village & THE SCANDINAVIAN BAR in Hall A5:310 The latest Scandinavian Here you will nd the leading brands on the Scandinavian innovations on display. Presented by R&H. outdoor-scene. More than 2000 years of gathered knowledge and outdoor experience. In the bar you get a real Scandinavian treat. We serve Scandinavian snack-food with good drinks, great outdoor business, friendly people and lots of laughter! The bar is open 9 am – 6 pm daily during OutDoor. Environmental friendly charging of your cellphone or computer free of charge. We proudly present our latest village in the village. 2000 YEARS OF GATHERED EXPERIENCE66°North Didriksons Haglöfs Houdini Lundhags Optimus Slakkline Viking Footwear Aclima Ecco Helsport Isbjörn of Sweden MyFC Primus Tenson WalkstoolBergans Fjällräven Hilleberg Klättermusen Nanok of Norway Seeland/Härkila Tentipi Woolpower HiNation Light My Fire Norröna Silva Trangia
  6. 6. SOG News Summit Success “with this forum, our aim DrOzDz PiOtr Susanna Campbell, Invest- ment Director at Ratos. is to get the entire outdoor industry to realize what is necessary for success in the coming years.” who was responsible for the Scandinavian Outdoor Sum- mit in partnership with Peak Innovation. “With this forum, our aim is to get the entire outdoor industry to realize what is necessary for success in the coming years.” And it was no coincidence that Åre was chosen to host the meeting. Åre and the region of Jämtland have tHe toWN oF Åre offered beautiful early spring weather become central to the Scandinavian outdoor industry. during the Scandinavian Outdoor Summit, which came to a close on Friday April 1st. Almost 300 participants “aN e veNt LiKe tHis means the world’s attention is fo- from 15 countries had gathered at Copperhill Mountain cused on Åre and Jämtland, and that we are demonstrat- Lodge to discuss future issues for the outdoor industry. ing that we want to be part of developing the outdoor The Scandinavian Outdoor Summit was the first industry of the future,” explains Tomas Ekström of Peak meeting of it’s kind in Scandinavia and targeted outdoor Innovation. and sports companies, investors, retailers, researchers A short film of the event has been released on Youtube and innovators. They spent two days discussing issues (Search for “Scandinavian Outdoor Summit”) and you can relating to the outdoor industry, everything from e-com- also come by the bar and download the speaker’s presen- merce and brand building to future tourism and climate tations on a USB Stick. It costs a small service fee of four change. The speakers included Thomas Lipke, CEO Euros, but we’ll treat you to a Scandinavian Wild Bite while and part-owner of Germany’s Globetrotter Ausrüstung, you’re waiting. A limited number of SOG USB sticks will Chris Doyle, Vice President of the ATTA, Adventure Travel be on sale for those who didn’t bring one. All of the speak- and Trade Association USA, and Mark Held, Secretary- ers’ half hour to one-hour seminars are also available for General of the European Outdoor Group. order by sending an e-mail to info@scandinavianoutdoor- “We spend over ten million Euros per year on outdoor The complete speaker list can be found at activities, just within Sweden,” explains Jonas Hellentin, A Globetrotter in Jämtland tHomas LipKe , CEO and Partner at Globetrotter Aus- rüstung, received an honorary award for his efforts as an ambassador for the Swedish region of Jämtland at the Scandinavian Outdoor Summit in Åre. The award was handed out by Lars Lindqvist, CEO of Peak Innovation in Jämtland (to the left in the image). Thomas Lipke (to the right) has taken countless trips to the region, which hosts one of Sweden’s most beautiful mountain regions for trekking, canoeing, skiing and more. Often he travels there together with his close personal friend, Bo Hilleberg, founder and former CEO of Hilleberg the Tentmaker. 6 S ca N d i N a v i a N O u t d O O r N e w S
  7. 7. SOG News a tent experience Scandinavian tents follow their own robust among Scandinavians, but this is starting to change. Now, dome tents are a common sight in the mountains tradition. this year, SOG member com- and are popular among a growing number of kayakers panies have created a special tent village who want tents that can stand on their own, such as on where you can experience outdoor living, rocks where it is difficult to place stakes. the Scandinavian way. tHe t ype oF teNt that might raise the most eyebrows is the tipi or lavvu, as it is called in Norwegian. Portable Sami and native housing is the inspiration. sturdy, WiNd-stabLe and easy to set up – even in foul “The teepee is the basis for many tents. The design weather. This is how one could summarize Scandina- has been around for several thousand years,” says Patrik vian tents. For some, Nordic tent manufacturers create Rönnbo from Tentipi, which has production based in the tents that differ slightly from other tents. And, in many Swedish Lapland. “Our Adventure Nordic teepees can respects, they have been pioneers, with many innovative also be used for backpacking, as the weight per user models and solutions. is low, but it is most common as a base camp and the As an example, Norwegian Helsport launched the first perfect family tent.” tunnel tent in 1970. And in 1973 came Hillebergs’ first tent The teepee-shape also provides a social way to camp. model Keb, where the inner and outer tent could be erect- “Many use the lavvu for hunting and fishing, where ed at the same time. This is absolutely necessary when it is common to gather inside the tent, and it is also the rain is pouring down and you do not want the inner becoming more common among families with children,” tent to get wet. Scandinavian mountain weather does not says Kjell Östbye from Norwegian Helsport with both provide as many opportunities for “star gazing” as in other teepees and other models in its range. locations, even if the light summer nights are alluring. aNd maNuFacturers continue to develop their tents. tHe Fact tHat the Nordic climate and geography plays In fact, it was in a lavvu that the idea for the award-win- a major role in this functionality is quite clear. ning tent Wiglo from Bergans was born. “When we talk about hiking, we often mean in the “A few of us were sitting there and thought it was a mountains and above tree line. Here, tents are exposed pity that you could not pull up the sides of the tent to to quite different strains than in the forest – which is see the beautiful evening outside. So we developed a the outdoor environment that is most common in many tent model where you can,” explains Christoph Cent- other countries,” says Bo Hilleberg, who started the mayer from Bergans. Swedish family business and is still the base for its develop- ment department. Tunnel tents have tradi- tionally had a strong positionteN t viLL agecome and see the scandinavian bi-tents up close! the special exhition in connection with the scandi- a5.navian village is located in Hall Sc aN diN aviaN O ut dO O r N ew S 7
  8. 8. Developed for thetoughest categoryin outdoor- Perfect for all outdoor activitiesExhibition stand no. A5-313 Akka GTX® 9”
  9. 9. Winner of the IPC MagazineFootwear Product Award Pro Hunter GTX® 12” Mountain Hunt GTX® 10” L insulated Big Game GTX® 8” Koarp GTX® 3”
  10. 10. cSr & environment Bergans Supports bergaNs oF NorWay has a long tradition in both polar and mountaineering exploration. And Mountain People the company also wants to take responsibility for these environ- ments. In a CSR project together with the NGO Mountain People, JOhNNy haGluND Bergans has helped to build kin- dergartens in Nepal. Mountain People was formed five years ago and Bergans has been a supporting partner from day one. The organization has school projects throughout Ne- pal and receives funds through lectures and donations. To date, they have built one school, one community and health center, as well as 23 kindergartens. The goal is to have built 50 kinder- gartens by 2015. “tHe Fact tHat bergaNs chose to support Mountain People and Nepal has a natural explanation,” explains David Durkan at Bergans. Above: A student in one of the Nepalese pre-schools. For years, Bergans equipment has Below: Nagarjun Pre-School before the upgrade – and after. been used on expeditions in the country, including in Hillary and Tenzing’s first ascent of Everest in 1953. “Since we manufacture mountain equipment for moun- tain people, it is clear that we want to support a mountainous country like Nepal,” says Durkan. t-shirts for Japan tHe sWedisH compaNy Klättermusen is known for their environmental stewardship and social respon- sibility. When the catastrophe in Japan occurred, the company was quick to launch a t-shirt, with all profits going to Japan. “Money can not solve all of the problems they face, but it can certainly help a lot of people build up their life again,” says Klättermusen’s Eva Askulv. you caN aLso maKe a diFFereNce: the t-shirt (made from organic cotton, of course) can be purchased at the Klättermusen booth in the Scandinavian Village. 10 S ca N d i N a v i a N O u t d O O r N e w S
  11. 11. cSr & environmentPartners for NOR R DAS NOR R MADthe forest SKA NDIN AVIE E IN SWE DEN ! N–M AGA ZINsiNce its iNceptioN in 2005, the DAS SK ANDI ÖDE SHÖ G NAVIEN M AG AZINGerman-language NORR Magazin has Reise Stockholmsactively worked to highlight environmen- VEST ERÅ LEN kleinste Oasetal issues within the outdoor industry. Trend StockholmAs a part of this, NORR Magazin has Mit loase KOP ENH AGE Insedem Fahrrad Skepps auf der Überho holmenoffered the outdoor brands that have T Drend lspur esig Skandinavienn Kolt, Joik und fährt Fahrrad N HELS INKItaken environmental thinking the furthest Kultuhuhe Schnabelsc rto join the NORR Green Partner project, Wisbei den Sami Besuch se Walte Faktenn TOP Eisk is STO RA ALVAwhich has been a great success. One sen am Kebnekaise Meteorologenimportant initiative within this project is ! Sptra Exort RET VAN SBRto raise money for the Swedish Founda- Kampfgegen Bergmaraton das Wasser in Aabenration Naturarvet, which works to preserve Schwedens Aufs Wasser O GRÜNSTE REendangered forests in Sweden. ISE ZIELE HAR ADSFor tHe summer oF 2 011, the following E X TR EM O D AUS GAB E 2/2environmental pioneers are NORR Green ER BEQ U EMPartners: Devold, Fjällräven, Haglöfs, ? AUSGA BE 2/2011 PREIS € 4,90 011Hilleberg, Isbjörn of Sweden, Lundhags, Saltoluokta Kristianstad SigPatagonia, Vaude and Woolpower. Read tuna Jukkasjärv i Kolsva Rey kjavíkmore at 1102_omslag.i ndd 1 11-05-06 15.18.3 1 conceived and developed in Lena Conlan, Keron International award winnerT he ideal tent o ers a perfect balance of low weight, strength, comfort, versatility, durability and longevity. It is developed using 40 years of tentmaking experience. W W W. H I L L E B E R G . S E
  12. 12. SNÆFELL WINNER ISPO OUTDOOR AWARD 2011 Hood gives excellent shelter and follows your Adjustable draw head movement strings in hood around the face Visor on hood that and back of head shelters from rain Seamless shoulders Dual slider waterproof zipper Articulated elbows Stretch for active comfort Waterproof and blocks 99.9 % of wind High reach sleevesHighlybreathabletwo way airexchange R 2011 Pocket on WINNE sleeve for small keeps Adjustable draw string in hem ENT: TATEM e c® c Polart ugh JURY S al fabri ro hnic th hly tec ket convinces nge of the hig c ra “B a sed on e Snæfell Ja e for a broad as well ell® th performanc workmanship t high - , NeoSh ding and rfec tan on a pe an outs ct constructi e the jacket road target rfe ak b use. Pe ice details m be used by a men”. n n s as very ncept that ca outdoor sport end co up of active Keeping Iceland warm since 1926
  13. 13. DesignLights on for Singletrack the Swedish headlamp expert’s new premium lamp for advanced mountain biking. With an ag- gressive design that reflects the activity it’s built for, Singletrack prepares the cyclist for what’s coming and how to handle it. The output is 1030 true lu-WHeN it comes to visibiLit y requirements, mountain mens with four light modes and the Silva Intelligent Lightbiking is a completely different animal than running or hik- System, a lens system providing a unique combination ofing. Objects will appear and change more quickly in the flood light and a longer-range spot/searchlight. The long-dark, and the cyclist’s anticipation has to be on high alert. lasting lithium battery delivers just as long as the athlete These were the challenges that the design team at does – perfect for high-speed sessions in completeSilva had to cope with when developing Singletrack, darkness.Award winningfleece – for kidsisbJörN oF sWedeN may be one of the newer members of winners that display exemplary uses of their technicalof the SOG, however, the company is beginning to form fabrics in creating Outstanding Outdoor Equipment.a routine when it comes to taking home awards. Isbjörn ”Incorporating styles and features typically foundwas founded when owners Maria Frykman Forsberg and in gear designed for adults, Isbjörn made this hoodedCamilla Schildt both had trouble finding outdoor wear for jacket from recycled Polartec Wind Pro with Hardfacetheir own children. in prints to create a versatile, stretchy, breathable and One of the garments they would have liked to dress comfortable jacket that provides year round comfort,”their children in is the Wind Pro Jacket, which recently was concluded the jury.awarded the European APEX Design Award from Polartec. And when seeing the garment, your kids will probablyEvery year, the material manufacturer appoints a number want one too. Sc aN diN aviaN O ut dO O r N ew S 13
  14. 14. Product Newsa great pack MobilizingbergaNs oF NorWay hasupgraded their backpack womenlineup with several new models. it’s For WomeN – and forAmongst them is the Skarstind. women on the go who likeNamed after the 2373 meter high showing their feminine side,summit in Jotunheimen National while still wanting full freedomPark, the backpack has a newly of movement when climbing,developed hip belt that transfers hiking or being active in theweight onto the hips, as well as a outdoors. The Bejla Skort fromnetting on the back that provides Klättermusen is a skirt anddistance between the pack and shorts in one! Made from flex-the body for better ventilation. ible material and with a hiddenThe Skarstind is available in four pocket for valuables, it’s a nicedifferent volumes, from 22 to 40 and simple summer garment forliters, with the largest also avail- when the winds are light andable in a women’s version. the sun is out. (H)eat smart aNyoNe WHo Has e ateN freeze-dried meals out of the bag knows that the food often cools down fast – at least in Nordic conditions. At the same time, the bag itself can be a bit on the hot side for the fingers. With Optimus H(eat) pouch, this is no longer a prob- lem. The insulating material keeps your food warm during the entire dinner and prevents burned fingers. The pouch also accommodates a small cooking pot (Approx. 1 liter capacity) and cold fingers can find cozy warmth via the side pockets. Get a grip viKiNg Foot We ar introduces the Vetti in bright new colors. This trekking boot, made from solid materials with leather reinforce- ments, has a medium high shaft offering both support and flexibility. Viking’s award winning sole technology, the Ultimate Grip Concept, provides good traction, even on wet surfaces, and is also lightweight. The toe piece is rein- forced with rubber for durability and Gore-tex keeps the foot dry and comfortable. Sc aN diN aviaN O ut dO O r N ew S 15
  15. 15. Product News Leifur Örn Svavarsson, one of Iceland’s most renown mountaineers, mountain guide and member of ICE-SAR, tested the Snæfell Jacket while he climbed a new route to Iceland highest peak, Hvannadalshnúkur in Vatnajökull glacier. Breaking the winds this year, 66°North won the ispo Outdoor awards with its Snæfell Jacket. Since then, a lot of outdoor people have been waiting for the jacket to hit the market. tHe sNæFeLL JacKet from Icelandic 66°North is a waterproof jacket with good breathability that eliminates the build-up of moisture on the inside. ”Our aim was to create a softshell jacket that will always be the first choice when you’re on your way out in rough weather,” says 66°North’s Chief Designer Jan Davidsson. ”It’s a full out alternative to traditional three layer Gore-Tex-jackets.” Among the first to put on the jacket will be the Icelan- dic Search and Rescue teams, ICE-SAR. Recently, 66°North signed an agreement with ICE-SAR to specially produce the Snæfell jacket for its members. This means the rescuers will be equipped with an ergo- nomic jacket made from Polartec Neoshell, which is a new fabric that has the durability and stretch of a polyurethane film, plus the breathability of a micro porous structure. 6 6°NortH is oNe of Iceland’s oldest manufacturing companies and was “its uNique construction allows founded in 1926. For the first 50 years, positive air exchange to drive the the company specialized in producing release of moisture vapor while clothing for the harsh working condi- remaining completely waterproof,” tions found aboard Icelandic fishing says Davidsson. boats. Today, it works primarily with a Other features include pre-shaped more general outdoor collection; like elbows, as well as seamless shoul- shells, fleece garments and woolen ders, ensuring an optimum range of products. motion. However, 66°North still supplies Snæfell’s performance will come work wear and functional garments to in handy when the Search and Res- industries and national agencies like the cue teams perform their duties. Last 66°NORTH’s new water- Icelandic Police force, Fire department proof shell jacket is named winter the teams had 50 call-outs and the previously mentioned ICE-SAR. after the volcano Snæfell in due to stormy weather. Sixty-four Iceland. It’s 1833 meter high The cooperation with ICE-SAR, the rescue teams participated in those and situated 20 kilometers largest volunteer search and rescue call-outs and over 500 tasks were north east of Iceland’s larg- team in the world, has been going on taken care of. est glacier, Vatnajökull. for the last 40 years. 16 S ca N d i N a v i a N O u t d O O r N e w S
  16. 16. Product NewsPrimus goes lightweightand saves fuel with titanium No larger than the hand. OmniLite Ti measures 114 x 90 x 55 milli- meters when packed. Increased efficiency means less fuel consumption, less weight to carry along and a reduced envi- ronmental impact. a research and development process that began justFrom the top of the world with the first before the Swedish mountaineer Göran Kropp started histeam to summit everest in 1953, to the solo expedition of Mount Everest in 1995.South Pole and everywhere in between, Kropp realized that he was missing something impor- tant in his equipment. He wondered why there were noPrimus has been there. Now, the company outdoor stoves that could run on any type of fuel?is taking their top of the line multi-fuel stovea step even further. JoaKim gröNviK , aN eNgiNeer at Primus at that time, (then CEO for nine years) took on the challenge. After many attempts using different combinations of noz- zles and different mixtures of air and fuel, he developedtHe NeW LigHt WeigHt expedition stove OmniLite Ti is exactly what Göran Kropp was looking for: the Primusbased on the same technology as the best-selling Omni- MultiFuel.Fuel, but it packs smaller and, thanks to titanium, weighs With this stove in his backpack, Göran Kropp cycledsignificantly less. from Sweden to the Himalayas, soloed Everest and be- While the larger stove cooks for up to 4 people, the came the first Scandinavian to climb the world’s highestOmniLight Ti is suitable for 1-2 people. mountain without supplemental oxygen. The development of OmniLite Ti started when Primus The new stove worked even better than expected andintroduced its Eta pots, with a heat exchanger in the the prototype became a finished product. This was thebase. This resulted in the Eta pots saving around a third inspiration for the continued development of what manyof the fuel and shortening cooking times. people consider the world’s most advanced outdoor “But that also meant that OmniFuel became over-di- stove. Primus OmniFuel is the only outdoor stove thatmensioned for the modern pots,” says Urban Kihlström, can burn liquid gas, gasoline/petrol, diesel, kerosene/head of R&D at Primus. “So, we made a smaller and paraffin, and even aviation fuel. It was introduced on thelighter stove that had enough power for the new pots.” market in 2001. The result is a stove that weighs 239 grams – 100 In 2011, exactly ten years later, Primus has introducedgrams less than the larger stove. And because the burner the new Primus OmniLite smaller, you don’t need as much fuel, which also “It has already been through extensive testing indecreases pack weight. Greenland and Svalbard and the performance has been OmniLite Ti is the latest product that derives from just as good as the OmniFuel,” says Urban Kihlström. Sc aN diN aviaN O ut dO O r N ew S 17
  17. 17. Product News Back to basics ecco is launching a new shoe that takes running back to basics: minimizing cushioning and focusing on your body’s natural ability to balance when running or walking. tHe NeW LigHt WeigHt sHoe Biom Lite features a leather shoe for daily casual wear and the second is a super-thin outsole and an extremely flexible direct- breathable textile shoe for all kind of fitness activities. injected midsole, which is very low to the ground. “The leather shoes will offer you a cool casual look, It will be a direct competitor to minimalist footwear a sock-like fit and daily foot muscle training. The fitness models from Vibram and Feelmax. shoes can be used in the gym or on very short runs as a “Our aim is to provide less footwear for more foot ac- running style trainer, but can also be used as breathable tivation. It is a little bit like going back in evolution, when summer sneakers,” says Nicolai. humans were just wearing leather socks,” says Alexander Nicolai, head of performance products at Ecco. aNd WHiLe ecco goes uLtr a LigHt and ultra thin, the This philosophy is in line with the current trend of company has also released a shoe for off-road running. barefoot running and running with thin soles that was Biom Trail is equipped with a rugged rubber outsole for highlighted by the international best-selling book Born to grip in all kinds of terrain and an anatomically shaped Run, written by Christopher Mc Dougall. midsole for full-length foot support. “However, we’re actually ahead of the trend,” says “The sole unit is close to the ground for a natural Nicolai. “We released our first running shoes based on running motion and a more stabile foot position,” says this thinking in 2009, one year ahead of the book.” Nicolai. “It will activate your foot muscle and adapt to the Now, the Lite-version will hit the market just as many uneven terrain with every step.” runners are looking for this kind of footwear. Biom Lite The uppers are reinforced in the midfoot to help comes in two different versions. One is a glove-like stabilize the foot with each step. And the forefoot is 18 S ca N d i N a v i a N O u t d O O r N e w S
  18. 18. “the sole unit The Biom Lite design is not based on correcting perceived shortcomings is close to the of the foot, rather on mimicking the biomechanics of barefoot running. ground for a natural run- ning motion.” Biom Trail has a rugged rubber outsole with a The trail version of Biom is the latest creation in specially designed traction pattern and uppers the five model Biom-series. It is made for all off with a reinforced midfoot. road terrain with its rugged design.reinforced with a protective layer for sharp stones With the Running-series, Ecco also openly acknowl-and other obstacles. edged that traditional technologies, like cushioning, “But you will feel the ground sufficiently to get a natu- motion control and stability, have been largely ineffectiveral running experience,” says Nicolai. in reducing the rates of injury among runners. Just like the Biom Lite, the Biom Trail comes in twoversions: one made of yak leather for support/protection Ne X t oN tHe marKet was the Biom Walk, a shoe basedand a sock-like fit, as well as a second version made on the same principle as the running shoes, but with afrom textiles with a reinforced midfoot cage, for breath- focus on walking. Then came the Train, an all-aroundability and support. training shoe for all fitness-related activities, from running to gym classes.WitH biom Lite aNd tr aiL , Ecco now has a full line To promote the Biom-line, Ecco has two top Danishof Biom performing shoes: athletes pounding the pavement in the company’s shoes In 2009, Ecco introduced Running, which was design- – Iron Man-triathlete Rasmus Henning and ultra runnered as a natural running shoe and preserves the natural Jesper Olsen.biomechanics of the foot and ankle as closely as possible. At the moment, Jesper Olsen is on his way from The model was the culmination of nearly three South Africa to Newfoundland Canada, the north-westernyears of design and production, so in many regards, tip of North America.the company was way ahead of the current natural He aims to complete a distance of 40,000 km, makingmotion movement. it the longest fully GPS-documented run in the world. Sc aN diN aviaN O ut dO O r N ew S 19
  19. 19. retail wax On In the spring of 2012 Fjällräven will kick off its biggest campaign ever. Through waxing stations at selected retailers, the company wants to teach users how to increase the life span and performance of their outdoor garments. NoW it WiLL be e veN e asier to increase the durabil- Hoffman, CEO of Naturkompaniet, which has 29 stores ity and performance of your Fjällräven outdoor clothing. throughout Sweden. Starting in the spring of 2012 users can get their clothing “By offering waxing, we bring customers into the made from G-1000 waxed at selected retailers across stores. And while their garment is being treated, they can Europe. wander around and look at the collection, or discuss their “This is a way for us and our partners to show that we experiences with the staff.“ care about our users,” says Jerry Engström, Marketing Manager at Fjällräven. to Wa X or gre ase cLotHiNg in order to help them The Swedish outdoor company’s G-1000 fabric is resist moisture is old knowledge. And yet it is surprisingly a proven functional material that has been around for uncommon when it comes to outdoor clothing today. decades. However, many still do not take advantage of Maybe this is because we are used to “technical” materi- the benefits of strengthening their G-1000 garments. als and impregnation sprays. Waxing them with Greenland wax not only increases the The G-1000 material was already in use back in the water-and wind-repellent properties, but the garment 1960s. Participants in a Swedish climbing expedition to also becomes even more durable and lasts longer. Greenland shared their experiences on outdoor clothing “In addition to sharing some of the practical outdoor at the time, which they felt was too weak and impracti- knowledge, and showing how easy it is to wax, we also cal, with Fjällräven’s founder Åke Nordin. He sketched want to contribute to something that is interesting on the the foundations of a climbing jacket together with one sales floor. We are convinced that this will not only attract member of the expedition. And even if the design was visitors to stores, but will also create interesting dialogue tailored for climbers, they took a great leap forward with between the store staff and visitors,” says Engström. the material itself, a very durable tent material, which was too heavy for lightweight tents at the time. NaturKompaNiet, sWedeN’s L argest outdoor equip- When Åke applied a mixture of beeswax and ment retail chain, has already decided to have waxing paraffin, the material showed to be ideal for functional stations in their stores. outdoor clothing. The material was named G-1000 (G “We see it as a way to increase service and to cre- for the expedition to Greenland) and the wax was called ate closer contacts with our customers,” says Henrik Greenland wax. 20 S ca N d i N a v i a N O u t d O O r N e w S
  20. 20. Hiking up the Tjäktja pass in Swedish Lapland. Jerry Eng- ström together with product developer Henrik Andersson.tHrougHout tHe ye ars, G-1000 has taken part andshown its versatility and strength during many adventures a groWiNg outdoor FamiLyand it has also won a number of awards. For example, The Vidda G-1000 pants wereat last year’s OutDoor fair the outdoor pants Keb, made launched back in 1999. Withfrom G-1000 and Nylon 6.6, received an award for the reinforcements on the knees andYear’s Best Outdoor Pants. Such attention, of course, seat, they are a workhorse forprovides the people at Fjällräven with even more motiva- tough outdoor use and, of course,tion to promote the benefits of wax. can be waxed for even greater “Wax is environmentally friendly, which really fits durability.these times, and it’s so incredibly versatile and adapt- Today, the Vidda pants and theable. With more Greenland wax you get a tighter garment sister model Barents, are one of thethat resists rain and wind, and it also increases durability. world’s most popular hiking pantsLess wax provides a cooler garment with more ventila- with nearly a half million pairs sold.tion,” says Donna Bruns, Product Manager at Fjällräven. In the spring of 2012, the series will “We will set up a waxing station at our booth in the be extended with the Vidda ProScandinavian Village at the OutDoor exhibition. There, and Barents Pro, with a new andvisitors can see for themselves how easy it is to wax more engineered cut.G-1000 garments.” Sc aN diN aviaN O ut dO O r N ew S 21
  21. 21. r&D the walkstool with its three telescopic legs is a patented Swedish invention. and it has been tested more rigorously than most of the products at the Outdoor fair. the stool that walks iN tHe spriNg oF 2 0 0 6, the Swedish National Testing and Research Institute received a different kind of task. times – the test was discontinued before failure. In a third test, the stools were subjected to extreme variations in Normally, the institute works for the furniture industry, temperature and humidity. After 168 hours the stools conducting tests on everything from beds to bookcases. were judged as “no problems detected”. But now, a series of three-legged stools with telescopic “Since then we have strengthened both the upper legs stood in their testing room. and lower legs,” says a satisfied Lars Andersson, the Walkstools are a Swedish invention from the mid- company’s CEO and owner. 1990s. Entrepreneur Lars Andersson had seen them at a trade show and became so enthusiastic that he today tHere are siX WaLKstooL models. Four of and the inventor, Mats Gustafsson, started a company them are manufactured in Scandinavian Touch’s own called Scandinavian Touch. Now, almost ten years later, factory in Lidköping, Sweden, and two simpler models in Andersson and Gustafsson had a disagreement. Gustafs- China. They are patented in all major industrial countries. son believed that the stools would only hold about 150 “It is actually the only three-legged stool in the world kilograms of weight. Andersson was sure they could take with telescopic legs that has patents and trademark much more than that and wanted to test them according protections,” says Andersson. to standardized methods. Walkstool differs from most members of the Scan- But even Andersson was amazed at the results. The dinavian Outdoor Group. The product is aimed at many 55 centimeter high model supported a 400 kilo load, be- more than just those in the outdoor community. It’s dif- fore its legs began to falter. Another test showed that the ficult to stop Lars Andersson when he begins listing out stools withstood a 140 kilo load repeated at least 12 500 the different target audiences. Electricians not wanting to 22 S ca N d i N a v i a N O u t d O O r N e w S
  22. 22. “the 55 centim- eter high model supported a 400 kilo load, before it’s legs began to falter.” kneel all day, hunters, landscape artists, nature photog- “When this tradeshow is over, we can continue on raphers, and even foot masseuses – all can benefit from to a fair for the construction industry, or a photo exhi- the Walkstool. bition.” An example of the broad range of use, as well as “a commoN misuNderstaNdiNg is that the stools can the high quality, is that the U.S. army has begun buying be used only in the extended position, but you can sit Walkstools for its various military bases around the world. just as well with the legs retracted if you want to avoid “They have tested them for three or four years now, even standing or squatting on the knees. For example, around in the Nevada desert, and we recently received the green an open fire,” explains Andersson and adds: light,” says Andersson. Sc aN diN aviaN O ut dO O r N ew S 23
  23. 23. r&D primaloft yarn – how it works New steps by Primaloftdown and wool are considered unbeatable by many outdoor enthusiasts. Now, Primaloft is challenging this notion with two new synthetic materials. at tHis ye ar’s ispo fair, Primaloft introduced Primaloft “But our synthetic polyester filling also gives you bet- Synergy, an insulation technology engineered for sleep- ter water-repellency and the capacity to retain heat even ing bags and jackets. in extremely wet conditions,” says Lagemann. Synergy is a further development of Primaloft’s The new insulation also has more compressibility Infinity-insulation. They are both high loft continuous fila- than similar materials. ment insulations, which means that they are very ”fluffy” “It makes it very light and easy to carry around,” and don’t consist of many short fibers, rather one long says Lagemann. “You can have it in a small backpack fiber that ”snakes” like a rope inside of the fabric. or attache it to your harness when you climb.” “The advantage with Synergy is that it’s a little bit thicker and has more volume – higher loft – than Infinity. at tHe same time , Primaloft is introducing Yarn in co- This increases the volume of the air pockets inside the operation with the Swedish brand Röjk. The material is a insulation, which means that the material can hold more 50-50 mix of merino wool and synthetic fibers. warm air,” says Jochen Lagemann, Sales and Marketing “It combines the hydrophobic properties of Primaloft Director Europe at Primaloft. and the hydrophilic properties of wool to form a dyna- According to Primaloft, their products mimic the mic “force field” to pull moisture away from the skin and structure of down and has the advantages of down filling push it out,” says Lagemann. (lightweight, traps a lot of air and is highly compressible). Yarn is used in Röjk’s midweight and lightweight ski 24 S ca N d i N a v i a N O u t d O O r N e w S
  24. 24. Advanced Continuous Filament Insulation Moisture Management ENGINEERED FOR MAXIMUM LOFT hot SOFTNESS your a AND jacket in chestpocket PrimaLoft, the leaders in research and development ® of high performance insulations and yarns, offer PrimaLoft® SYNERGY, an advanced, multi-denier Houdini Mr Dunfri is a lightweight ontinuous continuous filament insulation engineered for superior jacket that is comfortable both ie r C F il Water Resistant en warmth, softness and loft. PrimaLoft® SYNERGY -d as outerwear and as a midlayer. am lt i is constructed of both fine and ultra fine denier It is water resistant, dries quickly e Mu nt continuous filament fibers. This fiber composition and can be compressed and High Loft results in an insulation that raises the performance stowed into the chestpocket. It’s barinsulated with Primaloft insulations. of continuous filament One, a high-tech microfiber insulation. PrimaLoft® SYNERGY treated with a The face-fabric is insulation is recommended for durable water repellent (DWR) finish, for wind and use in sleeping bags and outerwear. PrimaLoft® Thermally Efficient SYNERGYresistance. Mr Dunfri is developed in partner- water is highly durable and compressible, designed to keep withuser warm and and mountain guide and ship the Primaloft, dry the comfortable. PrimaLoft® primaloft synergy Houdini-contributor Carl Lundberg. SYNERGY is easy to work with as it does not require scrim or quilting and is migration resistant. “the Loftadvantage with Thermally Efficient it’s cold and lonelyPrimaLoft® SYNERGY High MULTI-DENIER PERFORMANCE Synergy is that it’s a Water Resistant at the top… The ratio of small to large littleand Compressible and has Soft bit thicker Durable fibers is what makes …but Norrøna’s men’s Lofoten PrimaLoft® SYNERGY more volume – higher Gore-Tex Performance Shell Migration Resistant a high loft, soft and is good protec- Insulated Jacket loft – than compressible insulation. mountain tion against cold, harsh winds when you’re freeriding. Infinity. This (200x magnification) It’s light and flexible, warm and waterproof. A helmet-compatible increases the THERMAL hood and zip-out powder storm PERFORMANCE skirt help seal you off from the volume of the insulation “PrimaLoft SYNERGY ® blowing snow, and underarm zipTestimonial vents dump excessive body heat. air is soft to the handvery good pockets.” and looks loftier. You have a Norrøna also added internal pockets for your ski pass and MP3 player. Made of waterproof, breath- Jochen Lagemann, here!” Marketing Director Europe. insulation Sales and able Gore-Tex with Primaloft synthetic insulation. .73 .62 –Andrew Li President & CEO socks and according to Röjk, theInternational are a sock Tungsang advantages with a great fit and high breathability, while keeping you Barrier on the ridge PrimaLoft® SYNERGY warm and dry. The men’s Haglöfs Barrier Jacket Lagemann stresses that Primaloft Yarn creates less is a warm, multi-purpose, light- V1/11 friction than pure wool and is much more robust with a weight jacket with a clean de- longer lifecycle for the user. sign. It has an easily adjustable storm hood and can be packed “ We Have Had uLtr aruNNers testing Yarn socks and away into its own pocket. The they say it’s working great,” he adds. Primaloft fabric is highly breath- Apart from Röjk, Primaloft is cooperating with many able, which lets moisture escape leading brands from Scandinavia, like Haglöfs, Helly to keep your body dry. The Hansen, Norröna, Hestra and Houdini. jacket is also highly wind resist- “We don’t want to be just a vendor of our product. ant and treated with Durable Wa- We want to be a strategic partner in the whole process; ter Repellent (DWR) to keep the from the development of a new product to the educa- fabric dry longer. The Barrier Jacket uses Primaloft tion of the salespeople and retailers and the marketing,” One, an ultrafine polyester microfibre insulation. says Jochen Lagemann. Sc aN diN aviaN O ut dO O r N ew S 25
  25. 25. Business Meet us at a5-113 Optimus has indeed a burning passion for what they do. The company offers stoves and cooking equipment that are safer and more userfriendly than many OutDoor others. The Optimus mission is that outdoor cooking should be fun and relaxing – and the result delicious. The company was started in Stockholm in 1899. 25 leading outdoor brands from Scandinavia look forward to your visit. a5-300 a5-301 a5-302 a5-303 Viktor Haglöfs made his first backpack One of the world’s most active Klättermusen’s designers are as Woolpower produces underwear, in 1914 and his company grew slowly 103-year-olds, Norway’s largest fearless as they are environmentally shirts, socks and accessories but surely until the year 2000, when outdoor company was born in 1908 conscious. The products they design from the highest quality Merino things really started to take off! Since when Ole F. Bergan invented a have unique solutions that follow the wool. As they like to say: “We offer then, Haglöfs has established itself as backpack with an anatomical carry Klättermusen motto “maximum safety warmth, care, function and a lot a highly respected player within the system. Backpacks are still one of for you, minimum impact on nature.” of knowledge about the cold.” In international outdoor arena. Today, Bergans of Norway’s trademarks, The product line consists of shell addition to Woolpower clothing Haglöfs makes nearly one million but through tradition and innovation, jackets and trousers, wind-proof gar- being used by outdoor enthusiasts quality products every year in the the company also manufactures ments, underwear, sleeping bags and and the military, it can also be seen hardware, footwear and clothing high-quality tents, sleeping bags backpacks. in a growing number of fashion segments. and clothing. magazines! a5-307 a5-308 a5-309 a5-311 For more than 80 years, Norwegian In recent years this renowned Swedish In 1970 Helsport launched the world´s Nanok was established in 2001 by a Aclima has kept the heat turned up, company has become more of an first tunnel tent, just one example group of dedicated outdoor enthu- delivering sports underwear that urban brand. Now, the modern look of the innovative products from this siasts from Norway. Their idea was perform in cold climates. Being one has been preserved, but functional- family owned company. The brand to simply make products that they of the few clothing companies that ity has returned to Tenson’s roots focus is on high quality and lightweight wanted for their own adventures. Na- still makes its products in Norway, – the outdoors, skiing and marine mountaineering products. Helsport nok’s design team knows firsthand Aclima develops its warm, soft and activities. Tenson’s new design was started in 1951 in Trondheim, that their sleeping bags, jackets and breathable products just a snowball’s team has managed to combine Norway and has since equipped tents can stand up to the harshest throw from the famous Norefjell comfort, style and quality into the hundreds of expeditions all over winter storms. ski resort. new collection. the world. a5-401 a5-402 a5-403 a5-404 Some people say: to survive in For Ecco, it was a natural step forward Viking is an outdoor footwear special- Houdini’s mission is what they call Iceland you need to be brave, have to enter the outdoor world. The Danish ist from the world’s toughest test lab “core comfort for body and soul”. a good sense of humor and wear footwear brand has succeeded in all – Norway. The company, which started This means no compromises when 66°North clothing. The company segments tested. The high quality with rubber boots in 1920, is now the it comes to performance, sustain- has been keeping Iceland warm of every Ecco shoe is a result of the leading supplier of outdoor footwear ability and style. For this season, since 1926. The name reflects the entire manufacturing chain being to the Nordic countries. The company the Swedish company has created latitude 66°N; the Arctic Circle. owned by the company – from design, sells more than two million pairs of products made from 80 percent Today, 66°North produces a wide tanneries and factories, to their own boots, shoes and other footwear each recycled fibers, and every garment range of both protective and street- stores. Ecco outdoor footwear is avail- year and is one of the biggest suppli- is recyclable. This means you can smart clothing, influenced by the able in three categories: Mountain, ers of GORE-TEX®-footwear in the dress sustainably in Houdini – from fascinating Icelandic environ- Terrain and Aqua. world. underwear to outerwear. ment. also members of SOG: Gränsfors Bruks, tretorn, Seger, Polygiene, Hestra, devold, Sätila, dale of Norway, craft, icebug, Point 65, thule 26 S ca N d i N a v i a N O u t d O O r N e w S