Scandinavian Outdoor News Magazine 2010 #3 English


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Magazine #3 2010 (English) from Scandinavian Outdoor Group – the leading Outdoor Brands of Scandinavia.

Welcome to Scandinavia!

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Scandinavian Outdoor News Magazine 2010 #3 English

  1. 1. NewsNewsletter nr 3/2009 from Scandinavian Outdoor Group – the top 33 Nordic outdoor companies
  2. 2. n Business & marketing product news n New at luNdhaGS Prizeworthy! the Swedish outdoor compa- the Scandinavian Outdoor Group (SOG) has once again presented the ny Lundhags has Scandinavian Outdoor Award, which distinguishes innovative products strengthened their designed by SOG member companies. This year, the jury members met in team by recruiting Sweden, in the beginning of June, to test the nominated equipment. Jour- Jonas Hellentin as nalists from outdoor magazines throughout Europe participated. The their new Marketing overall winner is a Trekking boot from Haglöfs. For the first time Manager. Jonas co- in the company’s history, the Swedish brand was awarded mes from Fjällräven, a prize for a shoe – the Haglöfs Grym. Furthermore, an where he worked as a Brand Manager. award for Sustainability was presented to Klät- “It feels great to work for Lundhags, termusen for their jacket Frode. which has products that I know are optimal for an active outdoor life.“ GreeN COmpaNy Bergans of Norway has started a huge internal project to become a greener a StOry OF SuCCeSSViking approved company. Within the product range, Bergans has started using more earth- friendly materials like organic cotton and recycled polyester. However, prod- For the third time in a row, the Icelandic company 66 Degrees North won the Polartec Apex Award. The award is given to compa- ucts are not the only things that will be nies who create products from Polartec fabrics that excel above others. Last year, the Embla children’s jacket was the winner. The organized in a more sustainable way. jacket that won this year is named Akrafjall. It is made of Polartec Powerstretch and Thermal Pro Jacquard, a new type of fleece Changes will also be seen throughout containing 18% wool.” the company’s operations. Bergans is now working to become certified as a ”Miljøfyrtårn” – environmental light-In april, Viking Footwear hosted their first ever Viking water was ice cold. The group took a rib boat tour to house – a certificate supported by thetest weekend on the exotic Lofoten Islands in Norway. view the stunning Lofoten wall, battled meter high waves Norwegian Ministry of the Environment. ColorCustomers and journalists from Denmark and Germany to fish fresh cod, climbed the Lofoten mountains, thenwere invited to take part in the new concept, the “Viking skied down and kayaked in crystal clear water – withExperience”. The aim was to let Viking retailers experi- warm feet the entire time! Viking´s shoes have also beenence the harsh weather conditions in the region above extensively tested in the popular Norwegian TV show CraFt & weB 2.0the Polar Circle and to test Viking footwear in different ”71 Grader Nord,” where all participants were providedconditions. The snow was still a meter deep and the Viking shoes. Craft has re-launched and restyled its website to help users quickly navigate Collection through the world of top performance For all of its 40 years, Swedish Woolpower (Ullfrotté) has beenHaglöfs Spork sells sportswear. The new web presence is a reliable supplier of army green, navy blue and black long a comprehensive and entertaining re- johns, socks, mid-layers and other insulating garments. Now, source for products, technology, brand they are adding more colors to the palette. For the first timestarts and sponsored athletes. And even in company history, a select assortment from the Woolpower here, Craft remains true to their brand collection will be produced in new color combinations. The first philosophy of functionality and a clean,shop-in ”Woolpower Color Collection” will be launched on the market in authentic design. the fall of 2009. Afterwards, there will be a new line in the Color Collection launched every year. Woolpower is still 100 percentshop ICeBear-Gear focused on the functionality of its products and the new color scheme is aimed at satisfying a growing demand from more trend-conscious consumer groups.concept Isbjörn of SwedenSince February 28th, the main floor at Globetrotter´s inCologne has been transformed into a Haglöfs shop-in- last year, the company Light My Fire produces high qual- ity outdoor clothing for children. Now, Quality for kidsshop. For the entire year, the 210 square meter space will sold 2,320,070 sporks in 44 countries. the brand wants tobe dedicated exclusively to the products from the Swedish And how many returns? Only 29! Light My establish itself in woolpower is among the few Swedish companies that alsobrand. ”Never before have our customers been able to see Fire CEO, Calill Odqvist, has an explana- Germany. The col- manufacture quality technical outdoor clothing for kids. Now,and test our entire range of products in this way,” says Her- tion: ”By producing most of our products lection consists of a broad range of tech- the brand has introduced the Woolpower Kids-concept, a newbert Horelt, Manager for Haglöfs in Germany. At the same in Sweden, we have been able to con- nical clothes for every season. This year collection of childrens clothing for kids aged 3-10. Crewnecks,time, Haglöfs has also opened a shop-in-shop at the Fell & centrate on design and quality control in the mother company, Nordic KidsWear, Vests, Long Johns, Balaclacas, Mock Turtlenecks and threeMountain-store in Accrington, England. The Swedes have a way that would have been impossible will start cooperating with the German different types of socks for kids will soon hit the market. Andbeen present in Great Britain for the last seven years and with a factory located half-way around Scandic Outdoor GmbH, which special- everything from the yarn, to the final product is still made inhave become a well-established outdoor brand. the world.” izes in Scandinavian Outdoor brands. Sweden.2 SOG NewSletter Nr 3 2009 SOG NewSletter Nr 3 2009 3
  3. 3. n products products n A shoe story Viking footwear success story Boa® Technology is now entering its third season, with new models in the line. Viking Anaconda is the brand’s most technically advanced trail shoe equipped with all the technology that a trail shoe needs: a Low cut, UGC Trail outsole for extreme grip and GoreTex XCr for a perfect shoe climate. The Boa® Lacing System is an ingenious lac- ing technology that consists of an interwoven cable, made from aircraft grade stain- less steel, which is bundled into a super strong core. The cable runs through the entire shoe and is attached to a reel with a knob. When turned, it tightens the cable all around the foot in a single movement allowing you to ad- just the closure for a perfect, glove like fit. Keeping icebears warm Wind and waterproof Isbjörn of Sweden offers the Rib Sweater Hood for kids, and it is sure to make The Wind Pro Jacket from Isbjörn of Sweden is made of Polartec WindPro any parent jealous. The sweater looks great and is made from Polartec Ther- with Hardface Technology and 50% recycled fibers. The super stretchy mal Pro fleece, with a knitted outside and brushed inside. The jacket has a material is 4 times as wind resistant as classic fleece, but still retains a high removable hood with buttons, a protective piece on the front zipper, features degree of breathability. The Hardface technology provides durability and a Flatlock for greater comfort and has belly pocket with matching knitted edge light water repellant effect. Short, slim fit with a removable hood for safety ribbons. It is available in two wonderful colors. Size: 86-128 cl. purposes. Size: 86–128 cl. Colors: Aquarius, Dark Earth. Panoramic view Helsport presents their newest tent concept. Gjende 3 Camp is a lightweight, Pro category tent with a variety of new functional details, superb ventilation and a focus on camping convenience.Open the new Rollback Sunroof and let nature in! The unique angled inner tent opening provides extra room inside as well as easier access in and out of the tent. SILVA X-TrAIL SILVA X-TrAIL PLUSFor clear sightFor 2010, Silva will be launching a full series of headlamps featuring thepatented Silva Intelligent Light technology. This technology combines astrong, focused distance light with a wide-angle floodlight for close vision helmet attachment and the bike handle bar attachment, all of which are all included. Silva X-Trail has an external battery compartment for four AA-batteries, which can be carried on your waist to reduce the weight on Spork for left-handed peopleand creates the perfect light image for high-speed applications. The Silva your head to only 80 grams. Carrying the external battery compartment In response to a strong demand from left-handed consumers, Light My Fire is introducing aX-Trail is a technical headlamp for serious sports like trail running, mountain inside a runners jacket will make the batteries last longer in cold conditions. left-handed model. The Left Handed Spork will have the same sleek Scandinavian curves asbiking and adventure racing. An extra wide, anti-slip treated headband This makes Silva X-Trail extremely suitable for winter endurance sports the original Spork, only it will be designed to be used specifically by the 10% of the popula-ensures that the headlamp stays comfortably in place in uneven terrain. like cross country skiing. Silva X-Trail Plus comes with an ultra-light (100g) tion that are left-handed. Initially, the Sporks will be available in eight colors.The headlamp is modular and can be moved between the headband, the rechargeable Li Ion-battery for the frequent user.4 SOG NewSletter Nr 3 2009 SOG NewSletter Nr 3 2009 5
  4. 4. n products Inside SOG nEco-certified Absolute New ChaIrmaN WildernessHestra is one of the most renowned SOG’s new chairman of the board isbrands in alpine gloves. They are also Staffan Rönn - sometimes referred to asamong the first companies from the Mr. Optimus for his many years workingski and outdoor industry to obtain an for the company. Staffan Rönn livesISO 14001-certificate. This global stan- and works in Stockholm and has takendard for environmental management Lundhags continues to position itself as a technological brand over the chair from Martin Kössler, whosystems is released and supervised by for demanding wilderness experiences. Enigma is an advanced has been appointed the SOG’s Generalthe International Organization for Stan- 3-layer set of jacket and pants that upholds the highest levels of Secretary and will be responsible for SOGdardization (ISO). Hestra was audited functionality and quality. They are made of a silent stretch fabric daily operations.and certified in May of 2009. with a clean cut for an active lifestyle. New memBerS In April 2009, the SOG received two new, yet at the same time, old members. No mosquitos! Norwegian Devold has made clothes from wool since 1853. Their underwear has been a part of many expeditions Into the Wild throughout the world. Today, the company The new Nordic Tipi model Tentipi Onyx 7 light has manufactures underwear and socks from the patented “In-Tent Vent™-system” that gives the finest Merino wool. Gränsfors Bruks very good mosquito protected ventilation. Onyx AB is part of the Swedish Woolpower 7 also has a new type of mosquito net door Group and has been making high-quality and ventilation cap. The carefully designed axes since 1902. inner tent can even be used separately if a top connector is used. made IN SCaNdINaVIa at 11.30 pm the plane from Stockholm lands at the suddenly ends and a vast wilderness begins. For many When Scandinavian Villages started Kiruna Airport in the north of Sweden. Over 50 retailers, participants, this is the first time they have ever been to appearing at ispo and OutDoor nine travel agents and journalists from all across Europe step Lapland and to the Outdoor Academy, but despite the years ago, they were small and char- off the plane and collect their belongings in the baggage challenges, everyone is very positive. ming with just a few hot Scandinavian claim area. During the next four days they will participate brands and products.Today, Scandina- in the Outdoor Academy of Sweden (OAS) where they “the Outdoor academy was a real success“, says Sara vian Village has grown to become the will get the chance to experience culture and life in Wänseth, SOG-board member and Marketing Director largest exhibition area at both shows, Sweden’s Lapland, as well as test carefully selected at Woolpower. Karl Gartner, an outdoor retailer from full of strong Scandinavian brands and Multi- outdoor equipment from leading Scandinavian brands. It Toblach in Southern Tyrolia, agrees. “For me it was the products in all segments. Now, the time is the seventh time that the Outdoor Academy has taken first time here and I established a lot of new contacts has come to grow not only our village, place in Sweden. Scandinavian Airlines, VisitSweden, that surely will last. The testing of the products in a real but also our services and concept. In award representatives of local tourism organizations and Scandinavian environment and the spectacular nature Hall A5 you will find more than 20 SOG members of the Scandinavian Outdoor Group (SOG) are made the trip worthwhile“. member companies presenting the all part of the organizing committee. “For me, the new contacts with other retailers, tour best from Scandinavian outdoors for winning The main goal of the event is to provide the outdoor affiliated participants with an authentic Scandinavian experience and to let them try out products that match operators and journalist was really important. From a retailer’s perspective, it is also important that you get to know the products in their native environment to be Spring/Summer 2010. You will still find the Scandinavian Bar in the center of pants the village, but this year it will have a the environment. Ecco, Tenson, Bergans, Nanok, Tentipi able to understand the philosophy and the story behind new look and a new menu with many and Light My Fire are the companies that have supplied them, “ explains Hans-Jürgen Lange, a retailer from more Scandinavian taste sensations. test equipment for the all of the different activities at northern Germany. This year, even dogs are welcome at this year’s Academy. Before any testing can be done, The Traverse pants from Lund- our special Scandinavian Dog Bar! Also however, the participants are driven to the Icehotel in hags have received so many new is the “Customer Feedback Desk”. Jukkasjärvi for a short presentation and a good nights awards that the company Here, retail buyers have the opportunity sleep – despite the midnight sun. The coming days will claims they can’t fit them all to tell us what they think about our be full of activities like rafting, horseback riding and a on the same hangtag. The member companies’ staff, service and two-day trekking tour with a layover at the Kebnekaise reason for their success is products. Everyone who participates Mountain Lodge. It will be the perfect opportunity to an industry leading fit, a high receives a gift and the chance to win test the durability of each outdoor product in their native level of technology and a mix an outdoor experience in Scandinavia! environment and to get to know the other participants a of very tough, hard wearing The Scandinavian Village also greets little better. fabrics that stand up to the you with new entrances. roughest conditions. Welcome! the next morning when the participants are awake, each sponsor company holds a short presentation about martin Kössler, their products, then equipment is handed out and the General Secretary SOG packing begins. Afterwards, the group heads off via bus to the village of Nikkaluokta where the road from Kiruna SOG-News is produced by6 SOG NewSletter Nr 3 2009 SOG NewSletter Nr 3 2009 7
  5. 5. Some people say: to survive in Iceland One of the world’s most active One of Scandinavia’s fastest growing you need to be brave, have a good 101-year-olds, Norway’s largest apparel companies is Didriksons. sense of humor and wear 66°North outdoor company was born in 1908 From the beginning the company clothing. The company has been when Ole F. Bergan invented a made clothing for fishermen on the keeping Iceland warm since 1926. backpack with an anatomical carry west coast of Sweden. Today, well- The name reflects the latitude 66°N system. Backpacks are still one of designed and functional clothing – the Arctic Circle. Today 66°North Bergans of Norway’s trademarks, are the company’s main focus. produces a wide range of both but through tradition and innovation, Didriksons’ clothing is characterized protective and street-smart clothing, the company also manufactures by a consistent and modern look, the influenced by the fascinating Icelandic high-quality tents, sleeping bags and result of close cooperation between environment. HAGLÖFS LOGOTYPE clothing. the company’s fashion and technical designers. BASIC LOGOTYPE. TO BE USED AS POSITIVE BLACK ON A LIGHT BACKGROUND .For Ecco, it was a natural step forward Fjällräven, the classic Swedish Viktor Haglöfs made his first backpack In 1970 Helsport launched the world´s This tent manufacturer, with a hometo enter the outdoor world. The Danish brand, has been delivering quality in 1914 and his company grew slowly PLEASE CONTACT HAGLÖFS IF YOU REQUIRE ASSISTANCE OR ADVICE WITH THE APPLICATION OF THE LOGOTYPE TEL +46 226 670 00, FAX +46 226 571 59 first tunnel tent, one example of the address in the Swedish Jämtlandfootwear brand has succeeded in all time to people since 1960. The first but surely until the year 2000, when innovative products from this family region, has cult status among passio-segments tested. The high quality of product was an innovative hand things really started to take off! Since owned company. The brand focus is nate outdoor people. Time after time,every Ecco shoe is a result of the entire made backpack for long treks in the then, Haglöfs has established itself on high quality and lightweight moun- Hilleberg’s green and red tents winmanufacturing chain being owned by Swedish mountains – still Fjällräven’s as a highly respected player within taineering products. Helsport started the major outdoor magazines tests.the company – from design, tanneries “heartland”. Since then, the durable, the international outdoor arena. in Trondheim 1951 and has since then Classic models that have existedand factories, to their own stores. timeless and reliable equipment Today, Haglöfs makes nearly one equipped hundreds of expeditions all for decades alternate with new andEcco outdoor footwear is available in from Fjällräven has won the hearts of million quality products every year over the world. innovative tents - all with the samethree categories: Mountain, Terrain outdoor enthusiasts throughout in the hardware, footwear and clothing high quality.and Aqua. the world. segments.Houdini´s mission is what they call Klättermusen’s designers are as In less than ten years, the energetic Lundhags makes boots fit for kings Nanok was established in 2001“core comfort for body and soul”. fearless as they are environmentally company Light My Fire has grown – literally. The company is a Royal by a group of dedicated outdoorThis means no compromises when it conscious. The products they design from a kitchen table to 40 markets. Warrant Holder to the Swedish royal enthusiasts from Norway. Theircomes to performance, sustainability have unique solutions that follow Based in Sweden, Light My Fire family. Since 1932, the shoemaker in idea was to simply make productsand style. This season the Swedish the Klättermusen motto “maximum specializes in outdoor accessories Järpen, Sweden has made comfortable they wanted for their own has created products made safety for you, minimum impact on that are as practical in the city as and durable boots for all kinds of Nanok’s design team knows first-from 80 percent recycled fiber, and the nature.” The product line consists of they are in the wild. Today, outdoor outdoor pursuits. Today, the company hand that their sleeping bags,even better part is that every garment shell jackets and trousers, wind-proof enthusiasts throughout the world also sells clothing, backpacks and jackets and tents can stand up tois recyclable. This means you can garments, underwear, sleeping bags have benefited from innovative other outdoor equipment developed the harshest winter storms.dress sustainably in Houdini – from and backpacks. products like the Spork, FireSteel in the same tradition.underwear to outerwear. and MealKit.This family-owned Norwegian Optimus has indeed a burning passion This Swedish company was started in At age 115, Primus is one of the few The three-legged telescopic Walkstoolcompany makes high-end outdoor for what they do. The company offer 2006. Polygiene® is a breakthrough, outdoor companies that can claim a is a Swedish innovation. The name co-clothing through a design approach stoves and cooking equipment that antimicrobial technology that employs century in the saddle. Today, the brand mes from the fact that you can attachthey call “loaded minimalism”. are safer and more user-friendly than natural silver salt for active odor con- is still at the forefront of stove, lantern the Walkstool to your belt or backpackThe Norwegian heritage is clear. many others. Optimus mission is that trol. When high-performance materials and torch design. Primus develops and and walk hands free. Walkstool, fromThe stylish and super-functional outdoor cooking should be fun and for clothes and shoes are treated sells innovative quality mobile products the company Scandinavian Touch,clothing speaks of a long tradition of relaxing – and the result delicious. The with Polygiene, the wearers will get a for “cooking, lighting and heating” within is mainly manufactured in Swedenoutdoor life in Norway and Norwegian company was started in Stockholm welcoming fresh-all-day confidence. the outdoor segments. and comes in six models. All offer twoexpeditions around the world. already in 1899. Perfect for active people who demand und hochqualitativen Produkte zum sitting positions – high and low – and long-lasting odor protection. Kochen und Heizen werden sowohl von the strongest one can carry over 150 professionellen Expeditionen als auch kilograms. von weniger ambitionierten Outdoor- . Fans benutzt.“Get out there” is the company motto The tipi has been used for ages by The Trangia stove can be called a Viking is an outdoor footwear specialist Woolpower produces underwear,for Silva, based in northern Stockholm. nomadic cultures like the Sámi people. Swedish classic. Over 50 years have from the world’s toughest test lab – shirts, socks and accessories from theSince more than 75 years the company And since 1989 also by outdoor peo- passed since the first storm kitchen Norway. The company, which started best Merino wool. As they like to say:finds inspiration in those who orienteer, ple, travellers and even party people. was produced. It has been refined and with rubber boots in 1920, is now the “We offer warmth, care, function andrun, cycle, trek, paddle or walk. Silva That´s when Tentipi started making developed into more products, but leading supplier of outdoor footwear a lot of knowledge about the cold.” Inprovides them with compasses, pe- their Nordic Tipis in the small village the original, ingenious design is still to the Nordic countries. The company addition to Woolpower clothing beingdometers, headlamps, binoculars and Moskosel in northern Sweden. Today the foundation of today‘s models. The sells more than two million pairs of used by outdoor enthusiasts and theother products that make their outdoor Tentipi have tipis from family size up to company was founded in 1925, in the boots, shoes and other footwear each military, it can also be seen in a growinglife safer and easier. 15 meters in diameter. town of Trångsviken, with the Jämtland year and is one of the biggest suppliers number of fashion magazines! wilderness as the perfect testing of GOrE-TEX®-footwear in the world. FOTO: TErJE rAkkE / NOrdIC LIFE environment.8 also members of SOG: Craft, dale of Norway, devold, Gränsfors Bruk, hestra, NewSletter Nr 3 2009 SOG Icebug, reima, Seger, Sätila of Sweden, tenson