NewsMagazine #1 2010 from Scandinavian Outdoor Group – the top Nordic outdoor companies
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Scandinavian Outdoor News Magazine 2010 #1
Scandinavian Outdoor News Magazine 2010 #1
Scandinavian Outdoor News Magazine 2010 #1
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Scandinavian Outdoor News Magazine 2010 #1


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Magazine #1 2010 from Scandinavian Outdoor Group – the leading Outdoor Brands of Scandinavia.

Welcome to Scandinavia!

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Scandinavian Outdoor News Magazine 2010 #1

  1. 1. NewsMagazine #1 2010 from Scandinavian Outdoor Group – the top Nordic outdoor companies
  2. 2. Photo: erik olsson the comeback 16 In 1998, the Lundhags company was in ashes. Today, it is one of Scandinavia’s fastest growing outdoor companies. the wilderness is our home PromotiNg the wild side of Scandinavia abroad is nothing new. About 1000 years ago, the Vikings did the same thing – and with great enthusiasm. The 34 members of the Scandinavian Outdoor Group (SOG) share the same passion for the outdoors, however, we try to behave much better! SOG is a cooperation between the leading Scandinavian Outdoor brands to better serve customers and media partners around the Nordic news 4-8 Swedish glove company eco-certified. Vote world. Together, the SOG members have more than 1800 years of for the best Scandinavian products. Cecilie experience, and many are over 100 years old. All of them have met Skog is back from the South Pole. tough membership requirements to ensure that you as a customer or partner can trust the membership logo as a sign of quality, service and international business experience. Our cooperative activities include many well-known and popular Follows no trends 9 initiatives. One example is the Scandinavian Village, a collection of Hilleberg the Tentmaker pays tribute to the stands gathered around the Scandinavian Bar, at big trade shows like outdoor know-how of indigenous people. ispo Munich, ispo China, OutDoor and OR in the US. The Scandinavian Outdoor Award, which scouts for the best new products each year is another example. We have also started a cooperation with PrimaLoft. Fair ispo 10 The Nordic winter climate is among the toughest in the world. There- Europe’s leading trade exposition for the out- fore, we have chosen PrimaLoft insulation as our group supplier. door industry is pushing for greener business. Maybe the most famous project is our Outdoor Academy of Scan- dinavia. Since the first academy back in 2003, we have invited almost 1000 retail personnel from all across Europe, for a week of outdoor Powerful wool 12 training in the Scandinavian wilderness. Read how the Swedish brand Woolpower SOG also runs several other projects and we will soon be re- doubled its’ turn over in three years. launching our website As we look forward to our 10th year of cooperation, we are more busy then ever making it more fun to work with Scandinavians! On be- half of our members – welcome to the world of Scandinavian outdoors. Gear guide 20 See Ispo highlights from Europe’s toughest martin Kössler, General Secretary test laboratory – the Nordic countries. staffan rönn, Chairman of the board Presenting partner oN the cover: Ski touring in the For further questions Kebnekaise mountains, Sweden. Photo by Henrik Trygg/ 2 Sca N diNa via N OutdO Or NewS 3Photo: Vegard Breie
  3. 3. ispo munich –news Business your global sports Meet the market since 1970 Polar Princess the NorwegiaN adveNturer Cecilie Skog is back from her sec- ond trip to the South Pole – only this time, she went even further! Since finishing her last South Pole journey, in 2005, she has now skied across Antarctica together with her American touring partner Ryan Waters – completely unsupported. Cecilie Skog has been to both poles before. She has also crossed Greenland and climbed the Seven Summits, the highest mountain on all seven continents – the first women in the world to do so. You might not believe it if you met her on the street, but Cecilie is a tough-minded woman. Her biggest strength, however, might be her smile. She really loves to be out in nature – no matter if it’s an afternoon of climbing at home in Norway or a three month long ski tour! You can meet Cecilie Skog on Sunday, February 7th at 17:00 in the Bergans stand, A6-101. Natural taste Hestra of Scandinavia takes a green pics: arc’teryx, michael müller, martin & forster, martin hangen, the bar in the Scandinavian Village will once again be the place to meet for all Nordic outdoor product lovers lead – and for those who like tasty snacks and beverages. The bar will serve delicious wild reindeer, salmon, her- ring and other tasty Scandinavian treats together with good drinks, great business and laughs! You find the bar in the center of the Scandinavian Village in Hall A6. hestr a has iNtroduced the rudolf sterflinger/FVA muc environmental management system ISO 14001 and in doing so, has become an environmental pioneer within the ski and outdoor industry. ISO 14001 is an ispo the easy way ... international, standardized system that sets environ- mental standards for an entire business, not only the downtown hotels products. An independent party certified Hestra’s + ispo ticket system in May 2009. with one call/e-mail As a part of the environmental work, Hestra has + flightbooking service: manufactured glove models from chromium-free leath- phone +46 (0)31 13 43 00 er since 1983. The product line has been extended for the coming winter with many new gloves, including the junior glove Cuir de chèvre. 7-10 feb10 4 S ca N d i Na v i aN O u t d OO r N e w S Sca N diNa via N OutdO Or NewS 5 Messe München GmbH, Messegelände, 81823 München, Germany, phone +49 (0) 89 949-11 3 88, fax +49 (0) 89 949-11 3 89, info @, for trade visitors only
  4. 4. McBride / Photo Jörgen Reimernews NORR NORR NORR DAS SKANDINAVIEN NATUR UND LIFESTYLE -MAGAZIN VISBY / KOPENHAGEN IM NORDEN DAS SK ANDINAVIEN-M AGA ZIN Locally LICHT DAS SCHÖNSTE / PORJUS / OSLO / FALUN DER WELT produced / YLLÄS / HELSINKI / FINSE paper / STOCKHOLM in norr + AUSGABE 4/20 0 9 AUSGABE 4/2009 DEUTSCHLAND € 4,50 ÖSTERREICH € 5, 20 LUXEMBURG € 5, 3 0 SCHWEIZ sFr 8, 8 0 Kopenhagen Öko-Guide Off-Season Gotlands Geheimtip Outdoor-Kleidung Das Wissen ps der Samen Oslo Stadt-Trekk Dalarna Volksfest auf dem ing Eis Ruska Finnische Herbstfarb en Norr – das sK aNdiNavieN-maga ziN is aiming to be the first environmentally friendly outdoor magazine in the world. Not only does the content have a green pro- file, but starting in 2010, the magazine will be made from FSC-certified paper from Swedish forests only. Readers will be able to track the magazine’s paper back to the New actual environmentally friendly forest that it came from. – For us at Norr it is only natural to make as little members impact on the environment as possible – since we love the nature around us and want to protect it. Choosing locally produced paper is one step down that road, of sog says editor-in-chief Gabriel Arthur. of the con- as a result Vote for your stant growth of the Nordic outdoor market, Scandina- vian Outdoor Group is also Outdoor-Idol growing. New members e very ye ar , a tough jury from Europe’s leading include the Swedish com- outdoor magazines judges the nominees for the pany Nordic Kids Wear with the brand Isbjörn, as well Scandinavian Outdoor Award. The nominees for winter as the Finnish shoe producer Feelmax. 2010-2011 are on display in the Scandinavian Villlage. In Sweden, Isbjörn has set a new standard for high Starting now, there is also public voting. Check out the quality clothes for active children. Feelmax innovative products and choose your favorite in three categories: shoes and soles give users a unique feeling of close Overall, Sustainability and Kids. Then, cast your vote at contact with the ground. Location: Bus stop Trångsviken, Jämtland, Sweden. / May the best products win! Still freezing? Why? Stay warm with a base layer of fine Merino wool in a terry knit. The terry loops trap vasaloppet winner in new gloves air between the skin and the clothing to create a warm insulating layer. Wool also has a natural ability to carry away moisture and perspiration. iN march 2 0 0 9 , Daniel Tynell from should barely feel like it is on my hand. Woolpower is manufactured in Östersund in northern Sweden and the thermal garments are used for work, Borlänge, Sweden won the Vasaloppet My thoughts should only revolve around sports and leisure, and by people who would simply rather not be freezing cold. Using the material Ullfrotté cross-country ski race for the third time. skiing and the race, says Tynell. This season, Daniel will be racing with During the winter, Daniel spends his Original, Woolpower has been manufactured since 1972. Hestra gloves, namely the Windstopper time competing in the ten races of the Action Race Cut model. FIS Marathon Cup, where the Vasalop- – The best grade I can give a glove is pet is the largest and most prestigious. when I don’t even think about it at all. It 6 S ca N d i Na v i aN O u t d OO r N e w S
  5. 5. events r&D retailers while many outdoor companies are oas experience winter 1 a day at work for Three nights outdoors. Snowshoeing/Skiing in Rondane constantly constructing large quantities rolf and bo hilleberg. of new products, Hilleberg develops only go wild National Park, Norway. comPaNies: nanok, haglöfs, tentipi, Devold, hestra one or two new tents per year. “we don’t oas experience winter 2 follow trends”, says company ceO, rolf Five nights outdoors. Snowshoeing/Skiing in Vålådalen, the hugely PoPular Outdoor Academy of Scandi- Jämtland, Sweden. comPaNies: Hilleberg, Haglöfs, Hilleberg. “it’s our own experience in the navia (OAS) will be arranged in five different locations Klättermusen, Woolpower, Primus wilderness that steers our work.” in 2010. For each one, a selected group of Nordic outdoor companies will invite retailers from all over oas explore summer Europe to visit the Scandinavian wilderness. There, Two-three nights outdoors. Trekking, rafting, mountain- they will camp and take part in outdoor biking and more in Värmland, Sweden. comPaNies: activities for a few days, while they test and Tentipi, Didriksons, Ecco. learn more about different products. Journal- oas experience autumn ists and tour operators can also take part. Five nights outdooors. Trekking in Storulvån, Jämtland, The Outdoor Academies are held in partner- Sweden. comPaNies: Hilleberg, Haglöfs, Klättermusen, ship with Visit Sweden and Visit Norway. tents with Woolpower, Optimus, Silva There are different levels of difficulty, to match the need of all the participants. New for this year is an oas experience autumn / girls OAS designed specifically for women. Four nights outdoors. Trekking and canoeing in Rogen If your company wants to take part, please ask National Park, Härjedalen, Sweden. comPaNies: a history for more information at the Scandinavian Bar or Haglöfs, Tentipi, Didriksons, Light My Fire, Ecco, e-mail Hilleberg, Woolpower, Klättermusen, Silva, Lundhags The program for 2010 is as follows: cre atiNg Novelties is not the objective at Hilleberg the Tentmaker, which was founded in 1971 in Östersund, the wigwam – the Welcome to Isbjörn of Sweden® Sweden by Bo Hilleberg. The company has an unusually original dome tent. humble approach to product development. Technical Outdoor Wear for kids up to 8 yrs “We are not great innovators. We just utilize the know- ledge that has been obvious to native cultures for centu- ries,” says Bo Hilleberg, who has heavily researched the history of tents. Multisporters by Nature He explains that the predecessor to the modern-day dome tent was the wigwam, also called wiigiwaam, made by the Ojibwa Native American group. A wigwam was made of saplings that were bent down and tied to- gether. The basic structure was then covered with animal hides, bark and branches. The Sami, native to Scandi- navia, also used the dome shape. Their year-round huts were dome-like and were covered with reindeer skins – While we don’t pump out tons of new products, it is and earth. Tipi-shaped shelters came about when the clear that many of our thoughts and discussions revolve Sami domesticated reindeer and made them into draught around how we can develop our tents. For me this is animals. Only then could they transport the long, straight only natural, it’s something that I grew up with. And our rods on sleds and build camps above the tree line. staff often makes trips to the mountains together. We – These huts were similar to today’s pyramid tents. also provide tents to professionals who spend a great Even tunnel tents and all other models can be traced deal of their time in the wilderness. Their comments are back in time, says Bo Hilleberg. extremely valuable to us. today, the comPaNy is run by Bo Hilleberg’s son Rolf, For isPo , Rolf Hilleberg is promoting the company’s new while his daughter Petra is in charge of operations in version of its Windsack. Booth A6:112 the United States. In Sweden, there are about fifteen employees, all with a genuine passion for outdoor rec- – I wouldn’t call it a new model. We have just improved on some details. The important thing is that it can save reation. And mountains and wilderness are located just your life if the weather suddenly changes for the worse, around the corner, says Rolf. says Rolf. 8 S ca N d i Na v i aN O u t d OO r N e w S Sca N diNa via N OutdO Or NewS 9
  6. 6. environment Business DEVOLD® HERITAGE Devold® has made high quality wool apparels since 1853. Our first customers were fishermen and workers facing the harsh climate along the Norwegian coast. The durable woollen garments became very popular, and renowned Arctic explorers, including Ellsworth, Amundsen and Nansen choose Devold® knitted products for their expeditions. tobias groeber, business unit director at messe münchen. eco-friendly push by ispo as europe’s leading trade exposition for the sporting goods industry, ispo has now launched several initiatives to give an will be presented for the second time in 2010 and has already established itself as a prestigious award for in- novative and sustainable products. – The Eco Village is located in a top position near the Worn by Norwegians East entrance. Core topics are, among others, logistics, additional push towards greener sports. manufacturing, waste disposal, company culture and CSR, says Tobias Groeber, who also points out the new category that has been added to the Brand New Awards, as so many entries included eco and fair trade aspects in since 1853 celebr atiNg 4 0 this ye ar , with over 2000 exhibitors their applications. and 60000 visitors, Ispo has an indisputable impact on the sports scene worldwide. Alarmed by the serious- a series oF str ategic partnerships also helps push ness of climate change, Ispo has declared “green” as the the green button. One that will hopefully result in new number 1 topic for 2010. eco-friendly ideas is the research project “Sustainability of – We want to increase the Sports Technology”, which is being conducted at the Tech- awareness of this highly critical nical University of Munich. Bluesign, the global network for issue. Treating our environment sustainability within textile production, will also participate and resources more con- in Ispo 2010 with representatives and seminars. sciously and gently is playing One fact that few Ispo visitors are aware of is that the a major role among sports retailers and consumers, says building complex itself features some quite remarkable Tobias Groeber, business unit director at Messe München, environmentally oriented features. the organization that hosts Ispo. For example, it has an enormous photovoltaic instal- The most visible measures is the “Eco Village”, which lation on the roof, generating 2.7 MW (megawatts) of bundles and presents companies that are known to be electricity per year. For this, it was awarded an “Energy leaders in ecological manufacturing processes. It also Efficient Business” certificate by Southern Germany’s hosts the winners of the Eco Responsibility Award, which Technical Control Association, in 2008. 10 S ca N d i Na v i aN O u t d OO r N e w S Sca N diNa via N OutdO Or NewS 11
  7. 7. Branding woolpower ceo, adam brånby and marketing director, sara wänseth. Sweden’s hottest rebranding things are going well for Swedish wool- power. the company has doubled its turnover in three years and was presented with the export Hermes award by greater control over quality, says Marketing Director Swedish crown Princess victoria. Sarah Wänseth, who also mentions the close cooperation with distributors as another important success factor. the with Now, the company has partnered with Merino wool is hot and Woolpower is continuing the the world famous icehotel in Jukkasjärvi. trend by preaching the benefits of wool. An example is the company’s reoccurring marketing argument “Still freezing? Why?” The advertising campaign built from this was one of the reasons why the company received & I C E L A N D I C M O U N TA I N G U I D E S the swedish FuNd for Export Development is in charge the award “Marketing Company of Sweden 2008”. And of awarding the prestigious prize. This year’s jury found recently, Woolpower has launched a partnership with the 66°NORTH and Icelandic Mountain Guides join that Woolpower was able to recharge its brand with world famous Ice Hotel in Jukkasjärvi, Sweden. forces again in 2010 to offer the very successful “Strength and Norlandic Cool” and in doing so, was able – We stand for the same values: cold, genuine and to realize major export successes. Swedish. Now, all of their guides and ice sculptors wear “Reach the Top with 66°NORTH” training The company, with its own factory in Östersund, our clothing. The Ice Hotel also gives away clothing to program. The program allows climbers to have has been manufacturing underwear and socks from key customers and our clothing is sold in their store, the experience of a lifetime while learning a the material Ullfrotté Original for 40 years. The recent says Wänseth. And the Ice Hotel will be an important rapid growth, however, started four years ago when place for relationship building – we have already hosted valuable lesson in environmental responsibility. the company rebranded itself to Woolpower. Today, the a meeting with our distributors there. warm garments made from merino wool are sold in 27 Visit our booth at ISPO (Hall A6, Stand 122) and countries worldwide. the Future is also looking bright. The 70 employees learn more about “Reach the top with – The name change is one of the reasons for our in Östersund work evenings and weekends in order to success, as it works well internationally. Another reason satisfy the craving for the warm underwear. 66°NORTH“. is that we chose to stay in Sweden, while many others – We continue to grow and it looks positive for most of moved production to low cost countries. This gives us our geographic markets and for all segments, says Wänseth. 12 S ca N d i Na v i aN O u t d OO r N e w S
  8. 8. 25. 8. 50 YEARS OF 22. 2. NATURAL SCIENCE 28. 1. 1950 - Wooden frame. Fourteen-year-old Åke 16. 1979 - Fjällräven Weeks. Fjällräven starts to bring Nordin builds his first wooden frame before a trek in curious beginners out into nature to spark an interest the mountains. The Sami are impressed and orders in spending time outdoors. start to pour in. 17. 1989 - Silhuett. Fjällräven studies the body’s 11. 7. 2. 1960 - Fjällräven. Åke starts Fjällräven and unveils movements when sleeping and launches its Silhuett revolutionary backpack frames in aluminium. sleeping bags. The sleeping bags became very popular 3. 1963 - Vacation reform. Swedish Parliament adopts and the design is still used today. 27. a law stipulating four weeks of vacation. People head 18. 1992 - Fält Jacket. Developed together with Lars out into the mountains with Fjällräven’s functional Fält, founder of the Swedish Armed Forces’ survival 3. backpacks. school, to meet the most demanding requirements that 4. 1964 - Tent revolution. Fjällräven releases the can be placed on a survival garment. Termo tent, which becomes an instant hit. The first 19. 1992 - Akka tent. The popular Akka is introduced. 1. condensation-free tent allows people to wake up warm A more advanced version of Akka is still included in and dry. our selection today. 5. 1964 - Product development in the Himalayas. 20. 1993 - Fjällräven Extreme Marathon. Sweden’s From the day it was founded, Fjällräven has always first extreme marathon is held in the mountains. 15. been dedicated to developing products in their proper 21. 1994 - Rädda fjällräven. We start our cooperation environment. with Anders Angerbjörn to save the endangered arctic 6. 1965 - Golden Fox. Per-Åke Sjöman is named the fox. The cooperation exists today under the name “Save 19. 14. 24. first Golden Fox, a title that is still awarded today to the Artic Fox”. people who contribute to the development of outdoor 22. 1994 - Environmental products. Starting in 1994, life. we offer a larger selection of environmentally friendly 29. 20. 7. 1966 - The Greenland expedition. Fjällräven materials and the details on our clothes can be sepa- provides the Nordic Greenland expedition with rated and recycled. equipment. The expedition and the tents are a big 23. 1995 - Iceland Trousers are introduced. Quickly success. become a classic among our many durable trekking 5. 8. 1968 - Greenland Jacket. Fjällräven’s first jacket trousers. Eight pockets with room for everything from 6. is developed in cooperation with members of a map to an axe. the Greenland expedition. 24. 1997 - Fjällräven Polar. Over the next eight years, 9. 1968 - G-1000®. Quite possibly the outdoor world’s regular people compete in dog sledding. From the most durable and adaptable fabric sees the light of coast of the Arctic Ocean in Norway across 350 km day. Initially, it was thought that the fabric could be of permafrost to Jukkasjärvi. used for a lightweight tent, but it proved to be too 25. 1999 - Vidda. Our most popular trousers in durable heavy. After some modifications, the fabric was named G-1000. Reinforced at the knees and in the rear. G-1000. Adjustable leg endings and eight practical pockets. 10. 1970 - Urbanisation. People move from the coun- 26. 2004 - Fjällräven Classic. The annual 110 km trek 31. try to the city’s factories. But they do not lose their is held for the first time along the Kungsleden Trail desire to get out into nature. Fjällräven’s equipment in Swedish Lapland, one of the world’s most beautiful becomes a standard companion and a part of a folk environments. 10. movement. 30. 27. 2005 - Åke sets an example. Three hundred of 12. 11. 1973 - HAP. Fjällräven’s Arctic Sleeping Bag was Sweden’s most experienced businessmen select Åke popular during expeditions as early as 1965. Thanks to as one of their most prominent role models in Sweden. 13. HAP (High Alpine Polar), the sleeping bag began to 17. 28. 2008 - Pak-5. A complete set for mountain hiking be used for much more than just sleeping. weighing in at under 5 kg. Named Scandinavia’s best 12. 1974 - Expedition Down. People were looking for outdoor product. a really warm jacket for the harsh winter climate. It 29. 2008 - Kajka. The backpack is released and instantly became a favourite and is still used today . becomes a favourite throughout the country. Named 13. 1974 - Survival Jacket. After providing expeditions the 2009 Product of the Year by the outdoor magazine to warmer climates with equipment, Fjällräven “Utemagasinet”. Functional with a good support develops its first specially designed travel clothing. system. 26. 14. 1975 - Gyro Backpack. The tethered suspension 30. 2010 - Tur Trousers. Part of the hardwearing and 18. gives the user full mobility while still keeping control 9. functional Tur Set. Perfect for winter adventures. of the backpack. 31. 2010 - 50-years. Fjällräven celebrates 50-years16. 23. 15. 1978 - Kånken. Introduced to save the backs of by continuing to develop durable equipment, acting 21. school children. In 2008, Kånken becomes the world’s responsibly and inspiring people to embrace active first climate-compensated backpack. outdoor life. 4. It is amazing how fast 50 years can fly by when you are having fun. Visit our booth and you will see what products people will be talking about in another 50 years.
  9. 9. Business if anyone in 1998 had predicted that Lundhags would become one of the fast- est growing Swedish outdoor companies, they would have been laughed at. Back then, the company was literally in ruins. “in retrospect, i can see that the fire was the beginning of our success,” says Jan-anders Lundhag, ceO of Lundhags and grandson of the shoemaker who started the company.shoemaker urban eriksson has been making lundhags From ashesboots for 28 years. to success Photos By erik olsson oN valeNtiNe’s day in 1998, Jan-Anders was at a trade fair in Stockholm when the phone rang and he learned that a fire had broken out at home. While the conversa- tion was still going on, Jan-Anders packed his bag, found a taxi, went to the airport and bought a plane ticket to Östersund, some 600 kilometers to the north. Once landed, a taxi whisked him home to the small com- munity of Järpen, in the Swedish Jämtland mountains. “I was on the scene three hours after the phone rang. And I couldn’t do a thing but stand there and watch while everything went up in flames,” says Jan-Anders. Reconstruction took a year and a half. It wasn’t only new buildings that had to be constructed; the entire company was forced to start over. Customer lists, tele- phone switchboards, records – everything was gone. at the time , all shoe manufacturing, a total of about 15 000 pairs of boots per year, was done at their own factory in Järpen (today, the company also has a shoe factory in Portugal). Lundhags was also the dealer for several foreign brands. The company had recently begun Sca N diNa via N OutdO Or NewS 17
  10. 10. Business Business around the corner from lundhags, since 1932. “we were forced to put all product development plans aside so we could at least deliver something.” chose to focus hard on their own shoes, and at the same time, develop them. “Luckily, we had saved templates and lasts for all of our shoes at another location.” aNd sooN the y had stopped importing products from abroad and instead, developed an even wider assort- ment of clothing and backpacks. “What made up our minds was our own knowledge of what is needed in the wilderness. We knew from personal experience that many of the foreign products making their own clothing and backpack manufactur- could not survive the environment up here in the north,” ing was in the starting phase. “We were forced to put all says Jan-Anders. “When our grandfather started the product development plans aside and instead, buy new company, it was because the nature around here called machines and other things, so we could at least deliver for high boots that could stand the wetness of the bogs something.” and wet mountains. And even if materials and technical But when the initial shock had subsided, Jan-Anders solutions are continually improving, the nature here stays and his colleagues realized that the fire also provided the same.” an opportunity. As they were already rebuilding from These ideas were also carried over to both clothing scratch, they might as well take the opportunity to make and backpacks. Although there are products with light- everything even better. weight materials in today’s collections, the designs are An example: In Sweden, Lundhags rugged boots more often about durability and the ability to withstand made from cellular rubber and durable leather have severe weather and rough terrain. been an institution within outdoor recreation ever since Jan-Anders, his brother Mats-Håkan, his mother and Jan-Anders grandfather, Jonas Lundhag, made the first uncle, all active in the company, are the guardians of models in 1932. A couple of years before the fire, the that knowledge, so that the traditions are kept alive. “But company had their eyes on the sort of low-cut leather we also get help from skilled people on the outside,” boots that are more common in the Alp countries. says Jan-Anders. “The fire taught us that you shouldn’t They had even developed some models. Should they always do things the same way, without ever developing now abandon their traditional models of cellular rubber the products and the company.” boots and instead compete with brands such as Scarpa and Hanwag? Another example: Was it worthwhile to the result? The company has managed to take the continue with their own clothing and backpack designs, difficult leap from being a specialist in one field to a where all the work had gone up in smoke? Wouldn’t it master in several areas, while still maintaining quality. just be easier to focus more on the dealership? Over the last three years, Lundhags has almost doubled The answer to both questions was the no. Lundhags its sales, both domestically and abroad. 18 S ca N d i Na v i aN O u t d OO r N e w S Sca N diNa via N OutdO Or NewS 19
  11. 11. P h o t o : F r e D r i k s c h ly t e rBusiness Gear Guide Fully Special edition from 66 North the light weight warmth and dynam- ic style of Vík Women’s Jacket Special Edition makes it the perfect choice for tested everything from sporting pursuits to a trip to the mall. Created from four-way stretch fabric, it is cut to flatter a woman’s shape. The Polartec Wind Pro Stretch material is quick drying and incorporates flat needle stitching for no-rub comfort. The dual slider zipper acts as an attractive feature. This high performance technical jacket allround is only available in a limited number. Stormy mountains, at it’s best deep fjords and vast, empty forests. Just as good in the city as in the outdoors, Lundhags Mei is a streamlined, simple damn Good design Scandinavia is one and smart backpack for both hestr a’s Pro model series is created in collaboration with some big test laboratory everyday life and day trips. of the world’s best alpine skiers, including American freeskiing star Seth Morrison. His Pro Model is available in two versions, one The 24-litre model has a for outdoor products. large main compartment with with five fingers and one with three. The latter was selected as a space for a laptop, as well “Editor’s Pick” by the American magazine Freeskier in the as a spacious front section Fall 2009 Gear Test issue. The editor and several smaller storage summed up Seth Morrison’s areas that makes it easy glove with the words “It just to keep track of all smaller feels so damn good.” items. Other ingenious func- tions include side pockets for water bottles, built-in rain protection and detachable straps for Nordic walking poles. A daypack for all types of activities, whether it is a day of hiking or a bike ride to work. Glacier fashion the vatNaJöKull womeN’s JacKet from 66 North jacket covers all bases for women wanting to be active, warm and stylish. Wind chill is minimised by Wind Pro, while Wind Pro Stretch provides a perfect fit in the sleeves. The clever design has articulated elbows and two perfectly positioned zipped hand-warming pockets. The jacket also breathes with you thanks to venting through the side pockets. Last, but not least, the handy chest pocket means no more missing cell phone. 20 S ca N d i Na v i aN O u t d OO r N e w S Sca N diNa via N OutdO Or NewS 21
  12. 12. Gear Guide Gear Guide warm with eco-insulation Recyclable and FileFJell is Not Just the name of Bergans’ newest Dermizax ultralight hardshell, but also an entire product family. Those who get houdiNi’s sPace JacKet is an cold and need an insulating jacket with full weather protection ultralight jacket made from 100g should reach for the Filefjell Insulated Jacket, which offers an PrimaLoft One, both in male additional layer of PrimaLoft Eco as heat insulation under the and female styles. The jacket reliable Dermizax membrane. The Filefjell Insulated Jacket offers provides effective insula- all the features that Bergans’ shell jackets are known for, like tion and is supple, for use long ventilation zippers, a detachable both as outerwear and as a snow skirt and a large fully midlayer. It is highly water adjustable hood. resistant, dries in no time and can be compressed and stowed into its’ inter- nal zip-pocket. New Collection: Like most of Houdini’s products, the Space Mountaineering Jacket is fully recyclable. hestr a’s New mountaineering series was developed in conjunction with the professional mountain climber Stéphane Schaffter from Switzerland. Stéphane has climbed several of the world’s toughest mountains since his accent of the legendary Bonatti Pillar in Chamonix when he was only 16 years old. The new models balance comfort, function and durability that are needed for high alpine environments. Several models have removable wool liners that can be washed and replaced. This allows for the gloves to be combined for changing weather conditions and uses. For the core crowd enjoy the storm iF your boots Fail , the whole expedition fails. Polar Quest, a product of Lundhags’ latest collection, is the Swedish brand’s warmest winter boot, with a removable 5 mm inner boot made from reinforced wool. Like all Lundhags this wiNter, luNdhags is releasing a completely new boots, it is also extremely light. And the inner boot dries fast, so it is as collection with warm parkas and jackets. The Temple comfortable and cozy during the tour, as it was when you Parka is a long, warm and watertight jacket that retains started out. Unusual for European eyes, the high heat in all weather. shaft consists of Nubuck leather with Speed The shell consists of DWR-treated 2-layer ZethAr® Lacing. Its sole is completely waterproof with taped seams and filling made of superinsulating thanks to the rubber construction, and it will PrimaLoft Sport. The jacket also has many smart de- whithand any cold temperature. These boots tails such as preshaped sleeves, backhood adjustment will keep you warm for a lifetime. and a small inside pocket with holes for headphones. 22 S ca N d i Na v i aN O u t d OO r N e w S Sca N diNa via N OutdO Or NewS 23