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How to commit Web 2.0 social suicide - and make an enemy of Facebook - Montreal Social Media


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But as media communications let our second/online/offline identities overflowing directly into actua...

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How to commit Web 2.0 social suicide - and make an enemy of Facebook - Montreal Social Media

  1. 1. How to commit Web 2.0 social suicide - and make an enemy of Facebook - Montreal Social Media But as media communications let our second/online/offline identities overflowing directly into actual life - as well as vice-versa - the particular distinctions between the real and additionally the virtual are becoming, a lot more and more confused. Facebook blocks sites, sends cease-and-desist letters Facebook features blocked both Web 2.0 Suicide machine and also Seppukoo, sending out cease-and desist letters which are posted about each sites. Facebook says both web sites violate its Statement involving Legal Rights along with Responsibilities, specifically regarding protection of user privacy and account information simply by soliciting user login information, accessing accounts that won't belong in their own mind as well as collecting users' content material or even details making use of automated means without Facebook's approval. For more information: Web 2.0 Suicide Machine: Erase your Virtual Life Facebook blocks social network 'suicide' website Moddr about Vimeo Web 2.0 Suicide Machine: Cease-and-desist Letter from Facebook Seppukoo: Cease-and-desist Letter through Facebook  Enjoy this article? Receive e-mail alerts when new content is available. you can find her in Twitter @alisoncummings and Facebook. . Nevertheless will be committing "social suicide" the answer? It can be if you want to have your lifetime back, based on Moddr, your group of artists, designers as well as programmers behind "Web 2.0 Suicide Machine," as well as Les Liens Invisibles, a pair of media artists which produced Seppukoo.
  2. 2. The a pair of Web web sites take "unfriending Social Media" into a darkly humorous new level. Web 2.0 Suicide Machine Here's the real approach it works: As Quickly As a person click "commit," a new remote connection is set up together along with your computer, along with depending around the Social Media source chosen (Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, Twitter), scripts take to remove followers, changes the profile picture, username along with password. Visit to discover out more! Seppukoo Then there's, which in turn deactivates your current user Facebook account, "driving people into one of the most radical chic user-experiences: the actual vir(tu)al suicide." The Actual title comes from Seppuku ("stomach-cutting"), an old type of ritual suicide chosen through Japanese samurai, whom preferred for you to die using honor by simply their own hand compared to from the hands of his or her enemies. Users could customize his or her RIP memorial web page having a option regarding background, colors and also fonts. And Also visitors could leave his or her condolences in the remark area. In addition into a "suicidal wall," Seppuku promotes its Best one hundred suicidal users, giving points pertaining to each as well as every suicidal friend, good friend of a friend, etc., that will follows anyone inside "Seppukoo Experience"   "This may become the end. My just friend, the particular end." You tend to be more than your current virtual identity, «Virtual life» is definitely an - often - abused term utilized to describe the entire of 1 individual Social Accounts online activities. Just click on the "Subscribe" button above. Alison Cummings is a Net Strategy specialist and also Social Media blogger situated in Montreal. An Individual could watch your current 2.0 lifestyle pass away before the eyes. and once anyone commit, there is actually certainly no going back. Yet you are immortalized in inside a mini-profile that allows you to become able to BLogger accounts definitely talk about your own last words. With 112 pages at 8 listings the page, your suicide toll from time of this submit was 896. yet the actual "Who's Whom regarding Social Suiciders" features a suspicious variety of similar faces along with lower good friend rates, leading to doubts associated with its veracity. Liberate your current newbie buddies having a Web2.0 suicide! This particular device lets anyone delete all your energy sucking social-networking profiles, kill your own fake virtual friends, and entirely do away with your Web2.0 alter ego. With the countless Social networking channels available, keeping up to date inside the realm of
  3. 3. Social Media demands a great deal of time and energy