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A little history of brand utility


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Brand utility is actually not a new concept. This presentation will provide you a few examples of brand utility seen in the past. From the baker of your street to Apple iPod and iTunes...

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A little history of brand utility

  1. 1. A little history of brand utility Marwann AL SAADI Brieuc SAFFRÉ
  2. 2. When looking at the past, we notice that brand utility is not a new concept… James72 on
  3. 3. From the baker in your street…
  4. 4. abbyyy on flickr …to iPod and iTunes
  5. 5. there are many examples.
  6. 6. Bakers were the firsts to ..understand brand utility. Bubbels on
  7. 7. ..They made their products in order to satisfy ..their customers. Makiwi on flickr
  8. 8. Duchesssa on flickr because bakers know their reputation is their best and unique way to promote themselves
  9. 9. Legomyphoto.wordpress ...and they make their customers happy!
  10. 10. How?
  11. 11. Listening to them Stuart Stevenson on Flickr
  12. 12. Creating experiences
  13. 13. Giving good advice (recipes, cooking..) ispap on
  14. 14. Fuzzirella on Flickr Their most satisfied clients became their ambassadors
  15. 15. And thanks to word-of-mouth and the good experience they provided, they brought them new customers.
  16. 16. Then came Industrial Revolution, rural flight and people looking for jobs in factories…
  17. 17. And many new problems related to it…
  18. 18. Hard works, high-turnover, lower productivity… Ayearoflego on tumblr
  19. 19. Schneider family managed to handle ...these problems in Le Creusot (France) Le Creusot
  20. 20. Facilitating life of their factory workers… Robert Doisneau Free access to schools…
  21. 21. Facilitating life of their factory workers… …health centers
  22. 22. Facilitating life of their factory workers… ..A house for everyone
  23. 23. Results Brieuc on flickr Higher loyalty from factory workers
  24. 24. Results Brieuc on flickr Lower turnover rate
  25. 25. Results Brieuc on flickr Good reputation of Schneider across France
  26. 26. Results Number of inhabitants in Le Creusot 40000 38000 35000 Brieuc on flickr 32000 30000 25000 25000 20000 15000 10000 6000 Number of inhabitants in Le Creusot 5000 0 1846 1875 1900 1920
  27. 27. Henry Ford had the same problems as the Schneiders….
  28. 28. … he also tried to improve life of his employees
  29. 29. ..And also got great results…
  30. 30. ..Michelin Brothers created a guide dedicated to car drivers in 1900. It was full of tips and addresses of car repairers, doctors and curiosities.
  31. 31. ..IIt is still a reference guide, used all around the world… Ulteriorpicture on flickr
  32. 32. ..And the experience goes ahead on iPhone…
  33. 33. Sir Hugh Beaver, engineer at Guinness, always wondered which .from the grouse and the golden plover was the fastest game-bird. Grouse Golden Plover
  34. 34. Victor Hugo Queiroz And he knew many people like him asked themselves these kinds of unanswered questions
  35. 35. He decided to help them a and the Guinness book of records was born
  36. 36. Nowadays this book is an institution… 207,000,000 results!
  37. 37. …and one of the most stolen books in US …public libraries!
  38. 38. Nealmeister on typepad Pizzerias appeared after WWII in the US: soldiers coming back from Italy opened their own restaurants.
  39. 39. Many pizzerias flourished in the US, providing ..citizens a new kind of cuisine Pausimausi on
  40. 40. But Tom Monaghan, creator of Domino’s Pizza, was the first to introduce. a new concept…
  41. 41. danielygo on Pizza home delivery
  42. 42. Nowadays, pizza delivery is seen as a core service of pizzerias
  43. 43. But at that time it was an isolated initiative of brand utility! Iso3200 on flickr
  44. 44. Google and its research services are a good example of a brand-utility based business model
  45. 45. Information retrieved in an organized and useful way: Enhance the user experience
  46. 46. Free and functional search engine, providing relevant results modish on
  47. 47. Google went on with other free side services
  48. 48. …and got rewarded for this: most popular brand in 2010 Millward Brown BrandZ top
  49. 49. Do you remember these programs?
  50. 50. And these?
  51. 51. ..An overload of software, codecs and formats that got users confused Gaetanlee on Flickr
  52. 52. Then, Apple released its MP3 player: iPod Jdhancock on Flickr
  53. 53. varmamukul on flickr ..and centralised iPod updates, access to music stores, multimedia in an easy and useful software: iTunes.
  54. 54. User experience has been facilitated
  55. 55. Helping to create a community of brand enthusiasts Lapommecroquee on Flickr
  56. 56. We came from an era of conversation… (From dawn of time to XVIIIth Century)
  57. 57. People We came from an era of conversation… (From dawn of time to XVIIIth Century)
  58. 58. …to an era of mass media... (XIXth and XXth centuries) Mjimages on
  59. 59. …to an era of mass media... (XIXth and XXth centuries) Mass media Mjimages on People
  60. 60. …and we are now entering the digital conversations era. Zeno77 on flickr
  61. 61. …and we are now entering the digital conversations era. Mass media Zeno77 on flickr Everyone is a media
  62. 62. Legomyphoto Brand utility is not new.
  63. 63. But it has to be thought according to the digital conversations era.
  64. 64. Use social media to be useful, give answers and advice, improve your products and services. Wheat Thins
  65. 65. Thank you for your attention. And many thanks to, and tumblr users for their cool photos.
  66. 66. marwann al saadi brieuc saffré bkp550 on flickr July 2010