TRB 2012 Annual Meeting: Session 564


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Building Your Professional Network in 140 Characters or Less: How Social Media Tools Can Enhance Professional Networking

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  • YMC has been meeting since the beginning of 2011YMC Subcommittees are planned for all 11 discipline-based Groups—get involved!Young member slot increase from 2 to 4 for every Standing Committee
  • YMC aims to serve every transportation professional aged 35 or under in advancing the national transportation research agendaInvolvement with YMC is open to all transportation professionals
  • Find and join your YMC Subcommittee! Currently, there are Subcommittees for the following groups
  • Find and join your YMC Subcommittee! Currently, there are Subcommittees for the following groups
  • Talk about YMC Groupsite in detail: including ability to set up online profile similar to Facebook for member-to-member exchange of messages, a common calendar of events for all members, and various resources and links of interest to Young MembersFuture plans in italics.
  • Talk about YMC Groupsite in detail: including ability to set up online profile similar to Facebook for member-to-member exchange of messages, a common calendar of events for all members, and various resources and links of interest to Young MembersFuture plans in italics.
  • Choose Your Acronym: Credentials for Transportation Professionals. Credentials demonstrate your commitment to a specialization and the transportation profession in general. Further, holding a credential can result in higher wages, improved proposal success rates, networking opportunities, and continuing education. This session brings together representatives from five different organizations that offer credentials relevant to transportation professionals. Hear more about each credential and select which one will help advance your career.Building Your Professional Network in 140 Characters or Less: How Social Media Tools Can Enhance Professional Networking. Building a professional network is an integral element in the career success of a young professional. However, with factors like the complexity of the transportation industry and growing workloads, professionals encounter challenges with networking. Social media can help. In a roundtable setting, to provide an interactive dialogue, transportation professionals will share their experiences in using social media to build their personal communication portfolios and professional networks.Young Member Roundtable: Pressing Policy Issues in Transportation. In this session, young transportation professionals from a variety of backgrounds will hold a roundtable discussion to provide their perspectives on pressing policy issues related to their disciplines. This nontechnical dialogue is designed to encourage interaction between transportation professionals across the entire policy spectrum and will help identify common goals and challenges faced by all.
  • Close coordination between YMC and YPT, including Bob Skinner’s service on the YPT Board of Advisors
  • There is no denying the influence of social media in current culture, be it professional or personal. Experts in social media argue we do not have a choice in whether we use social media. Instead, it is a question of how well we do it. This session, whichsupports the many efforts by TRB to promote the use of social media, will focus on how social media tools can be used for professional development and growth.
  • The idea for this session was influenced by my own personal growth in using social media. My background in communications first began when I was appointed the Communications Coordinator for TRB’s Standing Committee on Visualization in Transportation (ABJ95). In this capacity, I worked with the committee chair to integrate social media tools into the committee’s communication portfolio. Although the Visualization Committee already had an established website, we wanted a venue that could serve as an information repository and allow for dialogue outside of the Annual and Mid-Year Meetings. After researching several tools, we began using Ning. As I became more involved with committee communications, I joined TRB’s Committee Communication Coordinators Council (CCCC),which provides communication guidance to all standing committees. I helped organize a workshop for the 2011 Annual Meeting: Enhancing Communications: Engaging and Promoting Active Communications. Although this workshop focused specifically on committee’s use of social media, I learned so much about social media in general from the knowledgeable panel of speakers. Post-Annual Meeting, I left DC feeling inspired. I immediately made improving my professional communication portfolio a priority! 
  • I have learned so much in the past year and met a multitude of awesome transportation professionals. Social media tools provide a medium for information sharing, networking, and career advancement. For example, my work often focuses on specific sectors within the transportation industry, namely transit. But while browsing my Twitter home feed during my daily commute; I can catch up on current news in other facets of the transportation industry. This has helped me to broaden my knowledge base and better understand the industry at large.More specifically, Lloyd Brown, Meghan Makoid, and I co-authored a TRB paperthat evolved from a single tweet posted on Twitter. We presented during a poster session this morning, and our paper is being considered for publication. As another example, a colleague of mine was hired to work on one of NYC’s largest capital projects – the East Side Access, purely because the right person saw his profile on LinkedIn. These are only a few examples. We will hear many more today from our panelists, and likewise, we want to hear from you.
  • Justas I was motivated during last year’s AnnualMeeting and continue to be inspired by experts in the field, the intent of this session is to help encourage other young professionals to consider using social media.Next, each of the panelists will introduce themselves. These transportation professionals will share their experiences in utilizing social media to build their communication portfolios and professional networks. We want this discussion, to be interactive, so please feel free to share your success stories, lessons learned, or challenges. We have some discussion topics prepared, but would love to hear from you too, so please contribute to the discussion with any questions or comments.
  • TRB 2012 Annual Meeting: Session 564

    2. 2. INTRODUCTION• Sponsored by: Young Members Council (YMC)• Moderators: Stephanie Camay and Andy Palanisamy• Panelists: • Lloyd Brown • Shana Johnson • Aimee Custis • Andrew Krzmarzick • Kendra Levine • Meghan Makoid • Ashley Robbins • Erik Weber
    3. 3. An introduction…YOUNG MEMBER COUNCIL
    4. 4. TRB is EmpoweringIts Young Members—the Future of TransportationEstablished Young Members Council toadvise TRB leadershipYoung Members Council subcommitteesat Group levelIncreased number of Young Memberslots on CommitteesYoung member-oriented activitiesthroughout the year
    5. 5. YMC‘S GOALS Involvement • Providing opportunities for young professionals to get actively involved with TRB Resources • Providing targeted resources geared for young professionals in the form of technical sessions, events, and guides Connections • Providing networking opportunities and connecting young professional peers from around the world • Serving as young professionals‘ liaison to and from TRB Representation leadership and the research community to address issues of importance to young members
    6. 6. WHERE YMC FITS IN AT TRBTRB hierarchy Young Members Council • YMC serves at the TAC level Executive Committee • 9 discipline-specific Subcommittees forTechnical Activities Council (TAC) each TRB Group • Involvement open to all transportation Group professionals in the TRB community • Goal is to assist those eligible as Section "Young Professionals‖ (< 35 years ) Standing Committee Subcommittee
    7. 7. YMC SUBCOMMITTEES Policy and Public Aviation Organization Transportation Design and Planning and Rail Construction Environment Freight Operations and Safety and Systems Preservation Systems Users Legal Marine Resources
    8. 8. More information…Visit
    9. 9. YMC ACCOMPLISHMENTS• Strategic Plan/Bylaws• ―What I Wish I Knew at My First TRB‖ resources• Interactive online community •
    10. 10. YMC PLANS• Mentorship program• Engagement tools in Cooperative Research Programs• Recognition of Young Member contributions to the industry• And more to come!
    11. 11. YMC-SPONSORED SESSIONS• 375: Choose Your Acronym—Credentials for Transportation Professionals • Monday, 3:45pm–5:30pm, Shoreham Regency Ballroom• 564: Building Your Professional Network in 140 Characters or Less • Tuesday, 1:30pm–3:15pm, Hilton, International West• 754: Young Members Roundtable—Pressing Policy Issues in Transportation • Wednesday, 2:30pm–4:00pm, Marriott Maryland B
    12. 12. YMC-SPONSORED SESSIONS• Young Members Reception co-hosted with Young Professionals in Transportation • Special guest: Sandi Rosenbloom, incoming Chair of the TRB Executive Committee • Tuesday, 5:45pm—7:15pm, Marriott Mezzanine• YMC Business Meeting • Monday, 10:15am—12:00pm, Hilton Columbia Hall Room 11
    13. 13. YMC SOCIAL MEDIA PRESENCE• Interactive online community at• Twitter • Get real-time updates on sessions and events this week by using Twitter hashtag #TRBAM • Follow: @TRBofNA and @My1stTRB• Facebook:• Young Professionals in Transportation • 12-week series blog tips on TRB Annual Meeting:
    14. 14. Building Your Professional Network in 140 Characters or Less: How Social Media Tools CanEnhance Professional NetworkingSESSION
    15. 15. SOCIAL MEDIA If Facebook‘s 750 million users were a country, it would be the world‘s third largest Since it‘s creation in 2006, over 300 million ‗tweeters‘ have signed up to use Twitter YouTube is the second most popular search engine behind Google
    16. 16. SESSION INTENT Committee Communication CoordinatorsVisualization in Transportation Committee Council
    17. 17. WHY USE SOCIAL MEDIA?Advantages of using social media TRB paper: Using Social Media in the NEPA Process• Networking• Information sharing• Knowledge and perspective• Career advancement• Job placement
    18. 18. Without further ado…PANELISTS
    19. 19. ANDY PALANISAMY• Background • Techie & Talkative – Explains why I‘m an in Social Media • Civil Engineer - Heavy interests in ITS • Social Media junkie • Often recognized/identified as TRANSPORTGOORU• Lifestyle? • Day job – Provide technical & program mgmt. support for the USDOT‘s ITS Joint Program Office • Involved in all sorts of activities; deeper engagement in supporting social media/communications • Other jobs • Blogger – • Social Media contributor Transportgooru
    20. 20. ANDY PALANISAMY• Affiliations with TRB: • Member & Webmaster - TRB ITS Committee (AHB15) • Secretary & Webmaster – TRB Committee on Vehicle Highway Automation (AHB30) • Been around TRB for a long time (10 th #TRBAM); AHB15‘s Youngest Member• Other things worthy of mentioning: • Vice-Chair for Communications – Young Professionals in Transportation (YPT – National) • Read/publish a lot of transportation + Social media content • Addictions – Motorcycles (past); Reddit (present); Coffee (always)
    21. 21. LLOYD BROWN Media: Hiding in plain sight @lloydbrown lloydbrown
    22. 22. LLOYD BROWN• Former journalist• More than 15 years public affairs and public relations• Experienced in crisis communication; strategic communication; social media; transportation public involvementThere is a basic question, “What will a new technologydo?” that is no more important than the question, “Whatwill a new technology undo?” (Neil Postman, noted media critic and educator, in a 1998 speech)
    23. 23. SHANA JOHNSON• Why use social media ? @shana_johnson • Learn • Teach Shana (Retherford) Johnson • Connect• Commit to your chosen social media outlet.• Moderate yourself!• Different audiences for different social media outlets.
    24. 24. SHANA JOHNSON• Senior Transportation Planner, Foursquare Integrated Transportation Planning• M.U.R.P. Urban and Regional Planning, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University • Virginia Chapter American Planning Association 2008 Outstanding Graduate Student Award• B.A. Cum Laude with High Honors, Geography, Clark University. • Ellen Churchill Semple Award for the Outstanding Senior Geography Major
    25. 25. AIMEE CUSTIS Program Manager – Outreach, Transportation Learning Center Vice Chair for Communication, Young Professionals in Transportation Facebook Google + Twitter @aimeecustis LinkedIn
    26. 26. AIMEE CUSTISSocial media has helped me most with 2 things:PERSONAL BRAND(who and what I sell myself as)COMMUNITY(the people who find me valuable)
    27. 27. ANDREW KRZMARZICKDirector of Community Engagement, GovLoop • Founded by former fed• 10 yrs as grant / proposal writer • Free to join working w/ cities, counties, states • Just surpassed 50,000 members and non-profits to win $100 million in • Real-time tools: support of great projects forums, groups, communities of• 5 yrs as trainer on social interest, news media, virtual • Resource repository: workforce, generational diversity blogs, guides, training, podcasts, job s, presentations, calculators, etc.• 2 yrs as community manager at • People like you: avg. age = GovLoop, helping people like you! 43, 50% Fed, 30% state/local, events, mentors, expert facilitators
    28. 28. HOW DO WE LEARN AND GROW? I need help right away! Learning from each other Like Google, but with real people
    29. 29. KENDRA LEVINE• Transportation Librarian at UC Berkeley• @tranlib and @kendrak• Apparent Early Adopter• Like a peanut butter cup, ―Two great tastes that taste great together.‖
    30. 30. KENDRA LEVINE • Keep current • Find your tribes • Easier than a stack of business cards • It‘s meant to be fun • It‘s OK to be absurd • Be yourself (within reason)
    31. 31. MEGHAN MAKOID • Public Résumé • Networking • Learning / Sharing • Public Microblog • Networking • Learning / Sharing • Public Blog • Planning Ideas • Longer Sharing • Private Microblog • Personal Sharing • Family, Friends & Groups • Just for Fun • Personal Place Sharing • Family & Friends
    32. 32. SO REMEMBER! MEGHAN MAKOID‘S #PROTIPS There‘s a big world of social media out there• Be a cheerleader! • Popular • Ignore it – and you‘ll be lost at sea • Positive • Personable • Flexible • Lead UM, YEAH…. Kevin Mazur and Kevin Winter, TCA 2010 / WireImage• In the words of Ice Cube: ― Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself ‖ • Be Professional • Electronic = Forever • #SMFAIL • We all make mistakes, own it – move on! Comic :
    33. 33. ASHLEY ROBBINS• Psychologist• Sierra Club & Citizens for Progressive Transit• Blogger:• Twitter: @cctgirl• Campaign: Livable Communities Coalition• Consultant
    34. 34. ASHLEY ROBBINSTips for a successful social media campaign• Personality• Fun• Know when to hold ‗em & know when to fold ‗em.• Grow connections
    35. 35. ERIK WEBER• Program Analyst, Federal Transit Administration – United We Ride program• MPA – public policy and community development background• Learning tool• Networking• Sharing expertise• Disseminating information• Building capacity
    36. 36. How do you balance professional, community & personal Social Media presence? FIND ME ONLINE • • Erik Weber • @vebah • • herrvebah
    37. 37. Questions and Talking Points…ROUNDTABLE DISCUSSION
    38. 38. How has social media helped you professionally?SUCCESS STORIES
    39. 39. Where do you meet people that can help you advance your career, and how do you sustainthe relationships youve formed beyond events?PROFESSIONAL NETWORKING
    40. 40. How do you balance professional, community, and personal social media presence?BALANCE
    41. 41. Where do you turn when you have a problem in real-time on the job?INFORMATION
    42. 42. CONTACT INFORMATION Join the discussion on FacebookFollow us on Twitter• Stephanie Camay, @scamay• Andy Palanisamy, @transportgooru• Lloyd Brown, @LloydBrown• Shana Johnson, @shana_johnson• Aimee Custis, @AimeeCustis• Andrew Krzmarzick, @krazykriz• Meghan Makoid, @mamakoid• Ashley Robbins, @CCTgirl• Erik Weber, @vebah
    43. 43. THANK YOU…