Reaching New Audiences with New Tools


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  • To marketers, the prospect of reaching shoppers through their smartphones is tantalizing. But mobile doesn't always mean on the go. New data show that 68% of consumers' smartphone use happens at home. And users' most common activity is not shopping or socializing but engaging in what researchers at BBDO and AOL call "me time."Seven primary motivationsThe reasons consumers use smartphones can be broken down into the goals listed at right, along with the average monthly minutes and percentage of interactions devoted to each.
  • This is the list of languages we can currently produce applications in: English, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, and Traditional Chinese. 
  • Part of the Illiana-Corridor project involves the acquisition of several hundred properties that are located in the Illiana-Corridor footprint. The acquisition process has several steps – coordinated by a right-away manager - that involve external consultants analyzing, appraising and negotiating the acquisition of the different parcels and in case the parcels are occupied it also supports the relocation process of the occupants with the goal of obtaining and register a date when the parcel is cleared for construction. This workflow needs to allow a manager to perform assignments for the different steps of the process and allow the involved consultants to view/update the information associated with the parcel as they work through the acquisition process – until the time the process is completed. An acquisition is technically completed once the parcel is cleared for construction, and all relocation benefits have been paid; after that there is a specific period of time (about 18 months) when the occupants of the parcel have time to appeal and possibly get paid additional benefits, but once that period is passed the process is officially closed and no modifications can happen to it.The goal of this application is to create a secure centralized database to store all communications and project related land acquisition files for properties within the Illiania project corridor. This application would be accessible via the web on desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile smartphone devices. A logon credential would allow specific users to read, upload, update projects records dependent on their identified project roles. Due to time constraints and immediate needs the project will be implemented in 3 phases:
  • Reaching New Audiences with New Tools

    1. 1. SOCIAL MEDIA ANDMOBILE APPS - MAY2013Thomas Coleman, AICP, LEED APReaching NewAudiences with NewTools
    2. 2. 2012-2016Mobile Market Place2Mobile – with the number of peopleaccessing the internet via a mobilephone increasing by 60.3% to 818.4million in the last 2 years.Older users adoption – On Twitter the55-64 year age bracket is the fastestgrowing demographic with 79%growth rate since 2012. The fastestgrowing demographic on Facebook’sand Google+’s networks are the 45 to54 year age bracket at 46% and 56%respectively.What are 2 key factors driving the social web in 2013?
    3. 3. Smartphone PenetrationMobile Market Place3
    4. 4. How People Really Use MobileMobile Market PlaceSource: Harvard Business Review, January 2013Most common activity isnot shopping orsocializing but engagingin what researchers call"me time."4
    5. 5. Reaching Audiences Where They AreProject-Level Social MediaCurrent Project Social Media Sites Developed by Parsons Brinckerhoff
    6. 6. What We Have LearnedOn most projects, more than60% followers are womenMore views on social mediapages, compared to projectwebsite25% project information.Engage, share, be nice,respond even if indisagreementAfter 9 Projects, 20+ social media platforms6
    7. 7. Interactive communicationcapability to enhance publicInvolvementConceived by Tom Colemanwith Illinois Institute ofTechnology/ GeneXusInnovative application toGeorgia TransportationInvestment ActMobile App InitiativeParsons Brinckerhoff7
    8. 8. Mobile APP Resource TeamParsons Brinckerhoff• We understand that a mobile appwill work when it is part of a well-thought out projectcommunication/outreach strategy• Client expectations are shifting –expecting project teams toengage with the public in new,innovative, meaningful andrelevant ways.In-house support with staff inthe Communications & PublicInvolvement Group, ProjectVisualization Group andProject Controls GroupExternal support withGeneXus USA staff• We are already leaders inproviding effective socialmedia for projects, andaward–winning visualizationand websites for projects.8
    9. 9. Mobile AppsParsons BrinckerhoffCompleted Apps 2012-2013Powered by9
    10. 10. Western Riverside Council of GovernmentMore Apps on the WayOur Next Innovation10
    11. 11. Demo ApplicationBase application features• An opening splash screen branded to yourproject• Content pages that can be easily updated byyour project team using a web basedbackend management site• Interactive maps that allow users to uploadtext, photos, or data and pin it to specificlocations• Ability for users to blog, comment, andcomplete surveys• Ability to link to social media sites• Language support in English and Spanish (8other languages available as extra options)• Availability for iPhone, Android, Blackberryand Windows 8 devicesParson Brinckerhoff11
    12. 12. Demo ApplicationParsons BrinckerhoffCNT Abogo data showshousing and transportationcosts for major metroareas in US12
    13. 13. Demo ApplicationParsons BrinckerhoffBackend managementsite can be easilytailored for projects.
    14. 14. ACEC Arizona ConferenceParsons Brinckerhoff sponsored theofficial mobile application of the 62ndArizona Conference on Road & Streetsheld in Tucson, March 27-29, 2013.The event hosted by the American Council ofEngineering Companies of Arizona, is thelargest annual event for Arizona engineers andcontractors from the public and private sectors.More than 1,300 attendees and 100 exhibitorsattended the conference.Summary of Sponsorship14
    15. 15. Promotional Content Displayed by ACECSponsorship Promoted ACEC Arizona and Parsons BrinckerhoffPosters featuring the app were displayed throughout the venue,including beverage stations, busy corridors, and the registration area.15
    16. 16. High Visibility On-premise and OnlineSponsorship promotedthroughout organization• A postcard provided at thePB Expo Booth featured ourmobile app innovation• Partnered with CorporateCommunications in socialmedia postings—includingFacebook, LinkedIn, andTwitter16
    17. 17. Partnership with Metropolitan Planning Council (MPC) to profile over 30community projects in Chicago for APA 2013 National Conference –Over 3,000 downloadsChicago Planning Tour App17
    18. 18. APA 2013 National ConferenceParsons BrinckerhoffParsons Brinckerhoff is was a sponsor of the APA 2013 National Planning ConferenceOver 5,000 attendees and us at the conference. The most frequently shared image onsocial media was the Chicago Planning Tour mobile appUnderstanding Trends from the APA Conference
    19. 19. Ted Nguyen, virtualpanelist, OrangeCounty TransportationAuthorityParsons BrinckerhoffAPA 2013 National ConferenceFrank Herbert, OpenPlansLinda Vela, Parsons BrinckerhoffChrissy Mancini, Metropolitan PlanningCouncilTom Coleman,Parsons BrinckerhoffSocial Media and Mobile Apps Presentation19
    20. 20. Partnership with Downtown Evanston and the International Downtown Associationin Evanston, IL for 2013 Midwest Urban District Forum. To be released May 17.IDA MIDWEST UDF CONFERENCE20
    21. 21. Illiana Corridor Land Acquisition ApplicationParsons BrinckerhoffApplication allows projectteams to manage landacquisition process for a 56mile long new toll way facilitybetween I-65 in Indiana andI-55 in Illinois21
    22. 22. OpenPlans develops flexible web based mappingplatforms for crowdsourcing …. Being used in NewYork, Chicago, Portland, Philidelphia, Boston, Louisville, Charlotte…. Can be integrated into PB Web andMobile Applications. PartnershipsExpanding Opportunities
    23. 23. Web Clickable Map for Desktop and MobileParsons BrinckerhoffApplication allowspublic to provide publiccomments on maps
    24. 24. Web Clickable Map for Desktop and MobileParsons Brinckerhoff• Utilizes GoogleKMZ’s• Backendmanagement site
    25. 25. New PartnershipsExpanding Opportunities25
    26. 26. New PartnershipsCreative outreach to meet peoplewhere they are:• Bus shelters• In-transit ads• Community bulletin boards• Classrooms• Local radio• Local newspaper• Door to door flyers• Restaurant/bar tabletops Bar coasters• Coffee shopsExpanding Opportunities26
    27. 27. iTunes – Bay BridgeExplorewww.pbprojectviz.comAdvanced 3D Applications27
    28. 28. Augmented Reality (AR) AppParsons Brinckerhoffpoint device atphysical modeland seeannotation,rendered model,undergroundelements
    29. 29. Coursera TechCityParsons BrinckerhoffTom Coleman andDarrel Cole AppearingMay 11, 2013 inlargest online planningcourse with over20,000 participants
    30. 30. • Applicable to any pursuit thatinvolves public outreach/publicinvolvement/public relations• Applicable to project teamcollaboration for projects(planning, PE, constructionmanagement and design build)• Brings high end technology toproject pursuits and clients• One element of Social Media PIand PR Toolbox for projects• Can be tailored to your pursuit orproject – Ask us Today!Mobile StrategyParsons Brinckerhoff30Tom Coleman2013 What IfAward Winner