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  1. 1. CIRCOLO DIDATTICO S.G. BOSCO- BIANCAVILLA - CT PROGETTO COMENIUS Partenariato Scolastico Multilaterale My European Hero” Polish hero: Jan Brzechwa (real name Jan Wiktor Lesman). Partner: Italia, Romania, Bulgaria, Turchia, Polonia Anno 2010/2012Il presente progetto è finanziato con il sostegno della Commissione europea. Lautore è il solo responsabile di questapubblicazione (comunicazione) e la Commissione declina ogni responsabilità sulluso che potrà essere fatto delleinformazioni in essa contenute.This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This publication [communication] reflects theviews only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of theinformation contained therein.
  2. 2. An elephant, Isuppose.He would liketo play on his nose.Dont ask him why,Because he is veryshy.
  3. 3. The wolf is dangerous,It can eat you up!But not this one hereIt just makes you laugh!
  4. 4. A lady visited areindeer,The reindeer looks ather politely and says:"Im so delighted mydear,That youll be wearingsoft gloves from me".
  5. 5. My delittle parrot"whisper something in myear"."I dont trust you my dear""I promise to keep it safeAnd not to give it away."
  6. 6. FOXVOLPE Red-haired grandpa, red-haired dad Red-haired tail is my pride And here I am - a red- haired fox And you better just run off.
  7. 7. "Ladies andgentlemenMay I introduceMr. Bison, justin front of you""Try to bepolite!Smile! Oh, yes!Thats justright!"
  8. 8. "Mr. Kanga-Kangaroo,Why have you gotsuch a big shoe?""That is why thekangaroos,Make holes intheir shoes."
  9. 9. Look at Mrs.Giraffe,She always pullsher neck up,I envy Mrs. Giraffe,I cant do like that.
  10. 10. “Where are youfrom? Crocodile!""I am from theriver Nile,Let me go out fora while,Ill take you tothe Nile."
  11. 11. The ostrich alwayshides his head in thesandBecause hes scaredof everythingaround.Everybody calls hima cowardBut he doesnt careHe just lays big eggsevery hour.
  12. 12. Boys and girlsMeet a bearHe has lots of fluffy furAsk him to touch youHis paw is prettyHe doesnt wantto? What a pitty!
  13. 13. A tortoise wanted tomake a trip,But the trains arentcheap,A tortoise is amizer,"On foot would bemuch wizer."
  14. 14. Monkeys are funnyand gay,Monkeys - just likemonkeys - play,Please, look at thechimpanzeeWhat a monkey!Can you see!
  15. 15. A zebra has many stripes, All of them black on white. But dont you think its“ strange? Maybe just for a change Someone painted an ox instead
  16. 16. The wolf is dangerous,It can eat you up!But not this one hereIt just makes you laugh!
  17. 17. ZOO