A sack of cabbage and other stories


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A sack of cabbage and other stories

  1. 1. PROGETTO COMENIUS: My EUROPEaN HERO” PaRTENaRIaTO SCOlaSTICO MUlTIlaTERalE PaRTNER: ITalIa, ROMaNIa, bUlGaRIa, TURCHIa, POlONIa aNNO 2010/2012 bUlGaRIaN HERO THE STORIES  A SACK OF A CABBAGE  NASREDDIN HODJA AND WITTY PETER-THEIR FIRST MEETING  PETER AND THE CLEVER BEAUTY  WITTY PETER, SERVANT IN A RICH HOUSE  WITTY PETER RHYMEIl presente progetto è finanziato con il sostegno della Commissione europea. Lautore è il soloresponsabile di questa pubblicazione (comunicazione) e la Commissione declina ogniresponsabilità sulluso che potrà essere fatto delleinformazioni in essa contenute.This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This publication[communication] reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be heldresponsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.
  2. 2. A Sack of Cabbage One night Witty Peter went to a garden to pinch some cabbage. As soon as he had put some heads of cabbage in his sack The gardener was off to him. Witty Peter realized there was no time to run away so he grabbed a head of cabbage with both his hands. What are What should I do??? A you doing wind like a hurricane here, old snatched me out of my man? home and now as you see I am gripping this head of cabbage to save myself from the storm wind. Well, well .but what is there in the sack? Hmmm…I have no idea either…It was there all the time long! Witty Peter and pulled himself out of a hole. READ AND ANSWERd. Can you remember who pich some cabbage?e. Can you describe Witty Peter?f. What is there in the sack?
  3. 3. A SACK OF CABBAGE One night Witty Peter went to a garden to pinch some cabbage. As soon as he had put some heads of cabbage in his sack! The gardener was off to him. Gardener : --What are you doing here, old man. Peter: --What should I do??? A wind like a hurricane snatched me out of my home and at a single throw hurled me just here. And now as you see I am gripping this head of cabbage to save myself from the storm wind. Gardener:-Well, well ….but what is there in the sack? Peter: --Hmmm…I have no idea either… It was there all the time long. Witty Peter pulled himself hole.WHAT DO YOU THINK?How many people are there in the story?Where are they?What are their name?What does Peter look like?What is Peter doing?What is Peter wearing?What does Peter look like?What does Peter look like?What is the gardener wearing?What has Peter got in his hands?What does the farmer ask to Peter?What does Peter answer?
  4. 4. NASREDDIN HODJA AND WITTY PETER-THEIR FIRST MEETINGNASREDDIN HODJA IS FROM ISTAMBUL. HE DECIDES TO MEET WITTY PETER. AT THE SAME TIME WITTY PETER FROM BULGARIADECIDES TO MEET NASREDDIN.WITHOUT KNOWING EACH OTHER THEY MEET IN A FIELD SOMEWHERE IN THRACE Good afternoon! I’m eating peppers and bacon and I’m drinking wine Good afternoon! I’m eating a roasted chicken and boiled eggs and I’m drinking water I’m from Bulgaria. Where are you from? I’m from Istanbul. Where are you going? I’m going to Istanbul. I’ve decided to live there! Don’t go there!! A big bird spread its wings over the town and made a shadow, it screamed all the night. The citizens of Istanbul got ill with its tears and left the town. I’m going to Bulgaria! To Bulgaria!? Do you know I’m WOW how such a big egg leaving Bulgaria? A big egg of 1,000,000 tons hit my country and can hit a country? destroyed it. Only I’m alive!This was the egg of the bird which You are very clever! What’s yourshadowed your town. First it laid the name?egg in Bulgaria and then flew toIstanbul. I’m Witty Peter. SO THEY BECAME FRIENDS
  5. 5. READ THE STORY: Nasreddin Hodja and Witty Peter-their first meeting MATCH THE CORRECT ANSWER TO EACH QUESTION• What’s Peter doing? a. He is from Bulgaria• What’s Peter eating c. My name is Witty• What’s happened in Bulgaria e. A big egg hit my country• What’s Nasreddin eating? g. He is eating roaster chicken, boiled eggs• What’s your name? i. He is going to Istanbul.• Where is Peter from? k. He is eating roaster chicken, boiled eggs• Where is Nasreddin from? m. He is from Istanbul• What’s happened in Istanbul? o. A big bird screamed all the night.
  6. 6. WITTY PETER, SERVANT IN A RICH HOUSE Peter was a servant at a rich house. The rich lady was very stingy. Once she made pastry with a lot of eggs, butter and cheese. The flavor of just baked pastry spread in the house. Peter was on his way with a Peter, I go out! Don’t eat the pitcher to bring water. pastry! I made a mistake and put poison instead of saltBut he didn’t believe her. He atehalf of the pastry and went for fresh Yummwater. On his way he dropped the y!!pitcher and broke it. He didn’t knowwhat to do!! Peter looked around,lay down and slept! Peter!! Why did you eat the pastry? It was poisonous!! OOOH – Madam, I broke the You are such a fool pitcher and decided to poison Peter! myself. I was so scared! COMPLETE TE SENTENCE  Madam makes………  Peter eats…..  Peter drinks….  Peter brokes…….
  7. 7. PETER AND THE CLEVER BEAUTY Once upon a time there lived a Beauty who asked questions that no one could answer. One and all folks tried to overmaster her ingenuity, but all for nothing. She urged them to sew sandy clothes or carry out all impossible wishes.Witty Peter heard about that and decided to visit her.On his way he passed by a river bank covered withsand, took a handful and put it in his pocket. When he came to Beauty’s house she took out some sand I Can you sew a Yes, I can! I will do it in a dress from this? minute! While I am cutting out your dress you will twist some thread for me from my sand….And I will sew a dress for you…. But the Clever Beauty could not wind out any thread, so Witty Peter got the better of the bet . Can you describe the pictures?
  8. 8. WITTY PETER — THE TEACHER The people from a village wanted Witty Peter to teach them something new, explaining everything they saw. Ten people followed their teacher on his way. They saw a field planted with water melons and asked Witty Peter: -What is this, Witty Peter? -These are the eggs of the camels. -How can we hatch a camel? -Let’s try to sit on one egg. The people started sitting on the egg, one by another. When the turn of Witty Peter came he stood up and kicked the water melon. It rolled down and crashed into a bush. But there was a rabbit hidden under it. The rabbit was frightened and ran to the nearest forest. -OOO-H-How can we catch the rabbit? - asked the people. -We will cut the forest.-was Witty Peter’s advice. They started cutting the forest. A man with a horse passed and greeted them. -Good afternoon, boys! -God bless you! –answered they. -Why are you cutting the forest? - Asked the man. -We hatched out a camel, but it ran into the forest. We’re cutting the forest to catch it. -But your axes are not sharp! Let me put them into my saddlebags. If they cut my saddlebags, you’ll cut all the forest. The man secretly put the axes in a safe way. They didn’t make holes into his bags. Meanwhile, the people wondered what to do without their instruments. -Let’s give him his due! He took our axes!!! Take off your clothes, put them on the back of his horse and it will die of this weight!-advised Witty Peter. The people stayed naked waiting what would be happen. They let the horse but it gave a neigh. The man turned and was surprised of the view. WOW- What foolish men! Not only I took their axes but they sent me their clothes with my horse!
  9. 9. HITAR PETARStrolling around townHe jumps up and downwith his donkey, on its backhe is slim and his moustacheblack.He wears leather shoesHe crosses deserts and seas.All embroidered is his shirtAnd it makes him look smart.Peter, funny and wittyIf you don’t laugh it’s a pity.With his wit and his tongueHe will win all along. Viaggiando per le vie della cittàA donkey, his trusted friend Si diverte saltando qua e là.follows him to the end. Fischiettando, in groppa al suoand if the whole world you asinello, lui è esile, baffuto e snello.will see in every country Peter, spiritoso e divertente,one like him there will be. lui fa ridere la gente.  Contro tutti vincerà Se la parola userà. Porta scarpe di maiale,  con le quali attraversa monti, deserti e valli. La camicia di cotone è il suo marchio di eleganza, e porta una cintura di lana alla panza. L’asino è il suo amico fidato E quando lui è addormentato Lo sveglia mentre sbadiglia E nel frattempo raglia. Uno come lui ovunque troverai. by Costanza, Roberta, Fabiola