Blogging 101 - Presentation on how to build and manage a successful content website.


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Blogging 101 - From "what is a blog?" to "how to write original content" and user engagement, this presentation covers the basic information you'll need to start your own dynamic content publishing website (Blog).

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Blogging 101 - Presentation on how to build and manage a successful content website.

  1. Blogging Social ContentStrategy
  2. The truth about the internet
  3. Content is King
  4. Content Management
  5. What is a blog? • A Web site on which an individual or group of users record opinions, information, etc. on a regular basis.
  6. So you’re thinking about blogging? • Blogs are a great way to express yourself, connect with others who share your passions, and share information
  7. Define your goals • Define your goals from the start • Set up short, medium and long term goals • Design and market your blog with these goals in mind
  8. Know your audience • Your blog content and design should reflect your goals and meet or exceed your audience’s expectations
  9. Be consistent • Your blog is your brand • Your blog should be consistent with your brand • Your consistency will be rewarded with reader loyalty
  10. Be persistent • Update frequently and keep users interested by posting new content that is meaningful to your readers
  11. Be inviting • Blogging is about creating social impact and engagement • Involve your readers in meaningful two-way conversations
  12. Be visible • There is more than creating compelling content to attract readers to your blog • You need to work outside of your blog to promote and develop the community
  13. Take risks • Don’t be afraid to try new things • Yet don’t fall prey to every new bell and whistle • Review new features and see how they contribute to your blog and your audience
  14. Ask for help • The success of your blog relies on networking and building relationships with other bloggers and your readers
  15. Keep learning • As you develop your blog, take time to research new tools and features • Keep an eye on the latest trends and news in the bloggospher
  16. Be yourself • Remember your blog is an extension of yourself and your brand • Be authentic and blog like your are having a conversation with your readers
  17. Building a Successful Content Strategy
  18. Choose the right platform • Pick one of the most popular blogging platforms: Blogger, TypePad, and/or WordPress • What is the difference between a hosted and non-hosted blogging platform?
  19. Original Content • If content is king, than creating original content is the key to the success of your project.
  20. Multimedia • Add pictures, video, podcasts • Create multimedia content or visual elements to your posts • Use other network to link back to your blog posts
  21. Schedule ahead • Plan your posts ahead • Create a writing schedule • Save them as drafts • Promote your posts at different time
  22. Headers and SEO • Understanding the importance of Post titles, headers and sub- headers is crucial for getting your content indexed.
  23. Categories and Search • Content grouping • Facilitate search • Keywords & Titles • SEO and Indexation
  24. The importance of Permalinks • A permalink is a URL that points to a specific blog entry after it has passed from the front page to the archives. Because a permalink remains unchanged, it is less susceptible to link rot
  25. Share and Cross-post • Use social bookmarking sites to promote your posts • Cross post them to your facebook page • Add tools on your blog to facilitate others to do the same
  26. Comment and engage • Engage with your readers • Comment on other blogs and social networks • Reward active and/or loyal followers • Lead by example
  27. Grow your audience • Use what you learned in Social Media 101 to grow your traffic, build your network and share with other like minded individuals and groups
  28. Subscribe to other blogs • Read other blogs • Subscribe to RSS feeds • Set filters to monitor what people like and upcoming trends
  29. ? Questions ?
  30. Robert Scales simplicity expert