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Degrafa 360|Flex


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Presentation given at 360|Flex Atlanta 2008 about Degrafa.

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Degrafa 360|Flex

  1. 1. Degrafa™ Declarative Graphics Framework for Flex™ 360 Flex Atlanta 02 27 2008
  2. 2. Juan Sanchez Experience Architect experience innovation skins and themes for Flex™ and AIR ™ declarative graphics framework 360 Flex Atlanta 02 27 2008
  3. 3. What is Degrafa? declarative graphics framework for Flex™ provides access to the power of the Drawing API (and more) via MXML markup creative freedom foregoing the complexities of ActionScript created by developers in the Flex community ‣ Jason Hawryluk ‣ Ben Stucki ‣ Pavan Podila ‣ Andy McIntosh ‣ Jim Cheng ‣ (Me) open-source and licensed under MIT