JCDecaux Innovate campaigns of the year 2010


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JCDecaux Innovate campaigns of the year 2010

  1. 1. JCDecaux InnovateWinning International Campaigns of 2010 Click a campaign for more details p2 p3 p4 p5 Januar y February UAE March April Netherlands Bloomingdales India USA Samsung IBM IBM p9 p10 p6/7 p8 June July August May UK Spain France Hong Kong Channel 5 San Miguel Coca-Cola Sony Ericsson, Lithuania Samsung, HTC, Mezon Watson’s Water, Samsonite p15 p14 p12/13 p11 December November October Ireland September Netherlands Warner Bros. USA CelaVita the Hong Kong Absolut Vodka (Harr y Potter and Samsonite Death ly Hallows) Italy Vodafone Please email your vote to alexia.calogeropoulos@jcdecaux-oneworld.com by Friday 11th February.
  2. 2. United Arab Emirates // Bloomingdale’sShop till you drop Client: Bloomingdale’s Innovate Product: Special BuildPromoting the opening of its first Date: January 2010outlet outside of the US, upmarketdepartment store Bloomingdale’s Location: Dubai Airport,rolled out a month-long campaign United Arab Emirateswith 14 larger than life 3D signature Number of Specials: 14‘brown bags’ on the baggagereclaim belts of Terminal 3 at DubaiInternational airport. Janu a Winn ryThe eye-catching displays were theperfect way to target Bloomingdale’starget audience as they arrived at the erupmarket shoppers’ paradiseof Dubai.Bloomingdale’sPage 2 // Innovate Campaign of the Month 2010
  3. 3. Outdoor Showcase // Innovate InternationalNetherlands // Samsung Febr uary WinnTake the jump er SamsungOlympic sponsor and top JCDecaux client Samsungbrought the Olympic Games to the streets of Amsterdam& Utrecht by making clever use of interactive technologyand kick-started its ‘Experience the Olympics whereveryou are’ campaign in great style.To promote its latest new phone, the Omnia Qwerty,Samsung had three bus shelters fitted with twowebcams and a touchscreen which mimicked thedisplay of the phone handset. Client: Samsung Innovate Product:Passers-by could fully immerse themselves into the Olympic Innovate Interactive Screensski jumping experience by positioning their feet on a pair of Date: February 2010replica skis placed on the floor of the shelter and having theirfacial expressions captured by the webcams. A clip of the skijumping was played, including the sound of a roaring crowd, Location: Amsterdam & Utrechtand participants’ faces were digitally inserted onto the head Number of Specials: 3of the skier in the movie, thus creating a unique personalexperience for each passer-by. A wireless internet connectionmade sure that the resulting clip was instantly available fordownload from the Samsung website. Innovate Campaign of the Month 2010 // Page 3
  4. 4. India // IBM MarcBusiness on the go Winn h er Client: IBM Innovate Product: Bluetooth Technology Date: 5th - 20th Feb 2010 Location: Bangalore Airport, India Number of Specials: 1IBM Bangalore airport provided the perfect environment for IBM’s latest campaign. A kiosk, located in the domestic boarding lounge of the airport, was fitted with Bluetooth technology. Targeting business passengers, the panel invited passers-by to switch on this technology on their mobile phones in order to download IBM’s 2009 Global CIO study. ‘The New Voice of the CIO’ campaign, which ran for two weeks, generated an average of 120 downloads per day. Additionally, the kiosk featured a screen on which an IBM promotional video was shown.Page 4 // Innovate Campaign of the Month 2010
  5. 5. Outdoor Showcase // Innovate International vUSA // IBMColouring inTerminal 8 at JFK Airport in New Yorkhosted a month-long interactive exhibit forIBM which was launched to exemplify thebenefits of a smarter supply chain as part ofits “Smarter Cities” campaign. Focusing on the retail industry, IBM Client: IBM illustrated how its technology works in Innovate Product: April a simple way: the unit was embedded Interactive Exhibit with with a sensor that recognized the color colour recognition of people’s clothes which was then Winn displayed onto the IBM logo, creating a Date: April 2010 er simple and engaging example of how Location: JFK Airport, a smarter retail system can work. New York, USA No. of Specials: 1 Innovate Campaign of the Month 2010 // Page 5
  6. 6. France // Coca-Cola Light NiceCoca-Cola, the Lagerfeld way May Joint Winn er ParisThe latest Coca-Cola Lightcampaign in France was all encompassing,including Street Furniture and Airport advertisingsupports as well as Artvertising wraps in key locations in Paris. Client: Coca-Cola LightA specially designed Karl Lagerfeld Coca-Cola bottle, depicting Innovate Product:the designer’s unmistakable silhouette, was the centrepiece of Special build & Showcasethis large scale campaign. It could be found revolving in Showcase Date: May 2010panels in Street Furniture units, as larger than life bottles on LaCroisette in Cannes and on podiums in Nice airport. Location: Paris, Cannes & Nice, FranceThis strong branding campaign for Coca-Cola, a top JCDecaux No. of Specials: severalclient, was coordinated by JCDecaux Solutions in France.Page 6 // Innovate Campaign of the Month 2010
  7. 7. Outdoor Showcase // Innovate International Lithuania // MezonIn order to promote Mezon’s4G mobile internet, twobus shelters, in two differentcities in Lithuania, were linked May Live!via a live video and audio Jointfeed. Passers-by in Vilnius Winnwere able to see and speakto the passers-by in Kaunas, erhundreds of kilometres away!This Innovate firstcleverly uses technology todemonstrate the product’sfast internet connectionas well as creating strongengagement with the brand’score audience.This campaign ran for 2weeks in May. Kaunas Client: Mezon Innovate Product: Interactive Screens, Live Video & Sound Date: May 2010 Location: Vilnius &Vilnius Kaunas, Lithuania Number of Specials: 2 Innovate Campaign of the Month 2010 // Page 7
  8. 8. Hong Kong // Sony Ericsson, Samsung, HTC, Watsons Water, SamsoniteSoccer Fever JuneHosted by JCDecaux Transport in Hong Kong and Winnsupported by various advertisers, Soccer Fever, era large-scale experiential marketing event whichran during the World Cup in and around the MTRsystem, entertained passengers through a series ofengaging games and displays, as well as providingthe latest updates fromthe tournament. Clients: Sony Ericsson, HTC,Association to a major Samsung, Watsons Water,sporting event ensured Samsonitethe brands received high Innovate Product:profile exposure. Augmented Reality, Wraps, 2D cut-outs, Experimental eventThis event, a first of its kind, with challenges, Touchscreen,highlights the power of Innovate Floor stickers, Special builds.in attracting sponsors to the Date: June 2010medium. Location: Samsung MTR stations, Hong Kong Goalkeeping: A game allowing theSponsors included No. of Specials: 6 players to become a goalkeeperSamsung, Sony through interaction with a HDEricsson, HTC, Watsons Water, touchscreen display. The rest of the7-Eleven, Minute Maid, Samsonite and San Miguel. experiential area included a 3D LED TV, wall wrap and floor sticker. Sony Ericsson The Augmented Reality game: A first in Hong Kong. Through the use of advanced image recognition and face tracking technologies, the player simply stood in front of the high resolution camera and was immersed into an interactive gaming experience by becoming one of his/ her favourite football players. For further details, please go to the Soccer FeverSony Ericsson website: http://www.soccerfever.com.hkPage 8 // Innovate Campaign of the Month 2010
  9. 9. Outdoor Showcase // Innovate International ManchesterUK // Channel 5The Gadget ShowSeveral Innovate executions ensured Outdoor was Julythe outright winner over the Internet in a challenge Winnset up to promote the latest TV series of The erGadget Show, a programme aired on Channel5 in the UK. In the contest, two of the show’spresenters, Suzi Perry & Jason Bradbury, werepitted against each other with the challenge tocreate as much public awareness as possible ofthe forthcoming series to be shown on national TV.Suzi Perry chose Outdoor as her advertisingmedium and partnered with JCDecaux UK tocreate and execute her campaign in Manchester. Itincluded interactive posters at bus shelters, digitalgames on poster sites, floor stickers, a Gadget In a UK first, ‘Augmented Reality’ postersShow ‘studio’ at a bus stop and a giant 2D image created a ‘virtual’ Suzi Perry on the streets. Theof Suzi Perry towering over the city. public were invited to hold up cards to a bus shelter poster to generate a virtual Suzi Perry in the palm of their hand. A video of the presenter was then available to download via Bluetooth. Client: The Gadget Show Innovate Product: Interactive Screens, Stickers Augmented Reality, Zone domination, Special build Date: July 2010 Click here for a more detailed description: Location: http://www.jcdecaux-oneworld.com/11082010 Manchester, UK No. of Specials: several Innovate Campaign of the Month 2010 // Page 9
  10. 10. San Miguel brightened the streets ofSpain // San Miguel Barcelona and Madrid with the launch of its latest non-alcoholic lemon flavoured beer. In Barcelona, 10 fully wrapped bus shelters were fitted with interactive screens featuring aA Zesty Launch Pacman inspired game, with a lemon as the hero. The brightly coloured wrapped shelters created entertainment for passers-by thus creating great engagement for the brand. In Madrid, a week later, the top of 5 columns were adorned with lemon squeezers. The creative of the poster and the Special Build created an overall look which successfully conveyed the refreshing properties of the new beer. Augu Winn st er Barcelona Madrid Client: San Miguel Special Description: Fully wrapped, Interactive Screens, Special build Date: August 2010 Location: Barcelona and Madrid No. of Specials: 15Page 10 // Innovate Campaign of the Month 2010
  11. 11. Outdoor Showcase // Innovate InternationalHong Kong // Samsonite Sept embMoving on up! Winn er erSamsonite made a great impact at the MTR CentralStation in Hong Kong by showcasing its luggagecollection on a moving belt. The 3D bags & suitcases Client: Samsonitetravelled along the belt throughout the day creating Innovate Product:a big impact for the brand as well as reaching its Special Buildbusiness executive target market thanks to thestrategic location of the campaign. Date: September 2010‘The moving belt is very impressive as it grabs our Location: Hong Kongtarget audience’s attention easily and reinforces our No. of Specials: 1leading image’ commented Ms Scarlette Chan, RetailManager, Samsonite Asia Limited Innovate Campaign of the Month 2010 // Page 11
  12. 12. USA // Absolut VodkaColour Blast Absolut Vodka brightened up the streets of Chicago last October with colourful fully wrapped bus shelters complete with roof decorations. These beautifully executed mini streetside lounges were themed after three drinks; Absolut Bloody, Absolut Lemon Drop, and Absolut Twist, and featured actresses Kate Beckinsale Octo be and Ali Larter. Joint r Winn er Client: Absolut Vodka Innovate Product: Fully Wrap & Special build Date: October 2010 Location: Chicago No. of Specials: 3Page 12 // Innovate Campaign of the Month 2010
  13. 13. Outdoor Showcase // Innovate InternationalVodafone launched a campaign to promote itslatest tariff in 5 locations in the Rome and Milanmetro. Posters depicting a large Euro cent Italy // Vodafonecoin could be found in the corridors ofthe metro stations. In each location, Octothe poster was covered with ber One Centmagnetised small euro cent coins Jointwhich passers-by could pick up. WinnA great creative execution which erillustrates the client’s new tariff in a Client: Vodafonesimple but effective way. Innovate Product: Special Build & Sampling Date: October 2010 Location: Milan & Rome Number of Specials: 2 Innovate Campaign of the Month 2010 // Page 13
  14. 14. Netherlands // CelaVita Nove mbe Winn r erReady, Steady, CookTo promote its latest products, CelaVitafed hungry commuters during rush hour inAmsterdam, Leiden and Almere in the Netherlands.Three fully wrapped bus shelters were turned intokitchens for this innovative and fun event. Betweenthe hours of 4pm and 7pm, Stan, a well know radioand TV chef, served up quick and healthy mealsto waiting passers-by thus allowing the advertiserto get its products straight into the hands andstomach of the consumer at street level. Client: CelaVita Innovate Product: Fully wrapped & Sampling Date: November 2010 Almere Location: Amsterdam, Almere & LeidenPage 14 // Innovate Campaign of the Month 2010
  15. 15. Outdoor Showcase // Innovate InternationalIreland // Warner Bros.Abracadabra!To mark the release of Harry Potter andthe Deathly Hallows, JCDecaux Ireland, inconjunction with OMD and Kinetic, createda magical campaign with a Luas tram wrapshowing scenes from the movie. Inside the tram,a full domination showing the movie’s favouritecharacters further enhanced the experience.As the tram made its way through the streets ofDublin it could be seen by Luas commuters androadside audiences across the city.Wrapping the exterior of an entire tram wasan ambitious undertaking which created a bigimpact for the client. Dece mb Winn er er Client: Warner Bros. Date: December 2010 Number of Specials: 1 Innovate Product: Wrapped tram, ceiling wrap and posters. Innovate Campaign of the Month 2010 // Page 15
  16. 16. JCDecaux OneWorld Summit House, 27 Sale Place, London, W2 1YR United Kingdom E: info@jcdecaux-oneworld.com T: +44 (0)20 7298 8047