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Overview of SCA Promotions

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SCA Capabilities

  1. 1. Maximum Impact Marketing with
  2. 2. SCA is a behind-the-scenes resource for both offline and online contests, sweepstakes & games
  3. 3. We work with brands and agencies to integrate prize promotions into marketing campaigns
  4. 5. About SCA Pioneered prize coverage industry in 1986 2500+ promotions annually Over $157 million in prizes awarded Offices in Dallas, Las Vegas, Calgary, London Partners in Germany, Greece, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong
  5. 6. Services Strategy Technology Prize Coverage Turnkey Themes Guidance to optimize budget and consumer experience GameEngine TM platform for online contests, sweepstakes & games Coverage for prizes up to $1 billion or more Contest concepts created for various industries, sports & holidays
  6. 7. Online promotions Contests and games of skill Games of chance Instant win games Scratch and win cards Over-redemption coverage Sports & event promotions Athlete incentive programs Conditional and weather rebates Our Playing Field
  7. 8. SCAinteractive Security, administration and hosting of online contests, sweepstakes and games Simplify implementation of online promotions
  8. 9. SCAinteractive Sweepstakes Instant Win Advergames User Generated Content Fantasy Sports Loyalty In-pack/on-pack Over-redemption Mobile
  9. 10. Turnkey Themes Contests and games for driving traffic and building a database Includes concept or game device, plus prize coverage Visible Vault, JackPot, MoneyBags, PrizeCode, etc.
  10. 11. Ancillary Services* Concept Development Strategic Planning Promotion Administration Security Printing Creative Production Prize Procurement Winner Fulfillment Customer Service *Often our clients handle these services
  11. 12. Experience Why Work With SCA? 2500+ promotions annually A 20-year database of promotion results Insight into what works Average tenure of account team: 10 years Offices Worldwide We Increase Your Revenue
  12. 13. Case Studies In all cases, the client or agency has provided the creative.
  13. 14. Direct Mail Promotion: Convert to Paperless Billing
  14. 15. Point of Sale Promotion
  15. 16. Consumer Loyalty
  16. 17. Point of Sale
  17. 18. B2B Lead Generation
  18. 19. Retail Scratch & Win to Incent Gift Card Purchase
  19. 20. Event Sponsorship
  20. 21. On-Pack Promotion
  21. 22. Under-The-Cap Promotion
  22. 23. On-pack promotion to increase sales
  23. 24. Online promotion to increase sales
  24. 25. Leverage sponsorship. Drive traffic. Build database.
  25. 26. Increase Trade Sales
  26. 27. B2B Lead Generation
  27. 28. Increase Player Loyalty Club Membership
  28. 29. Increase trade awareness of new assn. benefit.
  29. 30. Promote new season. Build database.
  30. 31. Increase retail traffic.
  31. 32. Increase retail traffic.
  32. 33. Generate retail traffic. Build a database.
  33. 34. Increase retail traffic. Build database.
  34. 35. Increase retail traffic. Build database.
  35. 36. On-Pack Promotion
  36. 37. On-Pack Promotion
  37. 38. What can we think about for you? SCA Promotions Inc. Dallas, TX 888-860-3700