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Semana santawebquest

  1. 1. Semana Santa Webquest Steven Cavalleiro___Answer the following 3 questions in English based on your own knowledge.1. What is the origin of the holiday known as Easter?It was when Christ Resurrected.2. How do some people here in the U.S celebrate Easter? (secular and religious)Have dinner with family members. People go to church to praise jesus on this day.3. What do you know about how it is celebrated in Spain?I have no idea how they celebrate it.Now answer these specific questions by reading at: your answers in a different color.4. What does Semana Santa mean?Holy Week in Seville.5. When is it?The week leading up to Easter.6. Where are the processions going and why?Members precede the pasos. On lifelike wooden sculptors of individual scenes of theevents of the passion, or images of the Virgin Mary showing restrained grief for thetorture and killing of her Son.7. What are brotherhoods and what is their purpose?The Brotherhood is an associations of Catholic laypersons organized for the purpose ofperforming public acts of religious observance.8. What happens during Semana Santa?There is a total of 60 processions are scheduled for the week, from Palm Sundaythrough to Easter Sunday morning.9. Who are Nazarenos and how are they dressed?A number of people dressed in a habit and with the distinctive pointed hood and holdinglong wax candles, marching in silence.
  2. 2. Semana Santa Webquest Steven Cavalleiro___10. What is at the beginning of the processions? In the middle?A great cross is carried at the beginning of each procession.11. What is a Paso?It is an image of Christ.12.What are 3 possible pasos? How old are some of them?The first one would be a sculpted scene of the Passion, or an allegorical scene, knownas a misterio; the second an image of Christ; and the third an image of the Virgin Mary,known as a dolorosa. 3 years old13. Who are costaleros and what do they do?A team of men, the costaleros, support the beams upon their shoulders and necks, lift,move and lower the paso.14. What is the traditional dress of women for this? for men?Women: La Mantilla dress. Men: Dark suit, black necktieand shoes.15. How do people behave as the processions go past?The whole procession is traditionally watched insilence, the crowd behaves normally while Nazarenos are marching.Look at the various photographs/slide shows at these 2 sites to see more: What is your impression and why? (3-4 thoughtful sentences with insight)I think its amazing all those people. I am amazed by how big the paso is and how manypeople have to hold it up. I like the purple suits they wear to hold the paso.
  3. 3. Semana Santa Webquest Steven Cavalleiro___Children and EasterRead at this website, then answer the following questions. What are cascarones?Cascarones are confetti filled eggs.18.In which countries are they played with?Its a tradition in mexico but it has spread to Spain and in the southwest of the UnitedStates.19. How are you to break them?On the top of the egg, poke a hole with a thumbtack. On the bottom of the egg, make ahole about the size of a dime. Tap the end gently on a table, or hit the end with a butterknife. You should also use the thumbtack to break the yolk inside the egg. Shake theinsides of the egg into a bowl and save them for scrambled eggs!20. Why do you break them?When the eggs are broken over your head, you are "Showered with good fortune." ¡Felices Pascuas!
  4. 4. Semana Santa Webquest Steven Cavalleiro___