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For my college applications

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College app ppt

  1. 1. PortfolioSarah Byrd
  2. 2. Study of my hand (2010)• 8x4in•Colored pencil onpaper
  3. 3. Apples (2011)• 16x12in• Watercoloron paper
  4. 4. Figure and Fabric Study (2011)• 18x20in• Coloredpencil andWatercoloron paper
  5. 5. Self Portrait (2011)• 16x12in•Crayon on paper
  6. 6. Study of my shoe (2012)• 16x12in• Colored pencil on paper
  7. 7. “Healing” (2012)• 6x16in•Monoprint
  8. 8. Reasoning behind “Healing”• This is a piece from my concentration last year. Last year my concentration was on sexual harassment because I have experienced it, and most high school and college girls have or will also experience it. This is the second work I did dealing with healing. The face is very solemn and scratched and slightly messed-up. On the candle is healing written in Arabic. Also, other elements of Arabic art are used such as arabesque. The reason I chose to put a candle in there is because heat purifies things. Also, Candles are often involved in healing ceremonies.
  9. 9. “Open Happiness” (2012)• 12x10in• Colored pencil and ink
  10. 10. Study of a flower (2012)• 5.5x8.5in• Ink
  11. 11. Quick study of glass (2012)• 3x5in• Colored pencil
  12. 12. Quick figure study (2012)• 3x5in• Colored pencil
  13. 13. Another quick figure study (2012)• 4x6in• Colored pencil
  14. 14. Study of outside (2012)• 19x25in• Oil pastel
  15. 15. Tree branch (2012)• 12x18in• Watercolor and ink onpaper
  16. 16. “The Puppet Master” (2012)• 19x25in• Ink pen andwhite coloredpencil• Work inprogress
  17. 17. Reasoning behind “The Puppet Master”• The assignment behind this was to create a tri-self- portrait describing yourself. I took this opportunity to describe how I often am too controlled and also often let myself believe lies. That is why the one in the back is literally being a puppet master to the other two marionette me’s. Also, it is why the marionette on the left is whispering to the somber one on the right. I plan on adding strings tied to the puppet master’s fingers and strings tied to the top of the marionettes’ heads and their wrists. Through this I learned that there is such thing as too much cross hatching and how to make a more successful self-portrait.
  18. 18. “Welcome to My House” (2012)• 19x20in• Watercolor, watercolorpencil, and colored pencil
  19. 19. Reasoning behind “Welcome to My House”• This assignment was to create a self portrait displaying emotion. During this time I noticed that I never do happy self portraits, so I finally decided to do one. In this portrait, I’m in Disney World, which is deemed “the happiest place on earth.” However, I didn’t want it to look exactly like Cinderella’s castle so I blurred it a little. I am generally a very happy person, so this self portrait is the most successful I’ve ever done. Also, I like the title because it’s kind of witty considering the name Sarah means princess.
  20. 20. Study of a face for future concentration usage (2012)• 5.5x8.5in• Colored pencil
  21. 21. “Kristen Soreano” (2012)• 14x11in• Acrylic, ink, and paper• Work in progress
  22. 22. Reasoning behind “Kristen Soreano”• For my AP concentration this year, I am doing portraits of friends and family and how I view them and how they view themselves. So I’m currently doing one of one of my best friends. In it I have her walking down a path with a dark side and a light side towards what looks to be the ocean, but could be anything. I wrote words describing my view of her and collaged it in. I am considering many options for what to add to it. I attempted a cloud; however, it was not as successful as I would like so I took that out. Jesus walking to her left is probably the direction I will go in.
  23. 23. “Peeper” (2012)• 5.5x8.5in• Ink
  24. 24. “Ashley Bond” (2012)• 18x24in• Acrylic• Work in progress
  25. 25. Reasoning behind “Ashley Bond”• This is also part of my concentration. In this I am admiring my friend’s ability to praise the Lord even in hard times. It has a lot of problems with it currently. For example, the forearms and really entire body of the girl on the right are too elongated. Also, the cloud looks a bit ridiculous. I am still figuring it out; however, it is a process and I will figure it out.
  26. 26. Leaf (2012)• 5.5x8.5in• Colored pencil• Work in progress
  27. 27. Artist Statement• I simply do art because I love it and it is how I express myself. I am a fairly good writer—so I am told anyway—but nothing compares to how I can express myself through art. Also, I use it to help others see things in themselves or to just make someone feel an emotion if even for a moment. There is almost nothing I love more. One day I hope to inspire young artists as both a teacher and an artist. It is something that’s very important to me, and I believe that I need to use the talents given to me to the fullest in order to please God and help others and myself.