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Moffett RAB: EPA Update on Environmental Issues Management Plan


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Update on Environmental Issues Management Plan (EIMP)
Presentation to the Former NAS Moffett Field RAB Meeting
August 13, 2015
By Alana Lee, EPA
Elizabeth Wells, Water Board

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Moffett RAB: EPA Update on Environmental Issues Management Plan

  1. 1. Update on Environmental  Issues Management Plan (EIMP) Former NAS Moffett Field RAB Meeting August 13, 2015 Alana Lee, EPA Elizabeth Wells, Water Board
  2. 2. EIMP • Single document that provides: – details on the known environmental  conditions/sites within the lease area – procedures to follow if working in these areas – requirements to not interfere with and to protect  ongoing remedial activities • Not a “frozen” document; procedures allow  for changes where conditions or remedial  requirements change
  3. 3. EIMP • Prepared by Planetary Ventures (PV), with  input from NASA • Regulatory agency review by EPA and Water  Board • Finalized on March 3, 2015
  4. 4. Agency Letters • EPA and Water Board issued letters to PV on  March 12, 2015 • Provide PV with requirements, which include  “reasonable steps,” to avoid taking on  Superfund liability • Both agencies found EIMP to contain current  reasonable steps