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Moffett RAB: 2014 Planned Environmental Activities


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Presentation to the Moffett Restoration Advisory Board on February 13, 2014, by Scott Anderson of the Navy

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Moffett RAB: 2014 Planned Environmental Activities

  1. 1. ACTIVITY NAME 2014 Planned Environmental Activities Former Naval Air Station Moffett Field Restoration Advisory Board Meeting February 13, 2014
  2. 2. Sites • • • • • • 2 IR Site 26 Site 14 Vapor Intrusion Site 28 WATS Site 25 Site 29 (Hangar 1) BRAC Program Management Office.
  3. 3. Site 26 - EATS • Navy to Finalize Site 26 Record of Decision (ROD) Amendment in Summer 2014. • The selected remedy for IR Site 26 is Alternative 5—Biostimulation/Bioaugmentation Treatment, MNA, and ICs. The main components of the remedy include: • Actively treating the groundwater by injecting a biostimulation/bioaugmentation nutrient mixture (dechlorinating bacteria and nutrients) into groundwater to enhance and accelerate biodegradation of the COCs. • Monitoring groundwater to verify COC degradation rates, evaluate MNA effectiveness. • Implementing ICs, which are land use controls (LUCs) that will (1) impose restrictions on groundwater use and activities that could result in human exposure to contaminated groundwater, and; (2) notify and require property owners and developers that any new building planned for construction at IR Site 26 be designed and constructed in a manner that will mitigate potential unacceptable health risks from vapor intrusion. ICs will remain in effect until cleanup standards have been met in groundwater underlying the site. • Conducting five year reviews to evaluate the effectiveness and protectiveness of the remedy. • Planned 2014 work includes conducting a Data Gaps investigation in the two anticipated remedial action areas to assist in the remedial design and new monitoring well placement. 3 BRAC Program Management Office.
  4. 4. Site 26 Site Map 4 BRAC Program Management Office.
  5. 5. Petroleum Site 14 South • In situ air sparging with soil vapor extraction (IAS/SVE) was identified as the preferred approach to remediate petroleum hydrocarbons in groundwater at Site 14 South. • Additional site characterization revealed that petroleum hydrocarbon impacts were more widespread than previous groundwater data suggested. • In order to address the increased area requiring treatment, the Navy elected to implement biosparging, a less aggressive treatment approach over a larger treatment. Figure 1. Site Location Map 5 BRAC Program Management Office.
  6. 6. Petroleum Site 14 South • The objective of the work to be conducted in 2014 is to implement more aggressive active treatment to address persistent elevated concentrations of petroleum hydrocarbons in shallow groundwater at Site 14 South. • Elevated concentrations of contaminants of concern have resulted in the Navy’s decision to repurpose the existing biosparging treatment system to support more aggressive IAS/SVE activities in certain portions of the treatment area. • System construction is planned for April 2014 6 BRAC Program Management Office.
  7. 7. Vapor Intrusion • Complete planned 2014 indoor air sampling in the Navy’s area of responsibility. (President’s and Memorial Day weekends) • Develop Remedial Design/Remedial Action Work Plans to implement the tiering requirements. The draft Remedial Design is scheduled for summer 2015. 7 BRAC Program Management Office.
  8. 8. Site 28 WATS Planned work for Site 28 Includes: • Continued operation and maintenance of the West Side Aquifers Treatment System (WATS) groundwater extraction system. • Complete the Technical Memorandum of the Building 88/Traffic Island source area investigation. • Work with the agencies to determine path forward in regards to the potential optimization of WATS, and remedial action in the Building 88/Traffic Island areas. 8 BRAC Program Management Office.
  9. 9. Site 25 and Hangar 1 At Site 25: • Continued monitoring of the vegetation re-growth in the areas requiring enhancement as part of the remedial action. Hangar 1: • Finalize the Record of Decision (ROD) and Land Use Control/Remedial Design (LUC/RD) documents. • Complete annual storm water sampling as outlined in the Long Term Management Plan (LTMgmt). 9 BRAC Program Management Office.
  10. 10. 2014 Planned Environmental Activities QUESTIONS ? 10 BRAC Program Management Office.