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The pathway to creating a successful channel partner program (Kevin O'Brien, JazzH)


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The Small Business Web Summit 2017 (San Francisco, CA).

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The pathway to creating a successful channel partner program
by Kevin O'Brien, Vice President Strategic Alliances, JazzHR

Published in: Marketing
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The pathway to creating a successful channel partner program (Kevin O'Brien, JazzH)

  1. 1. Building a Channel Small Business Web Summit Kevin OBrien VP Strategic Alliances
  2. 2. ●A Developer (long ago), Sales Engineer, BD/Partner Person… ● Constant Contact Before there was SaaS (we called it ASP back in the day)... Multiple Channel Programs: Solution Providers (Business Partners, Web Developers, Affiliates) Distributed Partners (Associations, Networks, Franchises) Technology Partners (ISVs) Strategic Partners (SMB Aggregators) ● Hootsuite Back when Snap was for dating… Multiple Channel Programs: Agency Partners Solutions Providers Technology Partners (ISVs) Strategic Alliances About Me ● JazzHR There’s always Musicians looking for work... Multiple Channel Programs HR Consultants Payroll Providers Technology and Alliances
  3. 3. Market Dynamics Is your solution right for a Channel? Organizational Dynamics Can the VOLUME be strategic to your company? Ensure it has Visibility Can it Co-Exist with a Sales Organization Don’t underestimate the impact on Systems! Planning Which Channel to focus on First
  4. 4. Focus on the Right Partners Who are their customers What do they do – will they REFER you? Has to be replicable…find groups that are similar and expand Look into your own customer base first They were referred to you by their Trusted Advisor
  5. 5. Partner Portal Revenue Reporting User Activity Reporting Multi Account Login Single Billing Marketing Materials Incentives Revenue Share vs Bounty In Perpetuity – Risk/Reward Early Access & Thought Leadership More valueable than Revenue Share Helping them be Valuable to their Not an API Program…though it helps.. Certification* Tough sell on SMB Software Comes later on as scale happens
  6. 6. Partner Managers Critical to success of the channel Being Proactive instead of Reactive Constantly Educating on the Tools and Resources Establishing level of trust – understand business needs Assigned Quarterly MRR Targets Should do 2-5x of what a Sales Person Can Do
  7. 7. What Will You Grow Here?