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Town Hall: Seize the SMB Channel! (Eugene Chi, Gretchen O'Hara=Microsoft)


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The Small Business Web Summit 2017 (San Francisco, CA).

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Town Hall: Seize the SMB Channel! How Microsoft and our partner network can help.
by Eugene Chi, General Manager, Microsoft
Gretchen O'Hara, General Manager, Microsoft

Published in: Marketing
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Town Hall: Seize the SMB Channel! (Eugene Chi, Gretchen O'Hara=Microsoft)

  1. 1. Go-To-Market Services ’Hara, GM, ISV & Developer Marketing Twitter: @GretchenOHara
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  10. 10. Go-To-Market ServicesBuild with Us 2016 January Worked with SMB ISV BDM and ISV Solution Showcase team 2016 February Engaged SMB Field Team & PSEs. ISV Sponsored a couple events 2016 April Sponsors Ingram Cloud Summit 2016 June Attends WPC | Ignite 2016 July Exhibits at Microsoft Ignite Conference
  11. 11. Go-To-Market ServicesSell with Us 2016 January NetEnrich and Microsoft launch 25 partner 3 month pilot (US & UK). NetEnrich longstanding Ingram Partner 2016 April NetEnrich sponsors Ingram Cloud Summit. Launch Azure & EMS Services at their Summit. 2016 July - October NetEnrich launch promotion at WPC. 2016 November Joint GTM. Microsoft targets US SMB Partners for Azure Assessment. NetEnrich funds promotion. 2016 December NetEnrich is an Ingram “IM One” sponsor. Ingram along with NetEnrich showcases Azure Cloud Assessment, Azure & EMS Services. Introduces ISV solution to different Microsoft individuals and partners. NetEnrich presents ISV solution for US SMB Live 2017 (22 cities) featuring Azure Acceleration for CSP partners. NetEnrich launch Azure Starter Kit with Ingram for 50 Ingram Partners
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