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Lessons from 15 Years Driving Growth through Affiliates


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SaaS Connect 2018 (San Francisco, CA).

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Lessons from 15 Years Driving Growth through Affiliates
by Erik Harbison, Chief Marketing Officer, AWeber Email Marketing

Published in: Marketing
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Lessons from 15 Years Driving Growth through Affiliates

  1. 1. Lessons from 15 years of Driving Growth Through Affiliates @erikharbison
  2. 2. Email Service Provider (ESP) Started 1998 in Philadelphia. Bootstrapped. Marketing Automation for 100,000+ bloggers, content creators, entrepreneurs, SMBs.
  3. 3. Evolution. Outcomes. Lessons.
  4. 4. “Our Affiliate program has been both a hub and spoke for growth.” Sean Cohen AWeber COO
  5. 5. Time New Affiliate Sign Ups Outreach. Events. Dedicated Program Manager Influx of competition. Affiliate Growth Over Time
  6. 6. Time Revenue From Affiliates Revenue Growth Remains Consistent
  7. 7. Active Affiliates Revenue Stronger Advocacy. The scaling opportunity. Revenue Per Active Affiliate
  8. 8. Evolution : Early Growth @erikharbison Customer Solutions In-House Affiliate Program Education Product
  9. 9. Why In-House vs. 3rd Party? @erikharbison ● Control ● Speed ● Flexibility
  10. 10. Our base of affiliates grew & became verticalized. Allowing for segmented targeting of scale opportunities. @erikharbison
  11. 11. Evolution : Scaling @erikharbison Customer Solutions In-House Affiliate Program Education Partnerships Product
  12. 12. Evolution : Affiliates as the Hub @erikharbison In-House Affiliate Program Partnerships SalesCommunity Product (Customers)
  13. 13. Outcomes : Affiliate Migration Model Sub-domain. Assets. Education. Co-branded landing page. Unique ads. Webinars, workshops, trainings. Incentives. Passive Affiliate Cyclical Affiliate “Emily” Revenue
  14. 14. LTV Customer Only LTV (1.5x) Customer + Affiliate LTV (2x-3x) Customer + Affiliate + Integration (“Emily”) Outcomes : Predictable LTV Impact
  15. 15. Lessons
  16. 16. IRL > Email
  17. 17. Growth required investment in dedicated team member(s).
  18. 18. Educate and nurture the ripest of the 80%
  19. 19. Remarkable experiences = Strongest advocates
  20. 20. Questions Thank You !
  21. 21. @erikharbison