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An Omni Channel Experience through Platform and Partnerships


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SaaS Connect 2018 (San Francisco, CA).

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An Omni Channel Experience through Platform and Partnerships
by Gabriella Hernandez, Product Partnerships Lead, Square

Published in: Marketing
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An Omni Channel Experience through Platform and Partnerships

  1. 1. Icebreaker Source: Killian Wagner Omnichannel Retail Revolution TedTalk
  2. 2. Source: US Census Bureau Mobile commerce is growing 3x faster than e-commerce and will be 50% of total e-commerce by 2020.
  3. 3. 82% of smartphone users consult their phone before making in-store purchases. Source:
  4. 4. Source: Chain Storage Age Card-on-file purchases made up 44% of all digital purchases last year.
  5. 5. 33% of consumers have a card-on-file with at least 5 retailers. Source: A.T. Kearney
  6. 6. Source: CNN Money Traditional models are failing.
  7. 7. “I do not believe that Amazon is killing retailers. I believe retailers' bad service is killing retailers."  -Williams Sonoma CEO, Laura Alber Source: Business Insider
  8. 8. Source: UXBERT
  9. 9. One in four who click on Sprint mobile search ads end up in a store, so the in-store experience needs to build on that bridge made in digital. Following its digital transformation, Sprint now has the ability to track multiple channels within a single view of the customer. -Sprint Chief Digital Officer, Rob Roy Source:
  10. 10. Walmart deploys tech that lets in-store shoppers check out - on their own
  11. 11. “Panera 2.0 self-order cafes continue to materially outperform traditional cafes.” -Panera Bread CEO Ron Shaich declared
  12. 12. What’s the common thread?
  13. 13. WHAT they want WHERE they want it HOW they want it WHEN they want it AND… Customers expect
  14. 14. Not just a trip to the store, but an experience
  15. 15. Experience: Brand, People, Products
  16. 16. Uniqlo & Topshop roll out “Magic Mirrors”
  17. 17. “Sephora debuts largest store in U.S. and it’s the future of beauty, including facial recognition kiosk technology.” Innovative technology and beauty must-haves meet.
  18. 18. Immediate Fulfillment Anywhere, Real-Time Personalized Journeys Cross Channel Consistency Self-Service +AI Assistance Ubiquitous, Omni Channel Commerce
  19. 19. Square works with many kinds of partners to deliver unique experiences. We give sellers choice and offer them the best tools, even if they’re not made by Square. We value and support a diverse ecosystem of partners and developers.
  20. 20. To name a few, eCommerce partners such as BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Ecwid and GoDaddy have built omni-channel solutions for joint customers so they can centrally manage payments and even item catalog & inventory from a single source.
  21. 21. Shake Shack partnered with Square & Fuzz Productions to offer self-service ordering to improve speed and experience.
  22. 22. The North Face partnered with Square to deploy mobile POS, cutting down on congestion times at their registers.
  23. 23. Cleveland Clinic partnered with Square to build self-service kiosks powered by our PaySDK to speed up check-in and increase quality of patient data.
  24. 24. D.C. Taxis partnered with Square to modernize payments acceptance, switching to digital meters with swipe, tap, and dip payments.
  25. 25. TNT Fireworks partnered with Square to deploy 6,000+ Square POS devices across 4000+ locations for 4th of July.
  26. 26. Eventbrite partnered with Square to provide an omni-channel experience for its event organizers so they can centrally manage ticket, food & bev, and merchandise sales while also providing a unified experience for event attendees.