2012 Hospitality Solutions


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Fitness facility solutions for the hospitality industry

2012 Hospitality Solutions

  1. 1. . Hospitality Solutions.
  2. 2. What is Wellness?.
  3. 3. .Technogym Mission.“We think, plan and realize innovative systems for both a physical and psychological well-being and for theimprovement of people’s quality of life, through physical activity, a good diet and correct habits, to prevent the mainpathologies derived from sedentary lifestyles.” Nerio Alessandri (Chairman and Founder of Technogym)
  4. 4. 50.000 Professional Gyms20.000 Private Customers20 Millions Users every day
  5. 5. the Company
  6. 6. • Chi è TG e come è nata• Foto garage1983.Technogym is born.
  7. 7. 2011.Global Reach.
  8. 8. Technogym Technogym Technogym Technogym Technogym Technogym USA UK Benelux France Germany ItalyTechnogym Technogym Technogym Technogym Technogym Technogym Technogym Russia China Emirates Japan Spain Portugal Australia
  9. 9. References.Performance Sports. Excellence.
  10. 10. Technogym Village
  11. 11. THE TECHNOGYM VILLAGE• Bio-architecture• Solar cell system• High-efficiency fluorescent lights• Low-power consumption PCs
  12. 12. the Market
  13. 13. Club Home CruiseCorporate Medical HotelResidential Military Spa
  15. 15. theHospitality market
  16. 16. "Working out on the road is apriority for many travellersbut hotels have typically cutcorners in hotel workoutrooms - cramming mediocre,aging equipment in a smallspace with absolutely nofrills”. Starwoods founder and CEO Barry Sternlicht
  17. 17. Luxury Hotel 4 Stars HotelLeisure ResidentialDestinationSPA CRUISE
  18. 18. FactsA study on business travelers, titled “Road Runners: Working outon the Road”, conducted by Lieberman Research Worldwideillustrates just how important exercise is to hotel guests. Said they check whether a hotel has gym facilities when booking Said quality of hotel fitness facilities is an important factor in choosing a hotel Didn’t like the workout room Source: Lieberman Research Worldwide for Westin Hotels & Resorts, survey of 300 business travellers.
  19. 19. Relaxing afterMaintain a daily travelling orworkout routine working day Regeneratingand detoxing in Workout in the a graceful privacy of the environment room
  20. 20. ********
  21. 21. Technogym consultants will help you the realization of yourperfect Wellness Solution.1. Project Study: understanding your targeted guest’needs.2. Project Development: studying the perfect solution foryour location & business model.3. Project Optimization: create a check list of activities upto the launch of the facility.
  22. 22. .Wellness Design.Designing a Gym.
  24. 24. Pay particular attention to:• Lighting.• Colours.• Entertainment.• Cooling and Warming, and humidity.. Acoustic Insulation.•• Flooring.• Furniture and complements.
  25. 25. .What kind of experience want to live the guests?How many machines in the area?More or Less, it can be considered about 4 or 5 sqm per each piece of equipment(there can be some exceptions e.g. Kinesis, Group Cycling…)So, for example in a 100 sqm Wellness Area, there is enough space for about 20-25 machines.
  26. 26. .1. Cardio equipmentStart positioning the CV equipment : in front of the windows, if you have a good view, or close to the entrance, if you don’thave any interesting view.
  27. 27. 2. Strength equipmentPosition the Strength equipment: after the CV machines or close to the main entrance in case the CV equipment is in front ofthe windows. Pay attention to always keep close the same muscular groups, and if it’s possible remember to position thetallest equipment against the wall.
  28. 28. 3. Free weights and benchesPosition the free weights area on the farthest point from the main entrance,(In this area mirrors are very important).
  29. 29. 4. Stretching and movementConsider the importance of a stretching area and a personal training area.
  31. 31. The Wellness LoungeThe Wellness Space • Relax & Stretching • Entertainment The Guest room“Relax & Workout” • Wellness suiteSpace • Smart Workout Room • Wellness "À la carte"
  32. 32. The Wellness SpaceOpen to membersWith Personal training spaceHotel gym only
  33. 33. Open to membersNot just a hotel facility, but a gym opened also for members who pay a joining fee.
  34. 34. Personal training spaceA dedicated space for a bespoke training experience.
  35. 35. Hotel gymHotel facility dedicated only to the guests.
  36. 36. . 10 sqm
  37. 37. . 15 sqm
  38. 38. . 20 sqm
  39. 39. The Wellness Lounge : Relax
  40. 40. The Wellness Lounge :Entertainment
  41. 41. The “Relax & Workout” Space
  42. 42. STARPOOL
  43. 43. •Wellness Suite•Smart Workout Room•Wellness "À la carte"
  44. 44. When your away from home you want to be able to feel like you are still keeping part of what you like to do at home alive and exercise is part of thisWELLNESS SUITE: KINESISPERSONAL
  46. 46. Just arrived … I don’t want to see people … I don’t want to meet my collegues around …I want to stay in my room … but I must work out …SMART WORKOUT ROOMA small gym in the room in less than 1 squaremeter.
  47. 47. Wellness "À la Carte"
  48. 48. 1. Education for your staff with a qualified network of trainers.2. Professional personal training services available for your guests.3. Customized online staff education area.
  49. 49. Selling on-demand PersonalTraining services for the singleguest or scheduling groupworkout sessions.
  50. 50. Offer a new service to surpriseyour guests.
  51. 51. Guests can easily follow their routine without any staff support ordedicated Personal trainers.
  52. 52. Marketing Communication Press & PR
  53. 53. Marketing Support - Online reference article on Technogym website -Technogym Monthly Newsletter (200,000+ subscribers Worldwide) -Technogym Youtube Channel (500,000+ video views/year) -Social Media – Success Story Visibility: Facebook (10.000 Fans)/ Twitter (1.500 Followers) If a video is available - Youtube (500.000 video views per year) Hotel / Fitness amenity images in our Flickr account (100.000 photo views per year) -Technogym Wellness Blog -Hotel Web Directory Web users can find hotels equipped by Technogym using a search tool with visibility of installed equipment, hotel address, website link, integration withGoogle Maps, hotel promo visibility etc. Available from Q4/2011. .
  54. 54. .www.technogym.comArchitects and Interior Designers web portal with download area.
  56. 56. .Workout & equipment .
  57. 57. .Healthy people, healthy planet.People’s health goes hand in hand with our planet’s health. Our products are built to environmentalcompatibility requirements which entail energy efficiency criteria, renewable materials, re-usable packaging andcompliance to RoHS directive to provide highest performance with lowest environmental impact and carbonfootprint.
  58. 58. • Use of renewable materials• Reduction/replacement of environmentally unsuitable substances• Energy efficiency• Re-usable packaging
  59. 59. Workout can be divided into 4 main categories:• Cardiovascular activity.• Strength training.• Stretching..• Functional movement.
  60. 60. .Cardiovascular activityThe cardiovascular or aerobic activities consist of exercises that involve the large muscles in the legs, torso and arms withcontinuous and repetitive movements. Typical aerobic exercises include walking, swimming, cycling and running. Regularaerobic activity may help reduce body fat level, stabilize blood pressure and cholesterol level and increase the overallresistance.
  61. 61. Cardio equipment, typologies:. Treadmills Bikes Lower Body Total Body Upper Body
  62. 62. .Strength trainingBody toning through weight training builds greater muscle strength.Weights include bends, dumbbells, barbells and weight-lifting machines.
  63. 63. Strength equipment, typologies:. Plate Loaded Selectorized Free Weights Benches Cables
  64. 64. .StretchingGood flexibility and joint mobility, with a cardiovascular efficiency and a muscular strength,are the fundamental components for staying in shape.Stretching helps the psycho-physic system via postural improvement, prevention of backache injury reduction and total bodyrelaxation.
  65. 65. Stretching equipment, typologies:. Benches Balls Mats Wall Bars
  66. 66. .Functional movementHuman movement is the result of the interaction between Balance - Strength - Flexibility.These solutions are targeted to individuals that look for bespoke training methods.
  67. 67. Functional equipment, typologies:. Kinesis ARKE’ Tools Balls
  68. 68. .Group activityGroup exercise classes are conducted by qualified fitness instructors. Many types of group exercise classes exist, but generallythese include classes based on aerobics, indoor cycling, boxing, high and low intensity training, yoga…
  69. 69. Advertising other partners orservices in the location such asrestaurant, SPA & treatments,car rental, personal training,conference room availability,etc.
  70. 70. “Peace of Mind”approach• Appraisal visit• Service contract• Planned preventive maintenance• Spare parts
  71. 71. •Strategic partnershipswith leading financialcompanies.•Bespoke leasing andfinancing options.
  72. 72. Case studies..
  73. 73. .Hotel gym (160 sqm).
  74. 74. .Hotel gym (400 sqm).
  75. 75. .
  76. 76. .Hotel gym (35 sqm).
  77. 77. .Hotel Room (40 sqm).
  78. 78. .
  79. 79. .
  80. 80. .Private residence (75 sqm).
  81. 81. References..
  82. 82. .Hotel: gyms.
  83. 83. Four Points Hotel Sheraton – Dornbirn (Austria)
  84. 84. Mandarin Oriental – Honk Kong (China)
  85. 85. Yas Hotel – Abu Dhabi (UAE)
  86. 86. Hotel Ritz – Madrid (Spain)
  87. 87. Baycourt Hotel & Spa – Tokyo (Japan)
  88. 88. SLS Hotel Beverly Hills– Los Angeles (USA)
  89. 89. Swiss Hotel – Instanbul (Turkey)
  90. 90. East King Plaza – (China)
  91. 91. Grand Hyatt – Honk Kong (China)
  92. 92. One&Only Le Saint Gerain – Mauritius
  93. 93. Hotel Principe di Piemonte – (Versilia) Italy
  94. 94. .Hotel: personal training spaces.
  95. 95. Park Liberra – Tokyo (Japan)
  96. 96. Mantra Club – Rimini (Italy)
  97. 97. Sofitel St. James Hotel – London (UK)
  98. 98. .Hotel: wellness suites
  99. 99. SLS Suite - Beverly Hills – Los Angeles (USA)SLS Hotel Beverly Hills– Los Angeles (USA)
  100. 100. Hotel Devero - Bianza Milan (Italy)
  101. 101. Suite concept – Sia Guest Rimini (Italy)
  102. 102. Suite concept – Flos showroom Milan (Italy)
  103. 103. .Yachts.
  104. 104. Yacht Ability – CRN Ferretti
  105. 105. Predator 130 - Sunseeker
  106. 106. .Private Residences.
  107. 107. Private residence – China
  108. 108. Private residence – Bologne (Italy)
  109. 109. Thank You.