New                           wsletter September 2012                                  r:        r            Let’s profes...
Sexual asssault is a crime, an it                                                                                         ...
Imagine a typica rapist. Whom do y               al        W         you picture A sex-c                                  ...
Dont a      assume ot  ther people will take care of you or prot                           e         e         y          ...
Active resistance is intend                  e       ded to dist                                    tract or te           ...
Crriminals a                                                                     are, for th majority of                  ...
Many ttimes after a predato has brou                 r        or        ught down its prey it will move it to another loca...
The author is arm veteran having more than th                                       my                                 hre...
Hundre of millions of pe      eds                 eople acros India were left without powe on thes two day in             ...
There is cyber w going on betwee Iran and a few other countr                  war           o       en        d           ...
Sugges     stions & fe               eedback ma be sent to us on e-                        ay                  -mail: capt...
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News letter sept 12


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News letter sept 12

  1. 1. New wsletter September 2012 r: r Let’s profes ssiona alize th prof he fession nals… http://ww Bussiness out t-sourcing has bec g come the harbinger of econo h r omic chan nges in India! It has also c h changed the Indian society! With tho t n ose nocturnal offic hours and dispo ce osable income, the youngst e ter’s zeal to spend the mon on ha ney aving good time ha created a cultura imbalance where one d as al half has take natural the we f en lly ncepts of ‘dating’ and ‘living estern con a g-in’ and remainin other ha is yet to accept these as p d ng alf t t part of soc norms cial s. The allied problem is that liberal be e p ehavior o a partner is o of often mis sunderstoo as con od nsent. It also is male chau vinistic approach that m abefore cob onsent a woman must resi sts and bit of for m rce is pa of the consequ art e uentagreement Alas! Ba t! Both are farther fro the tru f om uth. The sharp incr s rease in th numbe of he ersexual asss saults reported amp proves this fact. ply sSome peoS ople have the wron idea ab ng bout sexu assault. They th ual hink the assailant w a wasovercome with sexu desire, the victim was dreo ual m essed too seductive or "asked for it" or ely ",that all vict ctims want sexua contact! ted alThese idea assum that sexT as me xual assau is mot ult tivated by passion. It isnt. Sexual ass saultis a violen crime, a hostile attack, a attemp to hurt and hum nt an pt miliate. Sex is only the xweapon! Mw Motive is t hurt – physically and men to y ntally. The body sc e cars take some time toheal but psychologih ical scars take year may be the life tim rs me! Ca S B Tyagi, FISM, C apt F CSC For ICI ISS Capt SB TyagiCICISSSept.12 B 1
  2. 2. Sexual asssault is a crime, an it nd occurs wit increasi th ing frequency, but rema ains the most un nder- reported ccrime. The is a r ere rape victim eve ry sixteen minutes. A woman is beat n ten every 18 seconds; t three to fo million are our battered e every year. Three ou of ut four wome will be the victim of en ms at least o one violent crime du t uring their lifetim me. These sta atistics are repeated in e d, countries worldwide. Sexual assault aw wareness is based on environme ental alertness.Remem mber, alcoh dulls yo reflexe When uncomforta hol our es. u able, trust y your instinc cts!In over one-half o reported rapes, the rapist is an acquain r of d e eighbor, frie or relative. ntance, ne endAcquai intance rap is less likely to b reported to the au pe be d uthorities t than rape by a stran nger.Acquai intance rap frequen occurs under circ pe ntly cumstance where th victim, the attacke or es he t erboth ha been drinking or are intox ave o xicated. The victim of an acqu uaintance rape may not yrecognnize it as a crime or consider the incident as a rape. c eYou ar a victim of a crime if you ha had un re e ave nwanted seexual conta Sexua assault is no act. al sless se erious just because you know your as t w ssailant. Previous se P exual cont tact with y yourassaila does not justify or excuse the crime. If you think sexual assault is motivated by ant o . s dpassion or happens becau the vic n use ctim asked for or wa d anted it, lo ook at the facts. Sexualassault can happ to anyo - you, your childr t pen one ren, co-wo orkers or friiends, or other memb o bersof your family. rPerhap you thi ps ink sexual assault happens only in l ocertain high-risk situations such as hitch k hhiking,walking alone at night, or going out s g g socially alo one. Itstrue that sexual assault ca occur in such situ an n uations,but it also takes place in ordinary, seemingl safe s n lyplaces. In fact, about one-third of all rapes occu in or urnear th victims residence About o he s e. one-half of rapes fare b by first or casu ual dates or ro s omanticacquaintances.Capt SB TyagiCICISSSept.12 B 2
  3. 3. Imagine a typica rapist. Whom do y al W you picture A sex-c e? crazed man A psyc n? chopath? MMoreoften t than not, t those stere eotypes ar wrong. Most rapists dont llook peculiar or beh re havestrange Mainly they wan to hurt, humiliate and degra anothe human being. Rap ely. y, nt ade er pistsare not sexually deprived men; mos t have avaailable sex xual outlets In addit s. tion, many are ymarried and lea normal lives pr d ad rior to conviction and often come fro a om the sa amesocioecconomic b background as their v d victims. Ra apists may be repeat ters and may continu to uerape un they ar caught. ntil re"I thoug I could trust him; I thought he was my friend. I started fee ght d y s eling uncommfortable, b I but ngs. I thought he woignored my feelin d ould never do anythin to hurt m Sudde ng me. enly, he wa a asstrange He was doing som er. s mething I never thouught he woould be cap pable of - my friend wasraping me." Donn - 20-yea old acqu na ar uaintance rape surviv r vor.Find out about n new friend or acqu ds uaintances Ask othe who k s. ers know or ha ave dated theperson Date with friends before acc n. b cepting a single date Make de s e. efinite plan in advance. nsDont le eave a gro setting with a per oup rson you do know well. ont w And communic cate those elimits. T your p Tell partner clea what y intend. arly youEstablish that a any sexua activity will be a almutual decision. Speak up if youre getting . u gconfusing messa ages from your pa m artner. Beeforcefu and firm; dont worr about be ul ry eing polite.Dont f for line such as "You wo fall es s ould if you uloved me." Consider or practice a pproaches p ssuch a "Stop t as this! Im not enjoyin it." Pay n ng yyour o own way or shar costs to avoid re dargume ents such as "You owe me - I spent all othis mo oney on yyou." Bewa of par are rtners whoodisrega your re ard equests. State wh you re hat eally want tand ar feeling. Remembe alcohol and other re er, rdrugs comprom mise your ability to make r edecisio ons. When you say "no", m n y make your rmessage clear. W When you say "yes be sure u s", eyou knnow what youre ag greeing to. Dont be . eembarr rassed to yell, mak a scen or run ke ne naway. Dont worr about of ry ffending yo partner remembe you are being hum our r; er, e miliated. If youare unccomfortabl with a date, you c choose to end it. Take your own vehicle or mee at le can e r etthe des stination. C Carry mone for a ph ey hone call or fare home r e.Capt SB TyagiCICISSSept.12 B 3
  4. 4. Dont a assume ot ther people will take care of you or prot e e y tect you fr rom harm. Avoid partieswhere men great outnumber wome n. Dont ac tly ccept rides from new made acquaintances. s wly aBe carreful when inviting someone t your res n s to sidence or accepting an invita r g ation to theirs.Avoid s secluded p places whe you are put in a vulnerable position. A ere e v Acquaintance rapes ooftenoccur in a residen nce.Believe your inn feeling when y e ner gs you get uncomfortable about a person or situat u n tion.Respon as soon as you fe uncomf nd n eel fortable! sault. You should think about t kinds of defense youAnyone can be a victim of sexual ass e the owould be willing to use. In some c g cases, ressistance ca frighten off or discourage the an n dattacke but it ca also lea a rapist to becom more vio er, an ad t me olent or inc crease effo to sub orts bduethe vict tim.Now is the time t consider your optiions; there is little tim to think during an attack. Could s to e me k nyou rea hurt an acquaintance who tried to hu you? Ar you williing to yell? Are you able ally n urt re ?to run? Rememb ? ber, rape is a crime of violence not pass s e, sion. Youv got to assume th a ve a hatrapist is willing to use violence. If you are attack o u ked, your main conce must always be y m ern a yoursafety.Becaus all peop and all situations are differ se ple l s rent, there is no ONE way for you to pro E otectyourse People have diff elf. ferent cappabilities, and you must decid for you a m de urself the bestdefens method for you. seThe go of passive resist oal tance is to think and otalk yo way ou of the situation. W passive our ut Withresistance, you c can:  Try to calm the attac m cker. Try to persuade o him not to carry out the attack. t  Claim to b sick or pregnant. T him you be p Tell have a sexxually transmitted dissease. This may intimidate the attacker.  Try to dis scourage him. Prete nd to faint, h cry hysterrically, act insane o mentally t or incapacita ated.  If youre at your residence tell the e, attacker a friend is coming o over or tha at your spouuse or roo ommate w be bac will ck soon.Capt SB TyagiCICISSSept.12 B 4
  5. 5. Active resistance is intend e ded to dist tract or te emporarily injure you attacker to create an ur r eopportuunity for e escape. No obody can tell you whether or not activ resistan will be the n w r ve nce"right" thing to d A decis do. sion to res active howeve is irrev sist ely, er, versible. Your goal i to Y isescape not to w Here are some pros and cons rega e, win. a arding the most com mmon type of esactive rresistance:  Yelling: It can surp prise or frig ghten an aattacker aw if he fe way ears peop le will com to help. But me yelling wont help in isolated or noisy areas. r  Struggling and figh g hting back k: A forcef gle may also ful strugg discourage an attack but mo will e ker, ost retaliate aand have the poten ntial to inflict serio injuries. Howeve you ous er, must not be afra t aid to huurt an attacker. A kicks and blows must All a s be forcefu and sho ul ould be aim med at vulnerable areas su as the groin, e uch eyes, or innstep.  Martial arrts: Special se elf-defense skills su e uch as j judo or karate are poopular. If y are you proficient in such techniques they t s, can be ver effective But profiiciency ry e. requires practice.  Weapons: Some peo ople carry weapons such as guns, knive or spra chemica to ward off g es, ay als d attackers. Unless yo are train and no afraid to use thes e weapons they can be ou ned ot o s, n very danggerous. The attacker might be able to tu them a r urn against you. Also, so ome weapons c cannot legally be car rried, so ch heck with lo ocal law en nforcement authoritie es.If you b believe you might ge severely hurt defen u et nding yours or if yo self oure afraid to fight back, ddont. S Sexual asssault is still an assau lt and still a crime, even if you do not hav a single cut l ve eor bruise. Victim who do not resiist should never feel guilty; it is the assailant who ms ocommit tted the crime.  If attacked escape d,  If trapped, stay alive  If assaulte memori details ed, izeCapt SB TyagiCICISSSept.12 B 5
  6. 6. Crriminals a are, for th majority of he y them, predaators. They behave like a y pr redator. Th stalk and hunt lik a hey a ke pr redator. TThey will attack like a pr redator. To understa o and them one sim mply nee eds to lo ook at t their co ounterparts in the wild s d. When a wo W wolf, lion, or any o other an nimal hun nts its pr rey it usuually follows a set routin of habits. ne Grranted, a lot of preddators hun in nt pa acks (su uch as the be efore mentioned wolf) the habits will ebasical remain the same. lly pend quite a bit of tim watchin a heard. It will not choose th biggest andA predator will sp me ng t hestronge of the heard. It will set its sights on one that is young, inexperien est w nced, weak or k,even o A single hunter has a much better ch old. h h hance of making a killl if it has the advanta age.The saame is true for the human preda ator. This is especiall true of a sexual predator. lyHow do you defe agains this? Qu ite simply it’s your body langua o end st age. A lot of it has to do owith ho you car yourself If you wa ow rry f. alked slummped over, eyes down nward, you appear to be u oafraid. This show weaknes and just as a lion can sense it, so can a human. ws ss tWalk a and carry yourself with a sen w nse of connfidence. Look at pe L eople. If yo can’t b ou bringyourse to look them in the eyes, look just over their heads. F elf t From a short distanc it ceappear that you are lookin them in their eyes. rs ngOnce tthe predat has cho tor osen its viictim it will attempt to separat it from the rest of the t te t fheard. It is very important that you a attempt to keep yourself near p people. If you are wi a y ithgroup, stay with t group. This is esp the pecially tru if you ar in an unf ue re familiar pla ace.Do not venture off alone to the re stroom, out to your car, or o of the building with t r out esomeo one you do know. I have alw on’t ways heard guys ma fun of women fo going to the d ake or obathroo in a public place in a group . They can laugh all they want. This is a natural instinct om n . nand is probably o of your best self- defense to one r ools.If you a not with a group stay nea other pe are p, ar eople. Do your best to avoid places that are p tdevoid of people Side str e. reets, alley empty parking garages ar just a few examp ys, g re f ples.These are places where th predato knows that you have little o no chan of any he or t or nce yonehearing your cries for help if you are a g i attacked.Capt SB TyagiCICISSSept.12 B 6
  7. 7. Many ttimes after a predato has brou r or ught down its prey it will move it to another locatio in n t e onorder to consum it in peace wit me thout bein disturbed. With human predators Law ng pEnforce ement calls this the Primary Cr P rime Scene and the Secondary Crime Sc e S y cene. A perrsonmay be attacked in one pla e ace. Once the victim is subdued the attac d cker will then move thhemto anot ther locatio where th are a llittle freer to carry out whatever intentions they have on hey t r s e.If you a attacke in a res are ed stroom, a p parking lot, or other public place it is a su bet that the p e ure tattacke will attem to move you aw from people and help. It is important that you f er mpt way p s t fightand do everythin in your power to k o ng p keep this frrom happe ening. Try to fight off your attacker fand make as m much of a disturbanc as you can when the atta ce ack first beegins to d drawattentio to yours on self. Yell. Scream. Ru Fight! S un.Should you be at d ttacked an the assa nd ailant depa the are you nee to GET OUT of th arts ea ed T hereas fast as you ca Predato in the w may get distracted and lea their prey. They may t an. ors wild g avehave thheir fill and walk aw way. Many times the will return to the prey to fin ey nish what t theystarted Your atta d. acker may leave. Aft he has gone man times he will begin to think. The ter ny e nadrenaaline rush i done an his mind may clea a bit. If he has left you he may think “ is nd d ar ft m “Shecan ideentify me” Or he could decid that he wants more. At an rate many times the ”. c de e m nyattacke will retur to the pr er rn rey.Capt SB TyagiCICISSSept.12 B 7
  8. 8. The author is arm veteran having more than th my hree decaddes of coloorful service in various c command and staff fun a nctions. He also had a very long and e mentionnable tenur with Inte re elligence Bureau whe re he was associated in d inspection and aud of indus dits strial securit measures undertake by PSU and ty s en governmment establ ishments. An avid reader an d prolific writer, Col Bhatia is no freelance consultan in w B ow e nt the field of Indust d trial Security & Safety Managem ment. He is passiona ately involved in efforts for release of Indian POWs held in Pakistan. He can be d e d n reached by e-mail a - narindr d at mThe reecent mass sive black--outs left 6 670 million Indians without pow for two days. Ro w wer o oadswere g gridlocked, coal mine were tr ers rapped unnderground hospitals had bee plunged into d, s endarkne and millions of tr ess rain passen ngers were stranded after grids supplying electricit to e s ty th sthalf of India’s 1.2 billion pe 2 eople collappsed on both 30 an 31 July 2012 for two days at a nd ystretch. Stretchin from Ass ng sam, near China, to the Himala ayas and t northwestern des the serts asthan, the outage was the wor to hit Inof Raja e rst ndia in more than a d ecade and embarras d ssedthe goovernment, which ha failed t build up enough power ca as to apacity to meet soa aringdeman nd.“Even before we could figure out the reason for yesterday (30th Ju failure, we had m y’s uly) more stgrid fai ilures the n next on 31 July),” sa R. N. Nayak, Cha aid N airman of t state-ru Power Grid the unCorpor ration. By t afterno rush-h the oon hour, only about 40 percent of power was back up and a p sstreets were clog s gged withcommu uters tryin to get nghome.By nigghtfall, poower wasback up in th humid hecapital, New D Delhi andmuch of the nor rth, but asenior official sa only a aidthird w was restore in the edrural state of o UttarPradessh, itself home tomore ppeople than Brazil. nIt’s ccertainly sshameful.Power is a ve ery basicamenit and situa ty ations likethese should no occur,” ot Traaffic Jams in the Ca s apital after the powe failure r ersaid U Unnayan Amitabh,19, an intern with HSBC ba in New Delhi, as he was giving up o the underground t h ank w s g on trainsystem and flagg m ging down an auto-ric ckshaw to get home. They talk about big ticket refo k ormsbut can get som n’t mething as essential a power supply right said anot as s ther disgus sted citizen n.Capt SB TyagiCICISSSept.12 B 8
  9. 9. Hundre of millions of pe eds eople acros India were left without powe on thes two day in ss w wer se ysone of the worlds worst bllackouts, t trapping miners, stra m anding train travelers and plunging n shospita als into d darknesswhen g grids colla apsed forthe seecond time in two edays.The c cuts in such awidesppread area of the aworlds s second most dpopuloous nationappear to be o of the red onebiggest in histo t ory, andhurt Indians prid as the decountry seeks to emerge y oas a mmajor force on the einterna ational stag ge.Train s stations in Kolkata nwere swamped a traffic andjamme the stre ed eets after Not a candle li ight dinne BUT a c er candle ligh hair cut! ht nmentgovern officesclosed early in the dilapidaated coast city of 5 million people. Th power failed in so tal p he f omemajor c hospita and offi building had to fire up dies generat city als ice gs f sel tors.The Metro servic came to grinding halt and many com ces g mmuters wwere struck in 300 tr k rainshalting in betwee the statio with a ir-condition en ons ning stoppe Some passenger panicked as ed. rspower controlled automatic doors cou not be opened. By mid-eve c uld B ening, serv vices had b beenrestore on the N ed New Delhi metro systtem. Two hundred miners were stranded in three d h m e d deepcoal sh hafts in the state of West Benga when the electric elevators stopped working. e W al eir wIndia w forced to buy ext power from the tiny neighboring kingd was tra dom of Bh hutan to he it elprecove from a blackout that hit m er t more than 300 millio people. Indians took to so on . t ocialnetworrking sites to ridicule the Unite Progres e ed ssive Allian (UPA) governme in par for nce ) ent, rtpromot ting Shinde despite the power c e cuts.Power Minister S Sushil Kum Shinde blamed the system collapse on some states draw mar e m s wingmore th their s han share of ele ectricity fro the ove om er-burdened grid, but Uttar Prad t deshs top civilservant for enerrgy said outdated t o transmissio lines were at fa on w ault. Asias third-largesteconom suffers a peak-h my s hour powe deficit of about 10 percent, dragging on econo er o 0 , omicgrowth.What wwas the reeason of Massive Po M ower blackkout in Ind dia? Was UP at the heart of e f thepower crisis that plunged 600 million people ac 6 cross the country into darkness Even as o s? s thecentral governme and ex ent xperts pouured over the possib reason power officials in ble ns, thestate d denied any blame. But as an expert on Industrial Security, I could no rule out y B ot t thecyber s sabotage aangle.Capt SB TyagiCICISSSept.12 B 9
  10. 10. There is cyber w going on betwee Iran and a few other countr war o en d ries. Chine are known eseofficiall hacking sensitive sites wor over. Pakistan, North Kore and many countries ly g rld P rea mworld o over are i indulging in bloodles hidden cyber wa against their adve i ss ar ersaries. It allstarted two years back with Stuxnet, considered the most sophistica d s h d t ated computer virus e everand vir rtually worrld’s first weapon of mass dest w truction. It is like a laaser guide missile and edcompa aring it with older viru like Tro h us ojan horse and Time Bomb se e eems comp paring nuc clearbomb with a cr rude bomb Cyber experts point finger towards the US and Israe in b. p s eldeveloping this m malicious program wiith a single purpose of sabotag p e ging nuclea installat ar tionsof Iran..IT expe erts feel thhere are numerous v n versions of the Stux o xnet like D uqu and Flame that are F tdifficult to contro as not all under the contro of peop who c t ol ol ple created the em. Comp puterEmergency respo onse Team for India (CERT-IN had issu alert ag m N) ued gainst thes viruses two seyears b back but b then it was too lat as more than 80,000 comp by w te e puters were infected with ethis virus in India Giving us dubious distinction of the thir most in a. n rd ountry with this nfected covirus and country has suffe y ered unlimiited losses and many cyber criiminals are trying to t s y e takeover co ontrol of these viruse es.While i investigatio are on to pin poin the caus of the world’s larg on nt se w gest black out, possibbilityof the Chinese / Pakistani nexus to hit India’s economy and pres y stige secre canno be etly otruled o out. Cyber warfare is like che r emical and biological warfare t l that are not confined togeogra aphical bou undaries. Our vital iinstallation like pow ns wer, oil, nu uclear facilities, defe enseetc. ca be targ an geted at will in large scale. The US De w e T efense Ad dvanced Project Age P ency(DARP PA) that wwas involve in crea ed ation of th Internet finds itse unable to cope with he t elfhacking The “Sh g. hadows” investigato as well as “the Dark Visitor a blog th researc ors r” hat chesChines se hackingactivitie have co es oncludedthat these origin nate fromChengdu Unive ersity ofElectroonic Scien nce andTechno ology that hasleashed cyber w world warover.Therefo ore, the SCADA(Superrvisory Controland D Data Acquisition)also called In ndustrialContro System (ICS) ol mscan be hacked easily to eput coountry likke Indiaadvers sely in the world’s eeyes a soft st as tate anddown ggrade its e economy. We need to develo counter measures and our experts k op s knowwhat th hese are and Govern nment’s willl should no be lackin to imple ot ng ement them m. *** *Capt SB TyagiCICISSSept.12 B10
  11. 11. Sugges stions & fe eedback ma be sent to us on e- ay -mail: captsbtyagi@y nP.S. - If you do ont like to receive our new t e wsletter, we apolog w gize for bo othering y you.Please let us kn e now your mail addr ress and we will move it out from our contact list, w tthank yyou!Capt SB TyagiCICISSSept.12 B11