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etter: May 2013

Let’s profe
alize th pro
he ofessio

Th ...
By: Ca Pran R
Ranjan Pra
Recent gru
uesome br
road daylig murder of Deepa
Bhardwaj, a very hi gh profi...
1. Secur audit to be carrie out at in
nitial stage and thereafter rando
omly. Take desired a
in time.
Col N N Bha tia (Retd)

epublic of Hungary i a landlo
ocked coun
ntry in the Carpathia Basin iin
entral Euro...
The plant management called the mishap as a natural disaster when the red mud broke out from
the reservoir No 10. This cas...
hough the laboratory tests showed
hig concen
ntrations of heavy metals
in the slu
udge, the MAL plant
illions of p
people trav abroad each year and use their pass
sports. Whe you tra
avel abroad the
od are in ...

As mu as pos
ssible, plan to stay in larger hot
tels that ha more e
elaborate security.
Becau take-o and ...



Wear the should strap of your bag across yo chest and walk w the bag away from the


Don't leave valu
uables in the car. If you must carry thing with yo u, keep th
hem out of sight
In many cou
untries you can be harassed o detained for photographing s
such things as police and
ilitary insta...

If que
estioned, k
keep your answers s
short. Don' volunteer informatiion or mak unnece
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News letter may 13


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Monthly newsletter of International Council of Security and Safety Management.
The ICISSM web-site (, the ICISSM Goggle group (!forum/icissm), and the ICISSM LinkedIn Group (

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News letter may 13

  1. 1. Newsle N etter: May 2013 M Let’s profe s essiona alize th pro he ofessio onals… http://ww sbtyagi/iciss Th field o security manage he of y ement in India is still in th stages of he s gr rowth and evolutio d on. Many changes have oc y s ccurred over the p past se everal years and surely many more are in store in the years ahead! y e i Ev ven the t term used to label this pro d ofessional field, le alone, the et de efinitions u used have undergo chang es. e one Ar the sec re curity prof fessionals involved with sec s d curity, safe and lo ety, oss pr revention or risk ma anagemen The co nt? orrect answer is “all the abov ve”! As the field become more professio nal, the duties of the secu s d es p d urity pr ractitioner become more com r mplex and encomp d pass a far wider ran nge of respons f sibilities. No long ger is se ecurity sa addled with a ni w ight wa atchman’s image! s curity ser Similarly in the dyna amic world in which we live today, eve the sec d h en rvice prov viders ave open ned many vistas for their custome y r ers. Loss prevent s tion, frau and c ud crime ha inv vestigatio ons, foren nsic exam minations, cash gua arding services an consultancies in the nd n related field were inc d cluded in the range of service offered by the se es ecurity age encies bes sides co onvention guarding services. An nother se ervice is a added in the exist ting band of services on o d offer – Pr rivate Militaryma aritime Se ecurity (P PMS) and India was quick in jumping in this b s n brand new band-wa w agon! Ja aipur base ‘Elite Marine Security Cons ed sultants’ has starte offering its servic in the form h ed g ces of private s f security a sea. Mo than h at ore half of co ommercial careers moving through In l t ndian Oc cean have private a e armed gua ards. This led to Pr s rivate Milit tary-marit ime Security Contr ractor (P PMSC) sys stem and is an esc calating tr rend. It is mainly because t s b the Navy cannot no be ot ex xpected to do more and more constabu o e ulary role in the face of increa ritime crim mes. asing mar Th person he nnel for p private sec curity at sea are mainly for m rmer army navy or coast g y, o guard pe ersonnel a and such security providers would at this nasc p cent stage need to put their s e show together! Th is new field and emergin needs will direct the servi his w d ng w ice deliver mechan ry nism. La aws will be needed to be re-examined, jurisdictio issues are neede to be fr e on ed reshly deb bated an right to carry w nd o weapons and use o force at high-sea will ha a of t as ave to be as prescribed un nder the sovereignty and the legal bou undaries of the ‘flag’ of the sh o hip! Cap S B T pt Tyagi For IC CISS
  2. 2. By: Ca Pran R apt Ranjan Pra asad Recent gru R uesome br road daylig murder of Deepa ght r ak Bhardwaj, a very hi gh profile rich politi B ician at hiis sprawling farmhouse in Delhis f e -Gurgaon border ha as really shak r ken all of us. More so, as re eported, th he killers ente k ered the p premises by scribbli b ing visitor’’s register at the ma r t ain entran nce. Private securit ty guards were seen a mute on g as nlookers on replay o o of TV T footage of the criiminals’ ea escape soon afte e asy e er the inciden t nce. What good is the purpos of hirin t se ng the service of secu t es urity guard if they fail in the ds eir duty in suc a manne as this in d ch er ncident? This calls for ponde ering over the reaso ons of se ecurity failure in thiis pa articular case. Inv variably, th hiring ag he gency doe not have any idea of the mag es e gnitude an d me easures to be put in place for effective an near foolproof sec o e nd curity. The ey jus understa st and that fe guards in uniform are goo enough to provid e ew s m od ad dequate se ecurity. In m most of the cases co effectiveness (cur e ost rtailment) iis the criterion for them. e We must also ackno owledge th fact th at even the service providin he t e ng ag gency do n explain and insis on their client to go for prop securit not n st g per ty me easures in terms of require numbe of man ed er n-power as well a a as pro ovisioning of necess sary security gadgets in order to grab the contrac s, r ct as per the d s demand of their client. For the degree of threat perceptio f em e on an area for surveillance is of no conseque nd o ence. At times, increase in degree of threat at any poin of time during th e nt t co ourse of co ontract, due to some or the othe reasons may call for adoptio e er f on of contingen ncy plan t counter it effectiv to r vely. All th hese thing must b gs be ex xplained to the client by the ag o gency well in advance. Life of such a hig s gh pro ofile citize has be en een lost without o offering an resistan ny nce to th he off fenders by the secur guards. y rity . Well forget about deb bating on the issue whether th sound of fire wa t he as he eard or not by the gu t uards at th main ga and did they com to know he ate me w ab bout what h happe has ened with the owner of the esta at leas one thin g ate; st is very clear that in an case pis wieldin person just walking past th r ny stol ng he gu uard-room should ha ave been challenged by the guards, wh c d g hich did no ot ha appen in th case. his Th here can b several reasons and much explanatio to this but, shoulld be a on the be some basic system an drill folllowed with the use of desire ere nd ed ga adgets then perhaps it would no have be en so easy for the pe n ot y erpetrator. It is felt that in order to provide effective se o e ecurity at different places som d me ba points to be take care of are as follo asic en a ows: - Having spent more g than two decades in t Archae eological S Survey of India Capt Pra a, asad is an expert in manag gement of heritag ge sites from securit point of view. ty Commissioned in Artillery Capt. P y, Prasad has held some importa ant assignments in ASI’ security s ’s set-up where he rose to be Officer. Chief Security O made was He nsible for respon compu uterization o ASI. of He was also associated with ASI p Team to set-up the um of P Punjab Museu Regimental Cent tre at arh. He has also s Ramga served in UPSC and d C National Monuments Author (NMA). rity He is currently Chief Execut tive Officer of S. K. K. Enterprises (Pvt.) E be He can Ltd. at contac cted pran.prasad@yah m
  3. 3. 1. Secur audit to be carrie out at in rity o ed nitial stage and thereafter rando omly. Take desired a e action in time. 2. Agenc should not try to get into ser cy g rvice with less securit provisio ns. ty 3. Agenc must n stretch duty ho urs of the guards at sensit cy not h eir tive duty points as their efficie ency would certainly be affected at some point in tim d d me. 4. Desire securit needs like adequ ed ty l uate streng of ma gth anpower (w with or without wea apon), secur lights and CCTV camera at identified places, ins rity c stallation o under ca of arriage scanning system incorpo m orated with camera for auto a omatically capturing photographs of ve ehicle regist tration num mber and driver, boom barrier etc. should be conside m e ered. 5. The v visitor’s re egister at high prof file places may hav some a s ve additional columns l like – ‘wheth Relativ Known Person/ F her ve/ First time Visitor’ etc. Additional entries ca be ‘If carrying V an any personal we eapon, the make its entry’; ‘To numbe of perso ns Male / Female’. en s otal er F 6. Super rvision of guards by seniors a such pl y at laces shou be ver regular and inten uld ry nse. It should also be aimed at finding if s d something is going wrong. Sec w curity does not allow any w laxity in the syst tem norm. You do no get seco chance to overco ot ond e ome your fo olly. ing of gua ards, their psycholog ical state and reflex are as im x mportant as their phy a ysical 7. Traini fitness. Ele ement of s surprise by the outlaw should n ot prevail over the se y w o ecurity pre paredness and proce s edure by the secur set-up. y rity 0M esteemed colleag My gues from security fra aternity ma have much better knowhow to improv the ay r w ve sy ystem. So, any input w would enhance the c capability of service providers. o p
  4. 4. Col N N Bha tia (Retd) Re epublic of Hungary i a landlo is ocked coun ntry in the Carpathia Basin iin e an Ce entral Euro ope, bordered by Aus stria, Slova akia, Ukraine, Romania, Serbia a, an Slovenia Its capit is Buda nd a. tal apest. Hun ngary is a member of Europea o an Un nion, North Atlantic T h Treaty Organization ( (NATO) an the Organization o nd of Ec conomic C Cooperation and Dev n velopment (OECD). It is one of the thirt o ty mo popula tourist destinatio ost ar ons among the cou g untries in the world d, att tracting 8. million tourists per year. A .6 p According to the World Bank W k, Hu ungary is a high-inco ome economy. Hu ungary’s m massive catastrophic red sludge spill took place on October 4 e k 4, 20 at 1210 hrs. due to reservo break a t an alumina plant th dumped 010 0 oir hat d up to 700,0 p 000 cubic meters (1 184 million gallons) of spill devastating n d g Ko olontar villa age closes to the le near A st eak Ajka in the west of th country he y. Th red slu he udge deva astated cre eeks and rivers nea the spi site and ar ill d en ntered the Danube River on October 7 moving down to Hungary’s 7, s im mmediate neighbors C Croatia, Se erbia and R Romania. Th red slud he dge samp ples taken from the spill had heightened concerns d s ab bout the po ossible longer-term harm that c h could be caused by high levels c s of arsenic to oxic heavy metals in the spilll over. The disaster confirmed y r d eig deaths and som of the unidentif ght s me e fied victim were likely to be ms e Ko olontar res sidents while about 150 peopl e were inj jured. Prim Ministe me er Viktor Orban stated th the thr n hat reat to the Danube had been eliminated e d an the Inte s nd ernational D Danube Co ommission that monitors the river and its n trib butaries co onfirmed t this news. Despite t he appare good news abou ent n ut the Danube, the risk o pervasive and lastiing environ e of e nmental da amage was s co onfirmed by laboratory tests th showed high con y hat d ncentration of heavy ns y me etals in the sludge. e The author is army a veteran having more n than th hree decad des of colorful service e in various command and s d staff fu unctions. He also e had a very long and g mentionable tenur with re Intellige ence Bureau B was where he associa ated in inspection and au udits of industrial security y mea asures underta aken by PSU and government establis shments. An av vid reader and r prolific writer, Col Bhatia is now free elance consult tant in the f field of Industr rial Securi ity & Safety Manage ement. He is passionately involve in effor ed rts for release of Indian P e POWs held in Pakistan He n. can be reached by ee at mail narindr ra_bhatia@hotm m It is still not known what caused a section of the reservoir to collapse bu c ut me eteorologis noted that spring and s sts summer ra ains acros Eastern ss n Eu urope were above no e ormal and walls hold ding back the sludge may have t e e be een weake ened by th rain. Th consist he he tency of th red slu he udge totally y sto opped the respirator and microbial activ ry vities of th soil. Mo of those he ost e killed were d drowned o swept away in the nearby village of Kolontar as or e v K s the toxic slud escap from th breach f e dge ped he from the co orner of the reservoir of the pla All life in the e r ant. Ma arcal River that feeds the Danu was re r s ube eportedly destroyed. Th MAL pla located in Ajka about 160 k he ant d a kms from Budapest produces a alumina fro bauxite ore. om e Alumina is used to make aluminu metal a well as advanced ceramics. um as a
  5. 5. The plant management called the mishap as a natural disaster when the red mud broke out from the reservoir No 10. This case is without precedent in the history of alumina production by Bayer process. As per plant release, the management testified its deepest regrets to affected inhabitants and acknowledged contributions of all organizations that directly contributed to obviate the disaster. It stated that the corner of the reservoir No 10 slipped on the clay base. It estimated that 96% to 98 % of the red mud remained in the reservoir and the management started averting any further damage without losing time with other organizations of the country. The partial cleaning of the road leading to the reservoir was done and backfilling of reservoir wall undertaken to prevent further leakage. Dissecting the situation, the management figured that it would not be able to detect the signs of the natural catastrophe or do anything to avert it. The last physical daily inspection and laboratory analyses of the water sample from monitoring system did not show any sign of the impending disaster. Contrary to official, the company stated that it was important to know that red sludge was not a dangerous waste according to the European Waste Catalogue and Hazardous List (code: EWC-010309) and the presence of its components was stable, bounded and not soluble in water.
  6. 6. Th hough the laboratory tests showed y hig concen gh ntrations of heavy metals m in the slu udge, the MAL plant e co onfirmed co omposition of the sl n ludge as under: s       Fe2O (iron ox O3 xide) 40-4 % 45 this g gives the r red color of the o mud Al2O3 (aluminum oxide) 10-15 3 1 % SiO2 (silicon-dio oxide) 10-15 % it is present as sodium or m calciu um-alumino silicate oCaO ( (calcium- o oxide) 6-10 % 0 Tio2 ( (titanium- d dioxide) 4-5 % Na2 O bounded sodium-oxide d 5-6 % mergency crews in H Hungary co ompleted a new dam to contain further s m spillage fro the rese om ervoir at leaked t toxic sludge on Octob 4 and f ber final test were condu w ucted on th emergency barrier The he r. ew wall, ab bout 1,500 m long an up to 30 m wide, is designe to protec villages when the walls nd 0 ed ct the reserv rvoir give w way and spill a seco s ond wave of toxic sludge. EU experts are helping the s U ungarians with the ba arrier, as well as ass w sessing the longer-term impact of the spill on the gr e t round ater and th soil. he he parliame in Budapest passed a bill o Octobe 11 paving the way for the sta to take over ent on er y ate e e MAL Hungarian Aluminum Company a the cent of the disaster an ensurin that all those C at ter d nd ng fected were compensated an damag es cleane up. Prime Minist nd ed ter Viktor Orban bla amed egligence f the spill and said the compa should bear the costs. Env for any d vironment State Secr retary oltan Illes s said the co ompany co ould face d amage cla aims amounting to 73 euros ($102m; £6 3m ( 64m). he sludge reached th Danube on Octob 7, but Hungarian officials s he e ber H said on October 8 tha the at H level in the river was "norm mal", easin fears that Europ ng t pe's secon nd-longest river would be gnificantly polluted. Emergenc crews a cy also worke to dilute the alka ed aline conte of the spill, ent dding huge quantities of gypsu and ch emical fer e s um rtilizers to the waters of the Ma t s arcal and Raba vers to contain after e effects of th disaster he r.
  7. 7. Mi illions of p people trav abroad each year and use their pass vel r sports. Whe you tra avel abroad the d, en od are in y dds your favor that you will have a s w safe and in ncident-free trip. How wever, crim and violence, me as well as u s unexpected difficultie do befa traveler in all pa of the world. Fo d es, all rs arts ortunately, most pro oblems ca be solve over the telephon or by a visit to the Consula Section of the trav an ed ne e ar veler's ne earest emb bassy or co onsulate. But there a less fo B are ortunate oc ccasions w when consu officer are ular rs ca alled on to meet trav velers at fo oreign polic stations hospitals prisons and even at morgue In ce s, s, es. the cases, the assist ese , tance that consular o officers can offer is specific but limited. n In the hope o helping you avoid unhappy m of meetings with consular officers when you go abroad; we w s u ha prepare the follo ave ed owing trave tips. Ple el ease have a safe and secure t d trip abroad d!        As mu as pos uch ssible, avoid the appe earance of affluence. f Alway try to tr ys ravel light. If you do, you can move mor quickly a , re and will be more like to e ely have a free hand. Carry the minim y mum amount of valua ables nece essary for your trip a nd plan a place or p y places to con nceal them m. Your passport, cash and credit card are most secure when lock ds ked in a ho safe. W otel When you h have to carry them on your pe o erson, you may wish to concea them in several p h al places rather than putti them all in one w r ing a wallet or pouch. To av void proble ems when passing th rough cust p toms, keep medicine in their original, labeled p es o containers. Brin a copy of your p rescription and the generic n ng ns e names for the drugs If a s. medic cation is un nusual or contains na c arcotics, carry a lette from you doctor attesting to your c er ur a o need to take the drug. If you have an doubt about the le e ny a egality of c carrying a certain drug into c a country, consult the emb bassy or c consulate of that coun first. B o ntry Bring travelers checks and one o two majo credit ca or or ards instead of cash. d Pack an extra s of pass set sport photo along with a phot os w tocopy of y your passp port inform mation page to make re eplacemen of your p nt passport ea asier in the event it is lost or sto e s olen. Put y your name address and tele phone numbers ins e, s side and o outside of each piece of luggage. Use covered luggage ta ags to av void casua observa al ation of your identi or y ity nation nality and if possible, lock your luggage. Do bring a on't anything yo would hate to lose Leave at home: ou h e. t    valuable or expe ensive-looking jewelr ry, irrepla aceable family object ts, all unnecessary credit cards. y Le eave a cop of your it py tinerary with family o friends at home in case they need to co or a ontact you in an em mergency.
  8. 8.   As mu as pos uch ssible, plan to stay in larger hot n tels that ha more e ave elaborate security. s Becau take-o and land use off ding are the most dan e ngerous tim of a fl ight, book non-stop f mes flights when possible.        If you leave a current will, insura e ance documents, and power of attorney with your f d f family or a friend, you can fe secure about trav r eel veling and will be pre epared for any emerg gency th may ari while you are awa hat ise ay. If you have minor child dren, cons ider makin guardian ng nship arran ngements for them. Make a note of the credit limit on ea credit card that yo bring. M ach c ou Make certain not to ch harge over t that amoun on your trip. nt Ask y your credit card comp pany how t report th loss of your card fr to he y rom abroad d. Find o if your personal property ins out p surance co overs you for loss or theft abroa f ad. More importantly, check if your healt insuranc covers you abroad f th ce y d. Even if your health insura ance will re eimburse you for me y edical care that you pay for ab e broad, norma health in al nsurance does not p ay for med d dical evacu uation from a remote area or fr m e rom a count where m try medical fac cilities are inadequate e. Us the sam commo sense tr se me on raveling ov verseas tha you wou at hom Be esp at uld me. pecially cau utious in or avoid areas whe you ar likely to be victim ere re o mized. These include crowded subways, train e ations, elev vators, tou urist sites, market pla m aces, festiv vals and ma arginal are of cities eas s. sta      Don't use short cuts, narro alleys o poorly-lit streets. Try not to tr ow or t T ravel alone at night. e Avoid public dem d monstratio and oth civil dis ons her sturbances s. Keep a low prof and av file void loud c conversatio or argu ons uments. Do not discu travel plans o uss or oth persona matters with strang her al gers. Avoid scam artists. Beware of stran d ngers who approach you, offeri ng bargain or to be your ns e guide. Bewa of pickp are pockets. Th often h hey have an ac ccomplice who will: w      jostle you, ask yo for directions or th time, ou he point to something spilled on your cl lothing, distra you by creating a disturbanc act c ce. A child or even a woman carrying a baby can be a pickp pocket. Bew ware of gr roups of va agrant children who cre eate a distraction wh ile picking your pock ket.
  9. 9.          Wear the should strap of your bag across yo chest and walk w the bag away from the der o g our a with g curb t avoid dr to rive-by purs snatche Try to seem purp se ers. poseful wh en you mo about. Even ove if you are lost, a as if yo know w act ou where you are going. When pos ssible, ask directions only k s from i individuals in authorit s ty. Know how to use a pay telephone and have the prope change, calling ca or toke on w e er , ard en hand. . Learn a few phr n rases in the local lan nguage so you can signal your need for help, the p r h police, or a d doctor. Make a note of emerge ncy teleph o hone numb bers you m need: police, fire, your may p hotel, and your nearest em mbassy or consulate. u ronted, don fight ba n't ack. Give up your va u aluables. Y Your mone and pas ey ssport If you are confr can be replaced but you cannot. d, c Keep your hotel door locked at all tim l mes. Meet visitors in the lobby. Do no leave mo ot oney and other valua o ables in yo hotel ro our oom while y are ou Use the hotel you ut. safe. Let so omeone kn now when you expec to return if you are out late at night. y ct If you are alone, do not ge on an ele et evator if th here is a su uspicious-lo ooking per rson inside e. Read the fire sa afety instru uctions in y your hotel room. Kno how to report a fire. Be sure you ow e know where the nearest fire-exit an alternate exits are located. C e f nd e e tween Count the doors bet your r room and the neare exit. Th could be a life-sa est his b aver if you have to crawl throu u c ugh a smoke-filled cor rridor. If a country has a p y pattern of tourists b being targ geted by criminals o public transport, that c on , inf formation is mention ned in the US Cons sular Inform mation She eets under the "Crim Informa r me ation" se ection.     Only take taxis clea identifiied with off e arly ficial markings. Bewa of unm are marked cab bs. o If you see your way being blo y ocked by a stranger and anoth person is very clo to her ose you from behind, move away This can happen in the corr m m y. n ridor of the train or o the e on platform or station. o Do not ac ccept food or drink fr rom strang gers. Criminals may a also spray sleeping g in gas train com mpartments s. o Where possible, lo your co ock ompartmen If it can nt. nnot be loc cked secu urely, take turns sleeping in shifts with your tr w raveling co ompanions. If that is not possib stay aw ble, wake. ust ed, wn ggage, str rap your valuables to you o If you mu sleep unprotecte tie dow your lug and sleep on top of them as m p f much as po ossible. e orities if yo feel thre ou eatened in any way. Extra polic are ce o Do not be afraid to alert autho often ass signed to ride trains o routes where crime is a serio proble on w ous em. The sam type of criminal a me f activity found on train can be found on public buse on ns p es popular tourist r routes. Keep car doors locked at all times. W Wear seat belts. As mu as pos uch ssible, avoid driving a night. at
  10. 10.         Don't leave valu uables in the car. If you must carry thing with yo u, keep th t gs hem out of sight f locked in the tru d unk. Don't park your car on th street o r he overnight. If the hotel or mun icipality do not ha oes ave a ng ecure area select a well-lit area a, w a. parkin garage or other se Never pick up hitchhikers. r Don't get out of the car if there are s t suspicious looking ind dividuals n earby. Driv away. ve To av void carryin large amounts of cash, cha ng f ange your traveler’s checks on as you need nly curren ncy. Count tersign trav veler’s che ecks only in front of th person who will ca them. n he ash Do no flash large amounts of mon ot ney when paying a bill. Make sure you credit ca is e ur ard return to you after each transactio ned on. Deal o only with a authorized agents wh you ex hen xchange mo oney, buy airline tick kets or purc chase souve enirs. Do not change money on the black market. n If your possessi ions are lost or stolen report th loss imm n, he mediately t the loca police. Ke a to al eep copy of the police report for insura ance claims and as an explan ation of yo plight. After our report ting missin items to the police report the loss or th of: ng e, e heft     travelers checks to the neares agent of the issuin compan st f ng ny, rds mpany, credit car to the issuing com airline tic ckets to the airline or travel agent, e n Passport to the nea t arest Indian embassy or consul y late. under its jurisdiction NOT When you a in a for are reign country, you ar subject to its laws and are u re s the protectio of your h e on home coun laws.. ntry Yo can be arrested o ou overseas fo actions that may be either le or b egal or con nsidered minor infrac m ctions in your own country. B aware of what is considere criminal in the co Be s ed ountry whe you are US ere e. onsular In nformation Sheets include inf formation on unusu pattern of arre ual ns ests in va arious Co co ountries wh approp hen priate. So ome of the offenses f which tr for ravelers ha been arrested ab ave a broad are: Som countries do not distinguis between possess me sh n sion and tr rafficking. Many co ountries ha ave manda atory sente ences - ev ven for po ossession of a smalll amount of marijuana or o co ocaine. A n number of travelers have been arrested for posses h n ssing presc cription dru ugs, partic cularly tra anquilizers and amphetamines that they purchase legally in certain A s y ed Asian countries and then d bro ought to s some coun ntries in the Middle E East wher they are illegal. O re e Other trave elers have been arrested for purchasin prescrip ng ption drugs abroad in quantities that lo s ocal author rities suspected we for com ere mmercial u use. If in do oubt about foreign drug laws, ask local a t a authorities or your ne earest em mbassy or consulate. . The places whe travele most often come into diffic p ere ers o e culties for i illegal po ossession of firearm are Mex ms xico, Cana ada and the Caribb t bean. Sent tences for possession of r fire earms in M Mexico can be up to 30 years In general, firearm even th o s. ms, hose legally register red in Ind cannot be broug into a country un dia t ght nless a pe ermit is firs obtained from the embassy or a st d e y co onsulate of that count and the firearm is registered with foreign authoriities on arr f try e s d rival.
  11. 11. In many cou untries you can be harassed o detained for photographing s u or d such things as police and e mi ilitary insta allations, government buildings border areas and transportat s, t tion facilitie If you a in es. are do oubt, ask permission before tak king photog graphs. Travelers have been arrested for purcha f asing souvenirs that were, or llooked like antiques and e; s wh hich local c customs authorities believed w b were nation treasure This is especially true in Tu nal es. y urkey, Eg gypt and M Mexico. In countries where a n s antiques are important, docum a ment your purchase as r es reproduction if that is the case, or if th ns hey are au uthentic, se ecure the necessary export p y permit (us sually from the national museum). m Te errorist ac occur at random and un cts m npredictably, making it impos g ssible to protect on neself ab bsolutely. T first an best pro The nd otection is to avoid tr ravel to un nsafe areas where th s here has be a een pe ersistent re ecord of te errorist atta acks or kid dnapping. The vast majority of foreign sta T m ates have good rec cords of m maintaining public ord and pr g der rotecting re esidents and visitors within the borders from s eir s ter rrorism.       Sched dule direct flights if possible a t and avoid stops in high-risk air rports or areas. Con a nsider other options for travel, su as train uch ns. Be aw ware of what you disc cuss with s strangers or what ma be overh o ay heard by others. Try to minimize the time spent in t o e the public area of an airport, w n which is a less prot tected area. Move quickly from the check k-in counte to the se er ecured are eas. On ar rrival, leav the ve airpor as soon as possible rt e. As mu as pos uch ssible, avo luggage tags, dress and beh oid e havior whic may ide ch entify you as an American. Keep an eye ou for susp ut picious aba andoned pa ackages or briefcase Report them to a o es. airport secur or other authoritie and leav the area promptly. rity es ve a Avoid obvious te d errorist tar rgets such as places where Am mericans an Wester nd rners are k known to con ngregate. No ormally, the most dangerous phases of a hijacking or hostage situation are the beginning a e n b and, if the is a rescue attem the en At the o ere mpt, nd. outset, the terrorists typically a tense, high-strung and e are g ma behave irrationally It is extr ay e y. remely imp portant that you rema calm an alert an manage your ain nd nd e ow behavio wn or.      Avoid resistance and sud d dden or thr reatening movement Do not struggle or try to es m ts. o scape unless you are c s certain of being succ b cessful. Make a concert effort to relax. Br ted t reathe dee eply and prepare you p urself men ntally, phys sically and e emotionally for the po y ossibility of a long ord f deal. Try to remain inconspicuo o ous, avoid d direct eye contact an the appe nd earance of observing your f g captors' actions. Avoid alcoholic beverages Consum e little food and drink d s. d k. Consc ciously put yourself in a mode of passive cooperation. Talk n t e normally. Do not com D mplain, avoid belligeren ncy, and co omply with all orders and instructions.
  12. 12.        If que estioned, k keep your answers s short. Don' volunteer informatiion or mak unnece 't ke essary overtu ures. Don't try to be a hero, end dangering y yourself an others. nd Maint tain your s sense of pe ersonal dig gnity and gradually increase y g your reques for per sts rsonal comfo orts. Make these requ uests in a reasonable low-key manner. e If you are involved in a le u engthier, d drawn-out situation, try to esta ablish a ra apport with your h captors, avoidin political discussion or other confrontational subj ects. ng ns r Estab blish a daily program of mental and physical activity Don't be afraid to ask for any y y. e a ything you need or want - medicines, books pencils, papers. s, Eat w what they g give you, even if it d oes not look or taste appetizin A loss of appetite and e e ng. e weigh is norma ht al. Think positively Avoid a sense of d k y. despair. Rely on you inner re R ur esources. Remembe that er you a a valua are able commo odity to yo captors It is impo our s. ortant to th hem to kee you alive and ep e well. If you plan to stay more than two weeks in one place, if you are in an area experien y o o e a ncing civil u unrest or a natural disaster or if you are planning travel to a remote area, it is a e a advisable to register a the o at Co onsular Se ection of y your nearest embass or cons sy sulate. This will mak it easier if someo s ke r one at ho ome needs to locate you urgen or in t s ntly the unlikely event that you nee to be evacuated in an y ed e em mergency. It will also facilitate the issua o ance of a new passp n port should yours be lost or stolen. d e An nother reas son to con ntact the Consular S C Section is to obtain updated in t u nformation on the se ecurity sit tuation in a country. If you run ou of mone overseas and have no other options, consular of y ut ey s e r c fficers can help you get in tou with yo family, friends, ba or emp uch our ank ployer and inform the how to wire funds to you. em s Sh hould you f find yourse in legal difficulty, c elf contact a consular of c fficer imme ediately! Consular of C fficers ca annot serve as attorn e neys, give legal advic or get you out of jail. What they can do is prov ce, f t vide a list of local a attorneys w speak English an who ma have had experien in repre who nd ay d nce esenting fo oreign cit tizens. If y are arr you rested, con nsular offic cials will vi you, ad isit dvise you of your rig ghts under local r law and ensure that y are held under h ws you humane conditions an are trea nd ated fairly under loca law. al If you are de y etained, rem member th under in hat nternationa agreeme al ents and pr ractice, yo have the right ou e to talk to you consul. If you are denied thi s right, be persistent Try to ha someo get in touch ur t. ave one for you. r Thank you fo takin the time to become an info or ng b ormed traveler! ! We wis you a safe, s sh secure and won a nderful journey y!! *** Ira Winkler, a top sec a curity prof fessional ( (read bio here), wro that "aw h ote wareness mitigates nontec chnical iss sues that t technology can't...yo will find that security awar ou d reness is one of the most o reliable secu urity meas sures available." (Wi nkler, 2012 2)
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